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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

FFiscal Year 2009 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Baginski, Paul France CA 0853293 Permutation Groups and Model Theory Altinel Univ of Lyon
Baythavong, Brooke S Chile CA 0853094 Understanding the Role of Plasticity and Genetic Variation in Parallel Invasion Fronts: Study of the Range Expansion of Erodium Cicutariumin Chile and California Gianoli Univ de Concepcion
Beierle, John Netherlands CA 0853019 Construction of an Artificial Kinesin via Metal-Templated, Unidirectional, Molecular Ratchet Dimers Feringa Univ of Groningen
Bendezu, Felipe Switzerland OH 0852905 Yeast Cell Biology Martin Univ of Lausanne
BiBi, Faysal France CT 0852975 Biogeography and Evolutionary Turnover in the Context of Human Evolution Boisserie Univ of Poitiers
Birge, Leanna M UK MD 0913116 Unraveling Genetic and Nongenetic Causes of Sperm Precedence in Stalk-eyed Flies Wilkinson Univ College London
Blanchard, Jeffrey UK UT 0854991 Stability and Algorithm Analysis in Compressed Sensing Davies Univ of Edinburgh
Bogatko, Stuart A Belgium CA 0903342 Ab Initio Study of Aqueous Polyions Geerlings Free Univ of Brussels
Braybrook, Siobhan A Switzerland CA 0853105 Characterization and Modeling of Higher Order Phyllotaxis in Helianthus Kuhlemeier Univ of Bern
Dhruv, Neel T UK NY 0853093 Quantitative Analysis of Cortical Response Dependence on Network Activity Carandini Univ Coll London
Dickens, Molly J Belgium  MA 0910495 Stress and Reproduction: Mechanisms and Functions of Acute Stress Effects on Brain Aromatase Activity Balthazart Univ of Liege
Diedrich, Tamara France MN 0911395 Experimental Investigation into Dissolution Characteristics and Reactivity of Mineral Fibers with Implications for Toxicity Schott Univ of Toulouse
Drewry, Darren T Germany IL 0900556 Impact of Adaptive Strategies of Below Ground Water and Biogeochemical Cycling and Their Thermodynamic Implications Kleidon Max Planck Inst for Biochemistry
Erwin, Patrick M Spain NC 0853089 Vulnerability and Resilience of Sponge Populations and their Bacterial Symbionts to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Disturbances Turon Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes
Franceschini, Samuela Italy NY 0855840 Uncertainty Analysis in Solutes Transport at Basin Scale Rinaldo Univ degli Studi di Padova
Greives, Timothy J Germany IN 0852986 Fitness Cost and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Premature Breeding Hau Max Planck Inst for Ornithology
Grouchy, Rebecca D France AL 0852959 N-body Simulations of Ring Formation in Nonbarred Ringed Galaxies Combes L'Observatoire de Paris
Guerard, Jennifer Switzerland  OH 0852999 Using Computational Chemistry to Assess Reactivity of Contaminants in Surface Waters Canonica Swiss Fed Inst of Aquatic Sci and Tech
Gustafson, Kyle B


 MD 0853498 Particle Tracking and Anomalous Statistics in a Basic Plasma Physics Experiment Ricci Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Laboratoire
Hansen, Alexander L Canada MI 0852964 Characterizing the Proteolytic Chamber of the Proteasome Using Solution NMR Kay Univ of Toronto
Harris, Susan K Germany CA 0901893 Changes in Chert Acquisition Strategies During the Neolithic of Southwest Germany Conard Univ of Tuebingen
Heidinger, Britt UK IN 0852962 Telomere Dynamics: An Important Link Between Growth and Longevity? Monaghan Univ of Glasgow
Herman, Benjamin Finland NY 0856648 Development of a Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm for Retrieving Aerosol Properties and Their Uncertainties from High Spectral Resolution Tamminen Finnish Meteorological Inst
Holcomb, Michael Monaco MA 0853098 Energetics of Coral Calcification: Effects of Fixed Carbon Allemand Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Joyce, Alyssa Norway AK 0852892 Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture Aarset Norwegian Univ of Life Sciences
Kavich, Jerald J Spain IL 0853415 Microscopic Role of Magnetism in High Temperature Superconductivity Gambardella Institut Catal de Nanotechnologia
Koutnik, Michelle R Denmark WA 0853407 Inferring Changes in Ice-Sheet Flow and Accumulation Dahl-Jensen Univ of Copenhagen
Latham, Michael P Canada CO 0853108 Invisible, Excited State Structures from Relaxation Dispersion NMR Spectroscopy Kay Univ of Toronto
Lee, Victoria E UK CA 0853110 Sediment Transport in Marine Environments: Processes, Timescales, and Paleoclimatic Implications Henderson Univ of Oxford
Lucas, Andrew J So Africa CA 0853106

