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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2010 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Alexander, Jennifer Canada IL 0965227 Acoustic Perceptual Properties of Suprasegmental Contrast Systems Wang Simon Fraser Univ
Amsden, Jason Korea MA 0965057 Zinc Oxide/Low Band gap Polymer Hybrid Photovoltaic Devices Lee Seoul Nat'l Univ
Anderson, Anthony M UK IL 0965138 Morphological Instability in Freezing Colloidal Suspensions Worster Univ of Cambridge
Berkesch, Christine Sweden IN 0964985 The Solution Space of a Hypergeometric System Passare Stockholm Univ
Burge, Dylan Australia NC 0965674 Evolution of Nickel Hyper-accumulation in the Plant genus Stackhousia Singh Univ of Sydney
Bushley, Kathryn E China NY 1019044 Towards Conservation and Sustainable Use: Genetic Diversity and Reproductive Mode of the Endangered Himalayan Fungus Ophiocordyceps sinesis Yao CAS Mycological Herbarium
Casabianca, Leah B Israel DC 0965137 Hyperpolarized Solid State NMR Spectra of Materials and Catalysis Using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Frydman Weizmann Inst
Chun, Carolyn New Zealand LA 0967050 Matroid Fragility and Rota's Conjecture Whittle/ Mayhew Victoria Univ
Esselstyn, Jacob Indonesia / Canada KS 0965856 Evolutionary History of SE Asian Shrews Supriatna/ Evans Univ of Indonesia/ McMaster Univ
Faherty, Jacqueline Chile NY 0965192 Using Kinematics to Identify Jovenile-Aged Cool Stars in Nearby Moving Groups Teresa Ruiz Univ de Chile Physics
Fugal, Jacob Germany MI 1002568 New Measurements of Atmospheric Ice Crystals and Their Fall Velocities Borrmann Gutenberg Univ
Grayson, Kristine New Zealand VA 0965096 Population Sex Ratio Bias: Influences of Climate and consequences for Extinction Risk Nelson Victoria Univ
Haider, Bilal UK CT 0965110 Awake Membrane Potential Dynamics and the Control of Visual Cortical Responsiveness Carandini Univ of London
Harrington, Michael J France MD 1002683 Mechanisms of sclerenchyma Cell Secondary Wall Development in Brachypodium Hofte Inst Nat'l de la Recherche Agronomique Biologie
Huisman, Andrew Switzerland WI 1006117 Atmospheric Implications of the temperature-and state-dependent Chemistry of Organic Aerosol Peter ETH Zurich
Jahn, Alex E Argentina FL 0965213 New World Bird Migration: Fast in the North, Slow in the South? Cueto Univ de Buenos Aires
Jaworski, Justin UK NC 0965248 Aeroacoustic Model for an Elastic Lifting Surface with a Soft, Sound Absorbent Coating Coating: The Silent Flightof Owls Peake Univ of Cambridge
Kight, Caitlin R UK VA 0965125 Effects of Ambient Noise on Song-learning and Mate Choice in Zebra Finches Dall Univ of Exeter
Kulhanek, Denise K Japan FL 1005400 The Hunt for Sea-Ice Proxies: Evolution and Paleoceology of Archaeomonads Jordan Yamagata Univ
Lewis, Jacob M


 WA 0965183 K3 Surfaces, Normal Forms and the Kuga-Satake Hodge Conjecture Katzarkov Univ Wien
Mayor, Jordan Panama FL 1012703 Does the foliar Nitrogen Iisotope Variability in Rainforest trees reflect Niche Partitioning, Biophysical processes or climate Turner/ Caballero Ruiz/ Schuur STRI/ U of Chiriqui/ U of Florida
McClenachan, Loren Canada CA 0965242 Recovery Targets, Historical Baselines, and Ecosystem Degradation Dulvy Simon Fraser Univ
Nelson, Peter Italy CA 0965064 Modeling the Morphodynamics of Bedrock Meandering Seminara Univ of Genoa
Schori, Melanie UK OH 0965022 Reproductive morphology and anatomy, and molecular phylogeny of the Aquifoliales. Rudall Royal Botanic Gardens
Schoville, Sean D France CA 0965038 Modeling Alpine Population Histories with Approximate Bayesian Computation Francois Grenoble Inst of Tech
Sexton, Jason P Australia CA 1003009 Gene Flow and Niche Breadth in Novel Environments: Adaptation Under Predicted Climate Change in Australian Alpine Plants Hoffmann Univ of Melbourne
Shallcross, Richard Germany AK 0965245 Light Emitting Organic Memory Based on Photochromic Hole Transport Materials in Organic Light Emitting Diodes Meerholz Univ of Cologne
Weis, Derick Australia TN 1006204 Computer-Aided Molecular Design of Ionic Liquids for the Pretreatment of Cellulose MacFarlane Monash Univ
Wheeler, Brandon C Germany / Argentina NY 0965074 Mechanisms underlying tactical deception and counterdeception in capuchin monkeys: stress and skepticism Fischer Deutsches Primatenzentrum
Whiting, Nicholas UK IL 0966393 Fundamental Studies of Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping for the Production of Large Quantities of Highly Spin-Polarized Noble Gases for Improved Magnetic Resonance Applications Barlow Univ of Nottingham

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