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Websites for previous PASIs

This list is intended to illustrate the range of activities funded under the PASI program. Please note that these websites are not maintained by NSF and may become inactive over time.

For additional information on the PASI program, check the program webpage.

Previously funded PASIs (in order by date held) -
PASI on Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis, Mexico, October 2009

PASI on Science and Technology for Advanced Neural Prostheses, Argentina, August 2009

PASI on Commutative Algebra and its Connections to Geometry, Brazil, Summer 2009

PASI on Advanced Tropical Phycology: Integrating Modern and Traditional Techniques to the Study of Tropical Algae, Panama, June-July 2009

PASI on Patterns and Mechanisms of Change in Neotropical Forests: La Selva as a Case Study, Costa Rica, April-May 2009

PASI on Pan-American Sensors for Environmental Observatories - An Interdisciplinary PASI, Argentina, March 2009

PASI on Frontiers in Developmental Biology: Concepts, Technique & Model Organisms, Argentina, October 2008

PASI on Emerging Trends in Process Systems Engineering: Sustainability, Energy, Biosystems, Multi-scale Design & Enterprise-wide Optimization, Argentina, August 2008

PASI on Microscopy Techniques for Nanomaterials, Mexico, August 2008

PASI on Cyberinfrastructure for Int'l Collaborative Biodiversity & Ecological Informatics, Costa Rica, May/June 2008

PASI on Interdisciplinary Studies in the Chemical Ecology of the Tropics, Peru, May 2008

PASI on Human, Physical, & Natural Capital Investment in Patagonia: A Predictive Approach under Sustainability Criterion, Chile, May 2008

PASI on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics, Argentina, August 2007

PASI - Estuarine Physics, Transport & Water Quality, Mexican Caribbean, July 2007

PASI on Electronic States & Excitations in Nanostructures, Mexico, June 2007

PASI: Predictive Process Dynamics for Manufacturing (PPDM), Brazil, June 2007

PASI on Sustainability & Green Chemistry, Mexico, May/June 2007

PASI - Study of Surfaces, Interfaces & Catalysis, Mexico, April 2007

PASI on Novel Materials for Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Chile, January 2007

PASI on Climate Change in the Americas, Mexico, January 2007

PASI - From disordered systems to complex systems, Argentina, December 2006

PASI on Nano & Biotechnology, Argentina, November, 2006

PASI: Beyond the Standard Model in Cosmology, Astroparticle & Particle Physics, Mexico, Oct/Nov, 2006

PASI on Analysis & Probability in Quantum Physics, Chile, July/Aug 2006

PASI on Computational Science & Engineering, Mexico, July 2006

PASI on Transmission Electron Microscopy in Materials, Chile, 2006

PASI on Mathematical Models of Population Dynamics, El Salvador, July 2006

PASI on Tools & Techniques in Nanoscience, Costa Rica, June 2006

PASI on Ion Nanobeams, Argentina, February 2006

PASI Stringy Topology, Mexico, January 2006

PASI on Transportation Sciences, Mexico, August 2005

PASI on Process Systems Engineering, Argentina/Brazil, August 2005

PASI on Mottness & Quantum Criticality, Trinidad, June 2005

PASI on Advanced Networking Technologies for Physics & Astronomy, Argentina, May 2005

PASI on Bioinspired Nanoscience & Molecular Machines, Argentina, March 2005

PASI on Model Organisms & Innovative Approaches in Developmental Biology, Brazil, Spring 2005

PASI on Differential Equations & Nonlinear Analysis, Chile, Jan 2005

PASI on Unconventional Myosins, Montana, Jan 2005

PASI on Balancing Hydropower Development and Biodiversity, Chile, Jan 2005

PASI on Techniques for Biofilm Community Analysis, Chile & Montana, July 2004

PASI on Rapid System Prototyping Technologies, Bolivia, June 2004

PASI on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Argentina, June 2004

PASI on Computational Science & Engineering, Honduras, May-June 2004

PASI on Data Mining Applications for Genomics & Bioinformatics, Uruguay, Feb 2004

PASI on Amphibian Population Decline Research, Costa Rica, Jan 2004

PASI on Computational Nanotech & Molecular Engineering, California, January 2004

PASI on Materials for Energy Conversion and Environmental Protection, Brazil, Oct 2003