PIRE 6 (2017) Award Information

This list is intended to illustrate the range of activities funded under the PIRE program.

Award numbers in the table below link to NSF Award Abstracts. For additional information on the PIRE program, check the PIRE program webpage.

Award Num PI Name Title US Institution Countries Expected Total Award
1743711 Carpenter, Kent E. PIRE: Centennial Genetic and Species Transformations in the Epicenter of Marine Biodiversity Old Dominion University Research Foundation Philippines $4,606,918
1743717 Frolov, Sergey PIRE: Hybrid Materials for Quantum Science and Engineering (HYBRID) University of Pittsburgh France $5,000,000
1743741 Jagger, Pamela PIRE: Confronting Energy Poverty: Building an Interdisciplinary Evidence Base, Network, and Capacity for Transformative Change University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Malawai, Zambia, Zimbabwe $4,790,728
1743794 Kawaji, Masahiro PIRE Investigation of Multi-scale, Multi-phase Phenomena in Complex Fluids for the Energy Industries CUNY City College France, Germany, Norway $5,199,276
1844463 Korley, LaShanda T. PIRE: Bio-inspired Materials and Systems University of Delaware Switzerland $5,436,321
1743475 Lucena, Juan C. PIRE-Sustainable Communities & Gold Supply Chains: Integrating Responsible Engineering & Local Knowledge to Design, Implement & Evaluate Sustainable Artisanal Mining in L America Colorado School of Mines Colombia, Peru $3,878,858
1743790 Mei, Dongming PIRE: Advanced Germanium Detectors and Technologies for Underground Physics University of South Dakota Main Campus Taiwan, Germany, China, Canada $4,351,979
1743753 Moyer, Elisabeth PIRE: International Partnership for Cirrus Studies University of Chicago France, Germany, Switzerland $4,877,820
1743747 Psaltis, Dimitrios PIRE: Black Hole Astrophysics in the Era of Distributed Resources and Expertise University of Arizona Taiwan, Germany, Mexico $5,678,833
1743802 Robertson, Alison PIRE: Advancing global strategies and understanding on the origin of ciguatera fish poisoning in tropical oceans University of South Alabama Norway, China, UK, Asutralia, Canada, Cuba, Philippines, Malaysia $4,954,781
1743748 Shull, Kenneth R. PIRE: Computationally-Based Imaging of Structure in Materials (CuBISM) Northwestern University France, Italy, Netherlands $4,246,240
1743701 Singh, Gurpreet PIRE: High Temperature Ceramic Fibers: Polymer-Based Manufacturing, Nanostructure, and Performance Kansas State University Germany, France, Italy, Japan $4,694,233
1743772 Sztipanovits, Janos PIRE: Science of Design for Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems Vanderbilt University   $4,000,000
1743738 Vuille, Mathias PIRE: Climate Research Education in the Americas using tree-ring and cave sediment examples (PIRE-CREATE) SUNY at Albany Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru $4,997,208

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