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Science and Technology Centers News

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Tomaso Poggio receives Swartz Prize for theoretical and computational neuroscience

Director of NSF-funded Center for Brains, Minds and Machines is recognized for his work developing computational models of the human visual system.

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BioXFEL researchers capture the highest-resolution protein snapshots ever taken with an X-ray laser

New images reveal new details in a well-studied protein that acts as an "eye" in bacteria.

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a picture New Publication in PNAS Discusses Conformational Movies and Energy Landscapes

A recent publication, authored in collaboration with the STC Center BioXFEL, describes a Brownian machine, a tiny device buffeted by the random motions of molecules in the environment, capable of exploiting thermal motions for many of the conformational changes in its work cycle. The scientists present a new analytical approach capable of determining the free-energy landscape and the continuous trajectories of molecular machines from a large number of snapshots obtained by cryogenic electron microscopy.

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