PIRE 3 (2010) Award Information

This list is intended to illustrate the range of activities funded under the PIRE program.

Award numbers in the table below link to NSF Award Abstracts. For additional information on the PIRE program, check the PIRE program webpage.

Award Num PI Name
Co-Funding Unit(s)
US Institutions (Awardee first)
Expected Total Awd
0968391 Brook, Edward PIRE: International Collaboration and Education in Ice Core Science (ICE-ICS) Polar Programs Oregon St/ Columbia/ Dartmouth/ Desert Research Inst/ Penn St/ Scripps Inst at UCSD/ U Colorado/ U Washington Denmark, France, Japan, Switzerland $4,499,867
0968247 Dick, Richard PIRE: Hydrologic Redistribution and Rhizosphere Biology of Resource Islands in
Degraded Agroecosystems of the Sahel
Environmental Biology

Ohio St at Columbus & Wooster/ Central St U (OH)/ U Cal at Merced/ USDA-ARS at Oregon St

France, Senegal $2,599,994
0967140 Fonseca, Irene PIRE: Science at the Triple Point Between Mathematics, Mechanics and Materials Science Mathematical Sciences Carnegie-Mellon/ Cal Tech/ NYU/ U Minn Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK $4,999,900
1129076 Grossman, Robert PIRE: Training and Workshops in Data Intensive Computing Using The Open Science Data Cloud CyberInfrastructure/ Computer and Communication Foundations/ Astronomical Sciences/ Physics U Illinois Chicago/ Florida Int'l U/ Johns Hopkins/ U Chicago Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, UK $3,499,745
0968421 Hedlund, Brian PIRE: Toward a holistic and global understanding of hot spring ecosystems: A US-China based international collaboration Earth Sciences/ Environmental Biology/ EPSCoR

U Nevada, Las Vegas/ Arizona St/ Miami OH/ Montana St/ U Georgia/ Northern Arizona U/ San Francisco St/ Stanford

China $3,750,000
0968405 Kono, Junichiro PIRE: U.S.-Japan Cooperative Research and Education on Terahertz Dynamics in Nanostructures Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems/ Materials Research Rice U/ Southern Illinois U at Carbondale/ SUNY Buffalo/ Texas A&M/ U Florida/ U Tulsa Japan $3,999,999
0968369 Kroll, Judith PIRE: Bilingualism, mind, and brain: An interdisciplinary program in cognitive psychology, linguistics, and cognitive neuroscience Behavioral & Cognitive Sciences Penn St/ Gallaudet U/ Yale China, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK $2,800,000
0966884 MacFadden, Bruce PIRE: Ancient biodiversity and global change in the New World Tropics: A once-in-a-century opportunity along the Panama Canal Earth Sciences/ Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings U Florida/ Florida State/ New Mexico Museum of Natural History/ Smithsonian Tropical Res Inst Panama $3,800,001
0968296 McLaughlin, Maura PIRE: An International Pulsar Timing Array for Gravitational Wave Detection Astronomical Sciences W Virginia U/ Bryn Mawr/ Cornell/ Franklin and Marshall/ NASA Goddard Space Flight Ctr (MD)/ Nat'l Astronomy and Ionosphere Ctr (PR)/ Nat'l Radio Astronomy Observatory (VA)/ Naval Research Lab (DC)/ Oberlin/ U Texas at Brownsville/ U Vermont/ U Wisconsin Milwaukee Australia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, UK $6,548,073
0968313 Narayanan, Ranga PIRE: Collaborations with France and Japan on Multiphase Fluid Science and Technologies Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems U Florida/ Florida St France, Japan $3,107,325
0968211 Neill, Christopher PIRE: Land Use, Ecosystem Services and the Fate of Marginal Lands in a Globalized World Environmental Biology/ EPSCoR Brown/ Columbia / Marine Bio Lab (MA) Kenya, Tanzania $1,199,999
0968399 Scott, Susannah PIRE: Advancing the US-China Partnership in Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces Chemistry U Calif Santa Barbara/ Argonne Nat'l Lab (IL)/ DOE Pacific Northwest National Lab (WA)/ Santa Barbara City Coll China, Germany $3,999,997
0968354 Steckler, Michael PIRE: Life on a Tectonically-Active Delta: Convergence of Earth Science and Geohazard Research in Bangladesh with Education and Capacity Building Earth Sciences Columbia/ CUNY Queens College/ U Minnesota/ Vanderbilt U Bangladesh, Germany, India, Italy $4,499,996
0968226 Uemura, Yasutomo PIRE: International consortium for probing novel superconductors with neutrons, muons, photons and STM Materials Research Columbia / DOE Nat'l Labs - Oak Ridge (TN) and Los Alamos (NM)/ U Tenn Knoxville Canada, China, Japan UK $1,999,987
0966472 Whitlock, Cathy PIRE: Wildfire feedbacks and consequences of altered fire regimes in the face of climate and land-use change in Tasmania, New Zealand, and the western U.S. Earth Sciences/ Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences/ Environmental Biology/Human Resource Development/ Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings Montana State U/ U Colorado Boulder/ U Idaho/ USDA Missoula Fire Sci Lab Australia, New Zealand $3,850,000

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