PIRE 4 (2012) Award Information

This list is intended to illustrate the range of activities funded under the PIRE program.

Award numbers in the table below link to NSF Award Abstracts. For additional information on the PIRE program, please check the OISE program webpage.

Award Num PI Name
US Institutions
Expected Total Awd
1243433 Ferguson, Patrick PIRE: Water and Commerce: Technologies to enable environmental sustainability in global markets

Duke, NC Central, Michigan State

France, Turkey, Singapore $4,750,443
1243543 Grant, Stanley PIRE: Low Energy Options for Making Water from Wastewater UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC LA, Southern Calif Coastal Water Research Project Australia $4,858,314
1243444 Halvorsen, Kathleen PIRE: Sustainability, Ecosystem Services and Bioenergy Development across the Americas Michigan Tech, Auburn, U of New Hampshire, Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab, U of Oregon, Northern Arizona, SUNY Coll of Enironmental Studies & Forestry, Purdue Argentina, Brazil, Mexico $4,841,735
1243490 Hassanein, Ahmed PIRE: Nuclear Energy Systems and Materials under Extreme Conditions Purdue, Tuskegee, U of Illinois-Urbanna/Champaign Japan, Russia, Germany, Ireland $3,916,844
1243536 Isaacson, Michael PIRE: US-Denmark Cooperative Research and Education in Intermittency UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis Denmark $4,501,750
1243313 Manas-Zloczower, Ica PIRE: Materials for Renewable Energy NaturE's Way (RENEW) Case Western Reserve, Polytechnic Inst of NYU, U Penn, Rochester Inst of Tech UK, Brazil, Italy, Belgium $3,800,000
1243482 Meneveau, Charles PIRE: USA/Europe Partnership for Integrated Research and Education in Wind Energy Intermittency: From Wind Farm Turbulence to Economic Management Johns Hopkins; Smith College; Texas Tech; U of Puerto Rico Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium $4,302,110
1243510 Mihelcic, James PIRE: Context Sensitive Implementations of Synergistic Water-Energy Systems U of South Florida, U of the Virgin Islands Netherlands, Belize, Mexico, UK, Czech Republic $3,900,644
1243539 Mooney, Michael PIRE: Advancing Earth Dam and Leavee Sustainability through Monitoring Science and Condition Assessment

Colorado School of Mines; Red Rocks Community College; Mississippi State; U of Mississippi

Netherlands, France, Bangladesh $3,857,960
1243535 Ramaswami, Anu PIRE: Developing Low-Carbon Cities in the USA, China & India through Inter-Disciplinary Integration Across Engineering, Envirionmental Sciences, Social Sciences & Public Health U Minnesota-Twin Cities; U Colorado-Denver; Yale; Georgia Inst of Technology; National Center for Atmospheric Research; National Academy of Engineering India, China $4,450,093
1243541 Rohwer, Forest PIRE: Assembly of Marine Biodiversity Along Geographic and Anthropogenic Stress Gradients San Diego State, UCLA, San Jose State, Smithsonian Inst, National Evolutionary Synthesis Ctr Indonesia $4,872,672
1243524 Smith, Thomas PIRE: Mapping evolutionary process in the face of climate change: an integrated approach to education and conservation prioritization in Central Africa U California-Los Angeles; SUNY-Albany; U of New Orleans; Smithsonian Inst; San Diego Zoo Global; Wildlife Conservation Society Cameroon, Gabon, United Kingdom, Germany $4,950,000

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