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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2005 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal Title Host Host Institution
Arnegard, Matthew E Canada NY 0502341 Polymorphism in an Electrical Communication Channel: Investigations of Assortative Mating, Heritability, and Environmental Effects on Signal Development Schluter University of British Columbia
Bass, John France CA 0505786 Design and Synthesis of Hierarchically Structured Metal Oxide Films for Cell Adhesion Sanchez Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
Brooks, Nathan R Switzerland FL 0502410 Design & Realization of Improved Rotating Coil Sys. of Next Generation Magnetic Measurement Sys. for Fast Changing Magnetic Fields LHC Ref. Magnet Sys. Bottura CERN
Buchanan, Briggs W Canada NM 0502293 Impact of Methodological Choices on Assessments of the Reliability of Archaeological Phylogenetic Hypotheses Collard University of British Columbia
Corado, Maria S. G France NY 0502294 Molecular Control of Planar Polarization during Asymmetric Cell Division in Drosophila Schweisguth Ecole Normale Superieure (CNRS)
Danao, Mary-Grace C UK KY 0502247 Detection and Quantification of Trace Organic Compounds in Breath: Consideration of Sensor Array Technologies & Sampling Methodologies Mottram/ Cullen Silsoe Research Institute/Cranfield University
Elias, Damian Canada NY 0502239 Sensory Integration and the Evolution of Multimodal Communication in Jumping Spiders Mason/ Maddison U of Toronto/ U of British Columbia
Field, David B Peru CA 0502387 Ocean Variability & Fish Population Response Beyond El Nino from Laminated Sediments of the Peruvian Margin Spanning the Last Millennium Gutierrez/ Ravelo Instituto del Mar del Peru/Univ of California, Santa Cruz
Fogarty, Heather A France CO 0502393 Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Emissive Cryptophane Based Biosensors Dutasta Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyon France
Fox, Daniel UK NC 0502241 Calibrated Geometries and Integrable Systems Joyce Oxford University
Gasser, Paul UK AZ 0502379 Serotonergic Regulation of Neuroendocrine, Autonomic, and Behavioral Responses to Acute Stress: The Role of the Dorsomedial Hypothalamus Lowry University of Bristol
Goswami, Anjali UK IL 0502186 Ontogenetic and Evolutionary Shape Variation and Modularity in the Mammalian Skull Sanchez-Villagra University of London/ The Natural History Museum
Henry, Joshua A Sweden NY 0502106 Harvesting Photon-induced Excitations in Nanoparticles for Biological and Environmental Applications Kasemo Chalmers Institute of Technology
Ivy, Tracie M Switzerland IL 0502224 The Evolution of Polyandry in Heterogeneous Environments Ward Zoologisches Museum der Universitat Zurich
Jewett, Michael C Denmark CA 0504168 Systems Biology of Glucose Repression in Yeast for Metabolic Engineering Nielsen Technical University of Denmark
Johnson, Catherine L Canada NH 0502252 Spatial and Internannual Variability in the Zooplankton Community of the Scotian Shelf Head Bedford Insti of Oceanography, Sir Alistair Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
Levine, Jonathan Argentina CA 0502034 Search for Isotopes from Recent Nearby Supernova with Accelerator Mass Fernandez-Niello/Arazi Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica
Manahan, Thomas Kam Mexico TN 0502306 Archaeological Investigation of the Ancient Maya Center of Xuenkal, Yucatan, Mexico Folan Universidad Autonoma de Campeche
Mantz, Yves A Switzerland PA 0502240 Hydrolysis of Dinitrogen Pentoxide Studied via First-Principles Simulation Parrinello ETH Zurich
Marantz, Curtis A Venezuela MA 0502407 Song Evolution and Species-limits in the Xiphorhynchus guttatus species-complex (Dendrocolaptidae) Perez-Eman Universidad Central de Venezuela
Meador, Jarah A France TX 0502339 Impacts of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation and Nutrient Limitation on Marine Microorganisms Douki/ Joux Centre d'Energie Atomique de Grenoble, Laboratoire des Lesions de Acides Nucleiques (UMR CNRS)/ Univ Paris VI
Mosher, Rebecca A UK NC 0502199 Isolating Novel Components and Identifying Endogenous Targets of RNA-directed Chromatin Modification Baulcombe John Innes Centre, Norwich
Pacuit, Eric J Netherlands NY 0502312 Social Software and its Applications van Benthem Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam
Perry, Randall S UK WA 0507802 Testing the Biogenicity of Earth's Oldest Fossils Brasier Oxford University
Rowe, Kevin C Australia IL 0502375 Adaptive Divergence and Demographic History: Population Genomics of Australian Rattus Baverstock/ Moritz Southern Cross Univ/Univ of California, Berkeley
Sahai, Ranjana Italy CA 0502384 Technologies for the Fabrication of a Biomimetic Locomotion Unit for Minimally Invasive Surgical Microbots Dario Center of Research in Microengineering (CRIM) Scuola Superiore Saint Anna Center of Research
Saul, Lukas A Switzerland/Poland NH 0502324 Acceleration of Interstellar Pickup Ions in the Inner Heliosphere Mobius/ Kucharek/ Smith/ Klecker/ Bochsler/ Bzowski Univ of New Hampshire/Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics/ Univ of Bern/ Polish Academy of Sciences
Shah, Rahul C France MI 0502281 Laser-based Femtosecond X-ray Development and Application Rousse Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquee, ENSTA
Tully, Sarah E UK CA 0502139 New Chemical Approaches to Glycopeptide Assembly with Application to the Development of New Antigen Motifs for Vaccine Theraphy in HIV Rudd Oxford University
Waltman, Andrew W Switzerland CA 0502009 Enantioselective Synthesis of Spiro[Pyrrolidine and-) pyrrolidinone-Oxindoles and Indolines]: The Total Synthesis of \{-)Pauciflorine A Carreira ETH Zurich
Wittemyer, George Uganda /Denmark CA 0502340 Fine-Scaled Genetic Structure of a Free Ranging Elephant Population Nyakaana/ Siegismund Makerere University/ Copenhagen University
Zanne, Amy E Australia MA 0502253 Hydraulic Conductance and Safety: Important Components of Plant Trait Spectra Westoby/ Ackerly Macquarie Univ/Univ of California, Berkeley

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