PIRE 2 (2007) Award Information

This list is intended to illustrate the range of activities funded under the PIRE program.

Award numbers in the table below link to NSF Award Abstracts. For additional information on the PIRE program, check the PIRE program webpage.

Award Num Discipline(s) PI Name US Institutions
Title Expected Budget
0729709 Social, Behavioral & Economic Sci Axinn U Michigan/ Arizona St/ San Diego St/ U N Carolina, Chapel Hill Nepal, China PIRE: Collab Res and Training in Social Context, Population Processes and Environmental Change $2,492,303
0730173 Math & Physical Sci/ Physics Bean U Kansas / Kansas St /
U Nebraska/
U Illinois-Chicago/
U Puerto Rico
Switzerland PIRE: Collab Res with Paul Scherrer Institute and Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule on Advanced Pixel Silicon Detectors for the CMS detectora $2,500,000
0730256 Geosciences/ Ocean Science Carpenter Old Dominion/ Duke / Boston U/ Peace Corps Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia PIRE: Origins of high marine biodiversity in the Indo-Malay-Philippine Archipelago: transforming a biodiversity hotspot into a research and education hotspot $2,019,382
0730246 Engineering/ Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation Chaudhry U South Carolina /UC Irvine/ SC St/
U Puerto Rico
Belgium, Portugal PIRE: Modeling of Flood Hazards and Geomorphic Impacts of Levee Breach and Dam Failure $2,469,390
0730277 Engineering/ Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems Datye U New Mexico /U Virginia/ U Wisconsin/ Iowa St Denmark,Germany PIRE: Molecular Engineering for Conversion of Biomass-derived Reactants to Fuels, Chemicals and Materials $2,500,000
0730065 Cyberinfrastructure Deng Florida Int'l U/ IBM/ Florida Atlantic U Mexico, China, Spain PIRE: A Global Living Laboratory for Cyberinfrastructure $1,777,468
0730114 Math & Physical Sci/ Chemistry Hase Texas Tech / Iowa St/ Yale Spain, Italy, Austria PIRE: Simulation of Electronic Non-Adiabatic Dynamics for Reactions with Organic Macromolecules, Liquids, and Surfaces $2,500,000
0730259 Engineering/ Civil, Mechanical & Manufacturing Innovation Krishnaswamy Northwestern /U Illinois Chicago China, India, So Korea PIRE: US-Asia Network of Centers for Intelligent Structural Health Management of Safety-Critical Structures $2,496,711
0730154 Geosciences/ Earth Science Liu U Missouri Columbia/ Inc Res Insts for Seismology/ U Oklahoma/ US Geological Survey/ UNAVCO China PIRE: US-China partnership in research and education of intraplate earthquakes $2,164,214
0730218 Biological Sci/ Environmental Biology Mauricio U Georgia/ Georgia Southern/ USDA Southern Res Station China, Hong Kong, Taiwan PIRE: Genetics of Invasive Species Exchanged Between the Southeastern US and China $2,498,016
0730290 Math & Physical Sci/ Materials Moreno U N Dakota/ Ohio St/ U Cinncinnati/ Oak Ridge NL Switzerland, Germany PIRE: Graduate Education in Petascale Many Body Methods for Complex Correlated Systems $2,499,999
0730136 Math & Physical Sci/ Math Newman New York U Brazil, Netherlands PIRE: Percolative and Disordered Systems: A US - Brazil-Netherlands Based International Collaboration $2,499,790
0730206 Computer Sci/ Info and Intelligent Sys Oh Drexel /Bryn Mawr / Swarthmore/
U Penn/
Virginia Tech
So Korea PIRE: Humanoids - Universally Accessible Infrastructures to Advance Capabilities $2,500,000
0729786 Biological Sci/ Environmental Biology Petraitis U Penn /Acad of Natural Sci, Philadelphia


PIRE: Ecological and evolutionary effects of climate change and anthropogenic influences in Mongolia $2,469,634
0730255 Social, Behavioral and Economic Sci/ Behavioral and Cognitive Sci Rauschecker Georgetown/ Howard U

Germany, France

PIRE: Int'l Res Program in Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience $2,498,083
0730072 Math & Physical Sci/ Chemistry Rodgers Wayne St / U Florida


PIRE: US - Dutch Mass Spectrometry Consortium for Advanced Modeling and Biological Structure and Imaging Applications $2,500,000
0730243 Math & Physical Sci/ Materials Ryu Rensselaer Tech Inst /N Carolina St /Princeton/ SUNY Albany/ U Mass/ U Texas

So Korea

PIRE: POLYMER Education and Research Partnership between US and Korea $2,500,000
0730305 Biological Sci/ Environmental Biology Saleska U Arizona / U New Hampshire


PIRE: Carbon, water and vegetation dynamics of Amazon forests under climatic variability and change $2,492,372
0730257 Math & Physical Sci/ Materials Smith Ohio U

Germany, Argentina

PIRE: The "Spin Triangle" - Athens, Hamburg, Buenos Aires: Advancing Nanospintronics & Nanomagnetism $2,500,000
0730180 Biological Sci/ Environmental Biology Winkler Cornell/Franklin & Marshall / U Washington/ U Wisconsin/ Grand Valley St U/ Iowa St/ Metro St Coll of Denver/ Portland St/ Oregon St/ William and Mary/ Prescott/ Princeton

Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico

PIRE: Golondrinas de las Americas: Integrated Pan-American Research and Training in Organisms and Environments $2,498,893

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