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Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) - CHILE

This information is specific to the GROW opportunity for Chile.

See Dear Colleague Letter NSF 16-012 for information on how to apply. For additional information on the GROW program, check the program webpage or email inquiries to Note that external websites not maintained by NSF may become inactive over time.

GROW in Chile

  • Partner Agency: CONICYT (National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research)
  • Partner Agency GROW website: CONICYT National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research
  • Eligible Host Researchers: Any researcher with an active award of CONICYT’s Regular FONDECYT (National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development) and/or FONDAP (Fund for Research Centres in Priority Areas) Programmes. This includes most researchers in STEM disciplines in universities and public research institutes.
    • The abstract of ongoing FONDECYT and FONDAP projects, as well as the contact information of project holders is available at, including a search enging to identify ongoing projects in your field of research.
  • Duration: Up to ten months
  • Support: CONICYT will support the incoming GROW fellow with a monthly per diem allowance of 600,0000 Chilean pesos (US$1,150 at the exchange rate of 520 pesos/USD). The allowance will be transferred to the Chilean host upon the signing of a funding contract between the host and CONICYT stating the use of the funds is to cover the expenses of the GROW fellow during the stay in Chile.
  • Contact:
    • Trinidad Garcia Santa Maria
    • Coordinator
    • Department of International Relations
  • Additional Links:

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