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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2007 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Banks, William France KS 0653000 Eco-cultural Niche Modeling of Human and Ungulate Populations in Europe during Oxygen Isotope Stages 3 and 2 d'Errico Univ of Bordeaux
Bleakley, Bronwyn UK IN 0700452 Indirect Genetic Effects and the Evolution of Cannibalism Hunt/Moore/ Schuster Univ of Exeter/ Northern Arizona Univ
Blum, Jeremy India  MD 0700998 Intelligent Agent Optimization of Transit Route Network Design Matthew Indian Inst of Tech, Bombay
Bonier, Frances Ecuador MA 0700651 Population Differentiation and Breeding Asynchrony in Andean Bird de Vries Pontificia Universidad Catolica
Comita, Liza Panama NY 0703571 Determinants of Relative Species Abundance: A Cross-Continental Comparison of Tropical Tree Communities Davis Center for Tropical Forest Science
Corson, Catherine UK NY 0701266 Exposing the All Powerful Development Machine: The Divergence of British and American Environmental Foreign Aid Fairhead Univ of Sussex/ Cambridge
Davidson, Ana Mexico  NM 0653296 Interactive Effects of Mammalian Herbivores on Semi-arid Grassland Ecosystems Ceballos Univ Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Davis, Jason China WA 0701325 Neuroendocrine Adaptations to Stress in Passerines of thetibetan Plateau Lei Chinese Academy of Science
DeCarlo, Peter Switzerland  CO 0701013 Chamber Studies and Field Analysis of Organic Aerosol with High Resolution Aerosol Mass Spectrometry Statistical Techniques Baltensperger Paul Scherrer Inst
Dougherty, Kimberly Sweden GA 0701166 The Role of Chx 10 Interneurons in the Spinal Central Patttern Generator Kiehn Karolinska Institute
Dragon, Julie Canada/UK VT 0704987 Hybridization and Ecological Speciation in the Salt Tolerant Sedges\(Carex, Cyperaceae\) Waterway/Ashton McGill/Edge Hill Univ
Fangue, Nann Mexico FL 0700551

Effects of Climate Change on a Marine Invertebrate

Carpizo-Ituarte Univ Autonoma de Baja California
Ferguson, Matthew France MD 0710816 Physical Bass for Transcriptional Regulation in Bacilli Royer CNRS Centre de Biochimie Structurale
Goldstein, David Peru IL 0701243 Using Applied Archaeological Macro and Microbotanical Research to Strengthen Peruvian Educational and Analytical Resources in Paleoethnobotany Huaman U. Pontifica Cayetano Heredia
Green, Jason UK  IN 0700911 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Isolated, Molecular Systems Wales/Berry U Cambridge /U Chicago
Kaspari, Susan Switzerland ME 0653933 Carbonaceous Particle Concentrations Since the Pre-Industrial Era from Asian Ice Cores Schwikowski Paul Scherrer Inst
Klug, Hope Finland FL 0701286 The Role of Resource Competition and Density Dependence in Sexual Selection Theory Kokko Univ of Helsinki
Levy, Michael Spain DE 0701460 Solar Energy Science Marti/Tablero Univ Politecnica de Madrid
McClure, Sarah Spain OR 0701241 The Ritual of Death and the Emergence of Social Hierarchies during the Chalcolitic in Central Mediterranean Spain Marti Museu de Prehistoria de Valencia
Mebane, David Germany GA 0701145 Solid-State Electrochemistry: Inerfacial Storage and Confined Size Effects in Lithium Ion Batteries Maier Max Planck Inst
Melamed, Megan Mexico CO 0653087 Analysis of Mexico City Air Pollution Using Nitrogen and Sulfur Dioxide Column Density Measurements from UV/visible Spectroscopy Grutter Univ Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Melfi, Patricia Italy TX 0653664 Amplification and Selectivity of Anion Association with a Cyclam-Urea ditopic Receptor Fabbrizzi Univ of Pavia
Mobley, Kenyon Norway TX 0701086 Temporal Variation in the Genetic Mating System of the Two-Spotted Goby: A Comparison of Quantitative Methods to Estimate Sexual Selection Amundsen/ Schuster Norwegian Univ/ Northern Arizona Univ
Morita, Shelah South Africa CA 0701336 Is the Correlated Morphology between Long-Proboscis Fly Prosoeca Ganglebauri & the Flower Zaluzianskya Microsiphon Due to Co-Evolution? Anderson/Johnson Univ of Stellenbosch/ Univ of KwaZulu Natal
Murphy, Troy


 MD 0700953 Evolution of Geographic Patterns of Dimorphism: Maintenance & Loss of Elaborate Female Coloration Montgomerie/ Ziles Queen's Univ/ UNAM
Palter, Jaime Spain NC 0701252 The Effect of Subsurface Variability on Nutrient Fluxes and the Biological Response to Upwelling off Northwest Africa Pelegri/Yoder CMIMA WHOI, Woods Hole
Parrent, Jeri Canada NC 0705187 Pathogen Escape, Multualist Discovery: The Role of Shifting Fungal Associations on Plant Invasion Klironomos Univ of Guelph
Pfaendtner, Jim Switzerland  IL 0700080 Biomass-Derived Fuels: Modeling and Simulation of Enzymatic Processes Parrinello ETH
Richards, Corinne Panama MI 0701165 Selection and the Evolution of Morphological Variation in Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs from Boca del Toro Archipelago Ibanez/Cummings Univ of Panama/U Texas, Austin
Rivera, Sharon Australia NY 0701068 Structural-Magneto Correlations in a Series of Magnetic Sponges [M3\(HCO2\)6]:X using Quantum Mechanical Calculations & Neutron Scattering Techniques Stride Univ of New South Wales
Schwartz, Miguel Israel  NC 0705098 Plant Invasions and Species Range Shifts in the Face of Climate Change: An Experimental and Modeling Study in Mediterranean Ecosystems Sternberg/Clark Tel Aviv Univ /Duke univ
Smith, Adam R Panama  WA 0702391 Linking Resource Ecology with the Emergence of Cooperative Social Groups Wcislo STRI
Solomon, Scott Brazil TX 0701233 Evolutionary History of the Higher Attine Symbiosis Bacci Universidade Estadual Paulista
Sommer, Martha Germany OR 0700410 Regulation of rhodopsin Photochemistry by Arestin Hofmann Charite Inst
Subotnik, Joseph Israel CA 0701345 Quantitative Modeling of Molecular Conduction and Correlated Multibody Scattering Nitzan Tel Aviv Univ
Vlasak Nesterova, Anna France PA 0700939 The Quest of King Penguins: Orientation in a Crowded Environment Bonadonna CNRS-CEFE
Watson, James Austria TX 0700946 The Effect of Environmental Stresses on the Structure and Function of Arabiodpsis Telomeres Riha Austrian Acad of Science
Wood, Brandon India MA 0701180 A First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Investigation of the Catalytic Activity and Transport Properties of Ceria-Based Surfaces for Solid-Oxide Fuel-Cell Applications Narasimhan JNCASR


India  IL 0651049 Using Drosophila to Study the Biology of PolyQ Neurodegeneration Hasan Nat'l Ctr for Biological Sciences

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