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Case Closeout Memoranda

At the completion of each case a Case Closeout Memorandum is prepared that provides a brief description of the matter investigated and its outcome. In examining the extensive body of our case work, one should recall that NSF OIG has been conducting investigations for over 20 years. Pertinent rules and regulations have changed over the years and we have developed and refined our policies, procedures, and investigative practices during this time. The variations in the closeouts available here are reflective of those changes and refinements.

In resolving individual investigations we review our past work and attempt to ensure our recommendations are consistent with actions in previous cases. Each case, however, is unique; we take into account both mitigating and aggravating factors in making our recommendations.

Our investigations examine a wide array of allegations, institution types, and individuals. We organize our Case Closeout Memoranda according to a list of categories into which each fits. These may be broad categories such as “Grant Fraud” or narrow categories such as “Recombinant DNA.” Many Case Closeout Memoranda fit into numerous categories.

Through the link below you can search our Case Closeout Memoranda database by case number or category. You can also opt to view “All Case Closeout Memoranda.”

If you are aware of allegations or evidence of fraud, waste, abuse or misconduct in connection with NSF awards, programs or operations, please contact us.

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