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Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) - USAID

This information is specific to the GROW opportunity with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (hereafter referred to as GROW with USAID).

See Dear Colleague Letter NSF 16-012 for information on how to apply. For additional information on the GROW program, check the program webpage or email inquiries to Note that external websites not maintained by NSF may become inactive over time.


  • Partner Agency: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • GROW with USAID is part of a larger network managed by USAID, the USAID Research and Innovation Fellowships. The purpose of GROW with USAID is to attract great minds to places of great opportunity. NSF Graduate Research Fellows who accept a travel allowance under this program will also be considered USAID Research and Innovation Fellows.

  • Potential host institutions: A catalog of USAID-approved host organizations can be found here. Prospective host institutions not currently in the catalog may submit inquiries to USAID at

  • Duration: 2-12 months. Travel may be continuous or intermittent during the period of the award but cannot exceed 12 months in-country.

  • Support: In addition to the $5,000 of NSF support, Graduate Research Fellows applying to GROW with USAID will receive a $1,000 travel allowance plus an additional $1,500 travel allowance per month while overseas. Allowable project expenses include, but are not limited to, travel to host country, in-country housing and transportation, local living allowance, field permits, research supplies, health insurance, etc. The GROW with USAID Budget request must also include expenses to attend a two-day USAID-hosted fellowship conference in Northern California upon completion of the award. ?This should be included within the budget and budget justification and not as a separate document or section of the application.? All other requirements under the NSF GROW Budget and Budget Justification section apply.

  • Application Process: In addition to the required sections of the GROW application within FastLane, GROW with USAID applicants are required to respond to the following questions. The responses should be clearly delineated as separate subsections in the Project Description.
    • Why did you choose to pursue a GROW with USAID opportunity?
    • How could the proposed research have broader global impact or benefit?
    • Do you have written or oral competencies in languages besides English? What are the levels of proficiency?

  • Other Information: In addition to the evaluation criteria listed under the Application Review Section of the GROW Dear Colleague Letter, USAID will also evaluate applications to GROW with USAID based on the proposed project’s impact on global development challenges in partnership with the host institution/organization.

  • Eligible Opportunities: GROW with USAID opportunities are currently set within seven key countries. This program will not consider applications for opportunities outside of these priority countries.

    • Brazil
    • Colombia
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
    • Senegal
    • South Africa

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