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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2008 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Apergis, John UK NJ 0804305 Role of Gap-Junction Mediated Synchrony in Sensory Information Processing Schultz Imperial Coll of London
Bhaskar, Radika Mexico CA 0754502 Water use strategies and Leaf Function in Mature and Regenerating tropical dry forests in Mexico Balvanera Univ Nacional Autónoma de México
Bociu, Lorena France VA 0802187 Hadamard Wellposedness and Asymptotic Stability of Finite Energy Solutions for a structural Acoustic Interaction Modeled by Nonlinear Waves and Dynamical Shells with Supercritical Zolesio CNRS Inst NonLineaire de Nice, Sophia Antipolis
Brown, Jennifer R New Zealand MT 0753559 Shear-Perturbed Polymer Structure and Dynamics through NMR Spectroscopy and Rheo-NMR Callaghan Victoria Univ of Wellington
Covington, Matthew Slovenia CA 0754495 Variable Flow and Sediment Transport in Speleogenetic Models Gabrovsek Karst Res Inst Slovenian Acad of Sci and Arts
Craft, Meggan UK/Tanzania MN 0804186 Identifying Maintenance Populations of a Multihost Pathogen: Canine Distemper in Serengeti Carnivores Haydon Univ of Glasgow
Freeman, David S Netherlands  CA 0757673 Cryptographic Applications of Arithmetic Geometry Cramer Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica
Golubski, Antonio Canada MI 0754419 Trait-Mediated Indirect Interactions: Effects on Community Assembly, Species Loss, Spatial Structure and Diversity-Stability Relationships Abrams Univ of Toronto
Goluch, Edgar Netherlands  IL 0754396 Electrochemical Biosensors for the detection of Individual Enzyme Catalysis Events Lemay Delft Univ of Tech
Good, Jeffrey Germany AZ 0754461 Evolutionary Reproductive Genomics in Humans and the Great Apes Paabo Max Planck Inst
Griffith, William A. Italy CA 0754258 New Perspectives on Earthquake Mechanics: A Multidisciplinary Study of Physico-Chemical Processes During the Seismic Cycle De Toro Univ of Padua
Jernigan, Kevin Peru GA 0754434

Study of Aguaruna Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Fruiting Plant-Frugivore Mutualism

Alonso Inst de Invest de la Amazonia Peruana
Keen-Zebert, Amanda UK TX 0754345 Determining Bedrock Incision Rates Using Cosmogenic Isotope 3He Analysis to Chronologically Constrain the Wetland Development Cycle in The South African Highveld Tooth Univ of Wales
Koskella, Britt UK IN 0754399 Impact of Environmental Heterogencity on Coevolution in a tritrophic plant-bacteria -plant bacteria-phage interaction Buckling Univ of Oxford
Krumins, Jennifer Netherlands  NJ 0758674 Herbivorous Nematodes and the Microbial Loop: Unraveling Below Ground Mechanisms Affecting Plant Production Van der Putten Netherlands Inst of Ecology
Lautze, Nicole Italy HI 0754423 Advancing the Understanding of Basaltic Volcanic Ash Taddeucci Inst Nazionale Geofisica
Martinez-Aviles, Monica New Zealand IN 0802623 Emissions of Bromine from the Marine Environment and Its Effect on Stratospheric Ozone Bodeker Nat Inst of Water & Atmos Res
Mittelstaedt, Eric France HI 0757920 Origin and Evolution of Mid-Ocean Segmentation at Normal and Hotspot Affected Ridges Davaille Inst de Physique du Globe de Paris
Munn, Michael UK NY 0754379 Ricci Curvature and Metric Measure Spaces Topping Univ of Warwick
Ngo, Quy Switzerland CA 0754305 Gamete Interaction during Double Fertilization of Flowering plants Grossniklaus Univ of Zurich
Priestley, Rodney France IL 0754448 Synthesis and Design of Novel Supramolecular Polymers and Rubbers by Environmentally Benigh Methods Leibler ESPCI Matiere Molle et Chimie
Prince, Emily Germany GA 0754289 Metabolic Responses of Toxic Marine Diatoms to Planktonic Community Variations Pohnert Friedrich-Schiller Univ
Rathsam, Jonathan Israel NE 0753753 In Situ Measurement of Acoustical Absorption Using a Spherical Microphone Array Rafaely Ben-Gurion Univ
Riginos, Corinna Kenya CA 0803322 Can Cattle Facilitate Wild Herbivores? King Laikipia Wildlife Forum
Rothenberg, Sarah


 CA 0802014 Influence of Sulfur Cycling on Mercury Methylation in Rice Paddies in Mining Areas, Guizhou Province, China Feng State Key Lab of Environmental Geochemistry,
Schwanz, Lisa Australia IA 0754299 Mammalia Sex Ratios: Linking Adaptive Hypotheses and Physiological Mechanisms Johnson James Cook Univ
Swanson, Molly UK MA 0754357 Probing Dark Energy and Neutrinos with Galaxy Surveys Bridle Univ Coll of London
Ugan, Andrew Argentina  UT 0754353 Geographic Variation in Stable C and N Isotope Values of Edible Plants and Animals in Western Argentina and the Case for Prehistoric Corn Agriculture Gil Museo de Historia Natural Antropologia
Westfall, Kyle Netherlands WI 0754437 Dynamical State of Spiral Galaxy Disks Verheijen Univ of Groningen
Whalen, Kristen Australia MA 0754319 Profiling Marine Herbivore Gene Expression in Response to Algal Chemical Defenses Steinberg Univ of South Wales
Zraly, Maggie Rwanda  PA 0802583 Social Inequality and Resilience among Youth Heads of Household in Rwanda Ntaganira National Univ of Rwanda


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