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Europe and Eurasia (EE) Regional Opportunities

The Europe and Eurasia Program (EE) supports scientific, engineering and educational cooperation for U.S. researchers and students with institutions and researchers in the region.

The Program supports research experiences for students, dissertation enhancement, and workshops and short-term planning visits to develop new collaborations.

With the exception of OISE program activities and EE regional funding opportunities (see below), all international collaborative research proposals should be submitted directly to the appropriate NSF research directorate.

The EE Program's goals are:

  1. close integration of program activities with NSF's research priorities;
  2. innovative new projects with the potential for significant benefit to the U.S. research community;
  3. capitalizing on the region's strengths in science and special features by providing access for U.S. researchers and students;
  4. encouraging multidisciplinary and regional activities; and
  5. encouraging shared funding of cooperative research projects by partner countries with NSF's research directorates.

In addition, PIs are strongly encouraged to provide U.S. junior researchers and students with research experiences at the international site.

EE Contact Information:
Use this link to the OISE Staff Assignments by Country page.

Phone: 703-292-8710
Fax: 703-292-9481
Mailing address:
    EE Program, W17220
    Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE)
    National Science Foundation
    2415 Eisenhower Avenue,
    Alexandria, VA 22314

Special EE regional opportunities and news:

Researchers from Eurasia may apply with their U.S. collaborators to the U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF) for support of cooperative research in basic science and engineering and biomedicine.

  • Researchers from all countries may apply to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for for support of cooperative activities in basic biomedical and biobehavioral research.
  • The European Commission is developing a network of European researchers in the U.S. to be named "ERA-Link" for communication and networking among them and across the Atlantic. For more information, see the European Commission website / ERA-Link.
EE counterpart organizations:

For the countries listed below, foreign colleagues should submit parallel proposals.

For countries not listed, foreign colleagues should be prepared to provide funding for their participation in collaborations. Check the Counterpart Funding Organizations page for possible resources.

NSF Europe Regional Office:

The Europe Regional Office facilitates opportunities for U.S. researchers and students in Europe. The office maintains a website: NSF Europe Homepage with information about European research and educational institutions. The Office Head , Dr. Sonia Ortega, can be contacted at