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International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

Fiscal Year 2012 AWARDS

Proposal links in the table below connect to NSF Award Abstracts.

Fellow Country State Proposal
Host Host Institution
Banet, Amanda Canada FL 1158966 Migration Conditions, Maternal Effects, and Offspring Performance in Pacific Salmon: Intergenerational Effects of Adult Hinch Univ of British Columbia
Barton, Andrew UK MA 1158812 Physical Regulation of Long-Term Ecosystem Variability in the North Atlantic Williams / Sharples Univ of Liverpool
Bischel, Heather Switzerland/ So Africa CA 1159225 Inactivation of pathogens and Fate of Pharmaceuticals in Novel treatment processes for source-separated urine in Durban, South Africa Kohn École Polytech de Lausanne/ Univ of KwaZulu-Natal
Chen, Jerry Switzerland MA 1158914 In Vivo Dissection Of Long-Range Cortical Circuits Helmchen Univ of Zurich
Ciesielski, Jennifer Switzerland NY 1158826 Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Dictyoxetane Carreira Swiss Fed Inst of Tech
Foust, Amanda France CT 1159089 Scanless Two-Photon Voltage Imaging of Live Neuron Activity With Holographic Wavefront Shaping Emiliani Univ Paris Descartes
Haggard, Harold M France CA 1159218 Semiclassical Quantum Gravity Rovelli Ctr de Physique Theorique de Luminy
Hembry, David H Japan CA 1159509 Elucidating Incipient Coevolutionary Speciation Through Experimental and Transcriptomic Approaches Kawakita Kyoto Univ in Otsu
Hollingsworth, Javoris V China LA 1159189 Determination of Solvent Effects and Interactions of Silica-Polypeptide Colloidal Particles by Small-Angle Neutron Han Chinese Academy of Science
Jack, Allison Netherlands NY 1159118 Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustainable Agriculture; The Microbial Ecology of Disease Suppressive Soils Raajimakers Wageningen Univ Research Ctr
Kirtland, Sandra UK CA 1159100 GENIE Modeling of Paleogene Hyperthermals Ridgwell Univ of Bristol
Lockett, Alan J Switzerland TX 1159008 Deep Neural Networks for Perception and Action Integration in Robotic Control Schmidhuber Inst dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale
Lyon, Barbara R UK SC 1159163 How do Phytoplankton Produce the Globally Significant Molecule DMSP Mock/ Todd Univ of East Anglia
MacDonald, Megan France MO 1159126 Investigation of the Radiative Interaction between Plasmas and Ablating Heat Shields Laux Ecole Centrale Paris
Maddox, Joseph Peru IL 1159178 Sexual Conflict in a Tropical Bird: The Evaluation of a Unique Mating System Castro/ Pezo Univ Nacional de la Amazonía Peruana
Mason, Benjamin M Australia/ Japan FL 1158967 Sensory Biology of Coral Larvae: The Role of Opsins and Olfactory Receptors in Larval Behavior, Settlement and Metamorphosis Miller/Baird/ Terakita James Cook Univ/Osaka City Univ
McDonald, Birgitte Denmark CA 1159123 Field Energetics and Diving Physiology of a Small Cetacean, the Harbor Porpoise Madsen/Wang Aarhus Univ
Nichols, Elizabeth UK NY 1158817 Exploring the Impacts of Human Land Use on Parasite Transmission Dynamics in a Dung Beetle-Fecal Helminth Model Wilson Lancaster Univ
Pang, Kevin S Norway HI 1158629 Evolution of Sensory Systems in the Invasive Ctenophore, Mnemiopsis leidyi Hejnol Sars Int'l Ctr for Marine Molecular Bio
Pappas, Christopher


NY 1159099 Characterizing the Function of Leptospiral Proteins in the Biology of the Genus Leptospira Mathieu Inst Pasteur
Peevey, Tanya Germany CO 1158727 The Impact of the Double Tropopause on the Composition of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere Konopka Forschungszentrum Jülich
Porter, Christopher France IN 1159158 Randomness Preservation and Randomness Extraction Bienvenu Univ Paris Diderot
Redman, Cory Canada TX 1159038 Assessing the Role of Ecosystem Structure in Extinction Patterns During the Cretaceous-Paleocene Mass Extinction Scott Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Reichart, Michael France MO 1158968 Signal detection in noise in the grasshopper Chorthippus biguttulus Greenfield Res Inst on Insect Biology
Seletskiy, Denis Germany NM 1160764 Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Urbach Tail Excitations in Semiconductors: Unraveling Dynamics of the Anti-Stokes Cooling Leitenstorfer Univ of Konstanz
Shaw, Allison K Australia NJ 1159097 Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Allee Effects and their Mitigating Adaptations Kokko Australian Nat'l Univ
Stamps, Matthew T Sweden CA 1159206 Topological Representations of Matroids and the Geometry of Phylogenetic Trees Linusson Royal Inst of Tech
Sullivan, Steve J UK MN 1158971 AMPAR-TARP Plasticity in Dorsal Horn Central Sensitization Cull-Candy Univ College London
Thoma, Brent P Singapore LA 1159168 Towards Global Synthesis of Mud Crabs: Utilizing Phylogenetic Relatedness to Derive a Biologically Meaningful Ng Nat'l Univ of Singapore
Treat, Neil UK CA 1201915 Controlling the Order of Functional Polymers and Their Corresponding Blends Stingelin Imperial College London
Wilson, Shomir UK MD 1159236 Metalanguage Identification for Interactive Language Technologies Oberlander Univ of Edinburgh
Wyser, Benjamin France GA 1159045 The Geometry and Combinatorics of Symmetric Subgroup Orbit Closures on Flag Varieties Brion Univ Joseph Fourier Mathematics

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