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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2006 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Branco, Brett Australia CT 0601917 Coupled Hydrodynamic and Biogeochemical Processes of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Oldham Univ of W Australia
Braun, David Kenya NY 0602021 Pliocene Technology: Hominin Adaption and Tool Use in the Turkana Basin Kibunjia Nat'l Museums of Kenya
Cesare, Anthony Australia NC 0602009 Relationship of Human p53 and Rb Pathways to the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Pphenotype Reddel Children's Medical Research Inst, Univ of Sydney
Cordova, Christopher Canada CA 0603098 Computional Roles of Acetylcholine in Attention and Associative Learning Jones McGill Univ
Duckworth, Renee UK NC 0601751 Evolution of Aggression as a Key to the Range Expansion of a Passerine Bird Kruuk/Losos Univ of Edinburgh/ Washington Univ
Dudek, Daniel Canada CA 0601990 Control of the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of the Arthropod Elastic Protein, Resilin Gosline Univ of British Columbia
Engle, Jonathan France PA 0601844 Moving Forward in Loop Quantum Gravity Via Self-Duality Rovelli Centre de Physique
Epps, Clinton Tanzania CA 0602082 Past and Present Connectivity of Wildlife Populations in Tanzania, East Africa Mutayoba/ Brashares Sokoine Univ of Agriculture/ UC-Berkeley
Flinn, Kathryn Canada NY 0601916 Phylogenetic Structure of Sedge Communities in a Quebec Old-Growth Forest Lechowicz/ Waterway/Bell McGill Univ
Folmer-Andersen, Frantz France TX 0601296 Helical Chirality Amplification through Constitutional Dynamic Chemistry Lehn Univ Louis Pasteur
Foster, Craig Spain UT 0602080 Failure and Post-Failure Modeling in Concrete and Rock Oliver Technical Univ of Catalonia
Garrett-Roe, Sean Switzerland CA 0601907 Fifth Order Infrared Spectroscopy (3D-IR) of Hydrogen-bonded Complexes Hamm Univ of Zurich
Garvert, Matthew Spain WA 0601817 Impact of Land Atmosphere Interactions on Convection Associated with the West African Monsoon Gaertner Univ of Castilla-La-Mancha
Goldman, Mara Kenya WI 0602034 Communication and the Politics of Participation in Pastoral Socienties: An ethno-Geographical Analysis in East Africa Reid Int'l Livestock Research Institute
Goodale, Eben SriLanka/NewGuinea MA 0601909 Developmental, Cognitive and Functional Investigations of Vocal Mimicry Kotagama/Mack Univ of Colombo/ Wildlife Conservation Society
Grubb, Clayton Spain GA 0602042 Investigating the Mechanism of Plastidic RNA Import Flores Inst de Biologia Molecular y Celular de Plantas
Hoke, Gregory Argentina NY 0601957 Elevation Change in the Andes Mountains between 35-32IS Latitude Giambiagi/Garzione Inst Argentino de Nivilogi, Galciologia y Ciencias Ambientales/Univ of Rochester
Holford, Mande Germany NY 0601827 Cone Snails and Turrids: Biological Tools for Analyzing Ion Channels and Receptors Ibanez-Tallon/ Bermingham/Collin Maz-Delbruck Centrum/ Smithsonian Tropical Res Inst, Panama
Johnson, Shikik Italy PA 0602033 Guided Wave Interaction with Cantor Fractal Multilayers Scaglione Univ of Salerno
Katz, Richard F UK NY 0602101

Flow Focusing in Volcanic and Hydrothermal Systems: Experiments and Theory

Worster Univ of Cambridge
Kraal, Erin Netherlands CA 0602159 Alluvial Fan Modeling and Applications to Mars Climate de Boer/Postma/ Kleinhans Utrecht Univ
Kuchta, Shawn Sweden CA 0601971 Birds Eating Bugs: The Geographic Mosaic of Preator-Mediated Natural Selection Svensson Lund Univ
Lowe, Ryan Australia CA 0601787 Hydrodynamics of Fringing Coral Reef Systems Ivey/Pattiaratchi Univ of Western Australia
MacLaren, Erik J. UK CO 0602050 Functional Analysis of the Glutamatergic Synapse Using Scalable RNAi Screening in Primary Hippocampal Cultures Grant Wellcome Trust/ Sanger Institute
Mulcahy, Mary Argentina CO 0601826 Optimization of Macroporous Meta Films as Substrates for Surfaced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Fainstein Inst Balseiro
Powers, Lindsey Malawi MN 0601882 Crenarcheotal Ecology in Lake Malawi: Implications for TEX86 Mwanza Mzuzu Univ
Richards, Lora Australia UT 0601921 Interactions between Plants, Herbivores and Natural Enemies Along a Latitudinal Gradient of Australian Rainforests Westoby Univ of Sydney
Saunders, Aaron Israel TX 0601919 Synthesis and Properties of Multi-functional Magnet/Semiconductor Nanocrystals Banin Univ of Jerusalem
Shirtcliff, Laura Switzerland OR 0601996 Photoswitchable Nanotubes and Nanocapsules Based on Resorcinarene Cavitand Scaffolds Diederich Eidgenossische Technishche Hochschule
Skowronoski, Mark Canada FL 0602081 Developing Off-line and Real-time Machine Learning tools for Automatic Acoustic Fenton Univ of W Ontario
Small, Thomas W. Ecuador AZ 0602084 Neuroplasticity and Testosterone in a Trophical Bird Wojtenek/Moore Univ San Francisco de Quito/Virginia Tech
Solis, Patricia Panama IA 0601745 Advancing Academe: A Multidimensional Investigation of Geography in the Americas\(AAMIGA) Tarte City of Knowledge
Toth, Sandor Chile PA 0601838 Developing a Decision System to Aid Multipurpose Forest Management in Chile Donoso/Cabello Corporation Nat'l Forest
Valentine, Elizabeth UK NY 0601986 Understanding How Proteins Recognize and Bind to Their Cognate Ligands Conte Kings College London
Wakefield, Max Japan OR 0600893 Algebra, Geometry, and Combinatorics: Arrangements of Hyperplanes Terao Hokaido Univ
White, Ryan Brazil NC 0601913 Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Conduction Polymers for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells De Paoli Univ of Campinas
Whiteley, Andrew Canada MT 0601864 Integrated Genomic Analysis of Neutral and Adaptive Variation in Natural Populations of the Zebrafish Bernatchez Univ of Laval
Withey, John Panama


0602091 Tropical Forest Songbird Behavior and Movements in Human-Dominated Landscapes Laurance Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

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