Comparison of HAB Dynamics in Two Upwelling Regions using Novel Technology

Pitcher Marine and Coastal Management
Madin, Elizabeth P Australia CA 0853117 Disentangling the Factors Mediating Marine Trophic Cascades Over a Latitudinal Gradient in Australia Booth/Munday Univ of Tech Sydney/James Cook Univ
Maneeratana, Vasana Germany FL 0853049 Direct Electrospinning of Multi-Layered Materials for Energy-Based Applications Antonietti Max Planck Inst for Colloids and Interfaces
Mayfield, Anderson B Taiwan HI 0852960 Effects of Increased Temperature and pCO2 on the Molecular Physiology of the Reef-Building Coral Seriatopora Hystrix Chen Nat'l Museum of Marine Bio / Aquarium
McGrath, Matthew J Finland MN 0853294 Particle-based Monte Carlo Simulations of Atmospheric Nucleation Kulmala Univ of Helsinki
McKinley, James W Bolivia CO 0853097 Characterization and Optimization of Compost Produced from Ecological Latrines in Three Geographical Settings Mercado Univ Mayor de San Sim
Meir, Jessica U Canada CA 0855669 Hypoxia Tolerance in the High Flying Bar-headed Goose Milsom Univ of British Columbia
Morreale, Astrid France CA 0914959 Mapping the Gluon’s Polarization through Global QCD Analyses using the COMPASS Detector Kunne UCEA/Saclay IRFU Inst
Oeding, Luke A Italy TX 0853000 Secant Varieties and Applications to Signal Processing Ottaviani Univ Degli studi Di Firenze
Oleson, Kirsten L Madagascar  CA 0853086 Adapting Madagacar's Marine Protected Areas to Threats from Climate Change van Beukering Vrije Univ Amsterdam
Pearce, Jessica M Spain UT 0852917 Effect of Resource Availability on Mechanisms of Ant Species Diversity Cerda Estacion Biologica de Donana
Poduska, Anne M India NY 0852893 Changing Ligands, Changing Lone Pair Stereochemical Activity: A Theoretical Study of a Divalent Lead Coordination Polymer Jemmis Indian Inst of Sci
Pringle, Robert M Kenya CA 0852961 Ecological Consequences of Large-Herbivore Declines under Different Rainfall Regimes Haas ICIPE
Randono, Andrew C Canada PA 0853116 Theoretical Investigations of Gravitational Systems at the Interface of the Classical and the Quantum Smolin Perimeter Inst for Theor. Physics
Stambaugh, Corey A Korea  FL 0853104 Investigation of Nanoscale Water Columns using a MEMS Force Sensor Jhe Seoul Nat'l Univ
Steward, Angela M Brazil MA 0905653 New Frontiers in Afro-Brazilian Studies: Examining Patterns of Natural Resource Management in Amazonia Quilombo de Magathes Lima Univ Federal de Minas Gerais
Sverdlov, Roman India MI 0853079 Introduction of Field Theory into the Causal Set Context Suria Raman Research Inst
Templeton, Christopher UK WA 0902284 Song Learning in Duetting Birds Slater St Andrews Univ
Tilley, Stanley D Switzerland NJ 0853127 Photocatalytic Water Oxidation by Photosensitization of Nocera's Cobalt Phosphate Catalyst with Modified Graetzel Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne Laboratoire
Wallenberg, Joel C Iceland PA 0853114 Evolution of Language Systems: A Comparative Study of Grammatical Change in English and Icelandic Thrainsson Univ of Iceland
Wickham, Jacob D China NY 0904100 Investigations of Semiochemicals in the Mating Sequence of US Invasive Species Anoplophora Glabripennis Chen Chinese Acad of Science
Wigginston, Krista R Switzerland VT 0905713 Virus Inactivation in Sunlight-treated Waters: An Investigation on the Reactions Between Singlet Oxygen and Capsid Proteins Kohn Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne
Wyman, Megan T UK CA 0908569 Link between Hybridization and Vocal Communication Within Red and Sika Deer Mccomb Univ of Sussex
Zakzeski, Joseph J Germany CA 0856754 Development of in-situ Spectroscopic Characterization Techniques to Understand and Optimize Catalytic Conversion Routes for Biomass Valorization Weckhuysen Utrecht Univ
Zettlemoyer, Luke UK MA 0853021 Probabilistic Models for Reasoning in Natural Language Dialog Steedman Univ of Edinburgh

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