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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2011 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Alofs, Karen M Canada TX 1064658 Resistance and Resilience in Canadian Freshwater Fish Communities with Climate Induced Species Range Shifts Jackson Univ of Toronto
Brenter, Laura B Netherlands CT 1064672 Systems Analysis for Large-Scale Production of Microalgae and Investigation of Nutrient and Energy By-Product Wijffels Wageningen Univ
Card, Marcella L Australia / Switzerland OH 1064560 Understanding and Predicting Adverse Health Effects of Transformation Products Formed From Organic Micropollutants Escher / Fenner Nat'l Res Ctr for Environmental Toxicology / Univ of Queensland / Swiss Federal Inst of Aquatic Sci and Tech
Chen, Sophia N France CA 1064468 High Energy Ion Interactions in Warm Dense Matter Fuchs Lee École Polytechnique
Dexter, Kyle G UK NC 1103573 Climatic Niche Evolution in South American Trees and its Consequences Phillips / Pennington Leeds Univ / Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Finke, Aaron D Switzerland IL 1064434 Boron-Containing Organic Donor-Acceptor Scaffolds: Chemoresponsive Optoelectronic Materials Diederich Swiss Federal Inst of Tech
Gardner, Jennifer B Brazil NY 1064807 Agroecology in Practice: Agrarian Reform, Ecological Sustainability and Social Equality in Brazil Scaramuzza Federal Univ of Mato Grosso
Hancock, Angela M Austria IL 1064766 Reconstructing the History of Genetic Adaptations to Climate Hermission / Nordborg Univ of Vienna / Mendel Inst
Hasenkoph, Christa Mongolia CO 1064686 Characterization of the Chemical Composition and Distribution of Aerosol in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Lodoysamba Nat'l Univ of Mongolia
Horowitz, Jordan M Spain DC 1059438 Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Microscopic Machines Parrondo Univ Complutense de Madrid
Kamath, Pauline L UK CA 1102860 Characterizing Species Boundaries with an Integrated Genetic, Ecological and Behavioral Approach; Implications for Mountain Zebra Conservation in Namibia Bruford Univ of Cardiff
Keremedjiev, Mark UK FL 1064332 "Lucky Imaging": Acquiring the Highest Angular Resolutions in Optical Astronomy Mackay Univ of Cambridge
Kidder, Steven B New Zealand CA 1064805 Stress Levels on the Alpine Fault, New Zealand From Two Perspectives Prior Univ of Otago
Leftin, Avigdor Israel AZ 1064075 Novel MRI Methods for Hyperpolarized Biomolecular Systems Frydman Weizmann Inst of Science
Lujan, Nathan K Canada / Colombia / Ecuador TN 1064578 Upland Biogeography and Adaptive Radiation of the Neotropical Rubbernose Loricariids López-Fernández / Lovejoy Royal Ontario Museum / Univ of Toronto
McCauley, Douglas J Kenya CA 1064649 Investigating the Ecological Impacts of the Hippopotamus on Watershed Ecology Githaiga Univ of Nairobi
Nelson, Nicole L Canada MA 1064757 Children's Understanding of Cues to Emotion: Attentional Mechanisms and Social Interactions Mondloch Brock Univ
Nelson, Paul D Switzerland CA 1064866 Mass Equidistribution on Compact Arithmetic Surfaces and Applications Michel École Polytech Féd de Lausanne
Payne, Joshua L Switzerland NH 1064310 Robustness, Evolvability, and Reproductive Isolation in the Signal-Integration Space of Gene Regulatory Networks Wagner Univ of Zurich
Ray, Licia C


 CO 1064635 Jupiter’s Magnetosphere-Ionosphere System Achilleos Univ Coll London
Reyes, Carolina Germany CA 1064521 Functional Genes of Marine Iron Reducing Microorganisms Friedrich Univ of Bremen
Richards-Rissetto, Heather M Italy NM 1064648 Enriching 3D WebGIS Functionality to Study Ancient Human-Environment Interaction Remondino Kessler Foundation
Saenz, James P Germany MA 1064754 Bacterial Paleophysiology: Investigating the Physiology of Hopanoids and the Implications of Their Legacy in the Geologic Record Simons Max Planck Inst for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Scholnick, Jonathan B Canada AZ 1064534 Cultural Transmission and Phylogenetic Inference in Material Culture Collard Simon Fraser Univ
Swanner, Elizabeth D Germany CO 1064391 Constraining the Role of Photosynthetic Organisms in Deposition of Banded Iron Formations (BIF) on Early Earth Kappler Eberhard Karls Univ Tübingen
Touchon, Justin Panama OR 1064566 The Function and Evolution of Terrestrial Reproduction Lessios / Ibañez Smithsonian Tropical Research Inst
Turner, Wendy C Norway / Namibia CA 1103054 Rainfall and Herbivory: Characterizing the Transmission Route for Anthrax in Grazing Wildlife Stenseth / Kolstø / Mapaure Univ of Oslo / Univ of Namibia
Vaccaro, Elyse A Canada OR 1064810 Information Processing in the Salamander Vomeronasal System Laberge Univ of Guelph
VanDyke, James U Australia AR 1064803 Testing Hypotheses Regarding Function and Evolution of Placentotrophy, Using Viviparous Skinks as a Model Thompson Univ of Sydney
Webb, Alexis B Germany MO 1064530 Single Cell Analysis of the Segmentation Clock Oates Max Planck Inst for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
Wells, George F Switzerland CA 1064615 Towards Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: Mass Transport Limitations, Microbial Diversity, and Nitrous Oxide Morganroth Swiss Fed Inst of Aquatic Sci and Tech
Wiscons, Josh Germany CO 1064446 Multiply Transitive and Generically Multiply Transitive Groups of Finite Morley Rank Tent Univ Münster
Yang, Mingxi UK HI 1064405 Air-Sea Fluxes of Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compounds for Improving Transfer Velocity Parameterizations and Nightingale / Liss Plymouth Marine Lab / Univ of East Anglia

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