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Hotline Intake Form

Please use this web form to submit allegations of fraud, waste, abuse or Whistleblower Reprisal for review by the National Science Foundation's Office of Inspector General.

Provide us with as many details as you can about the alleged misconduct, the subjects who committed the wrong doing, and anyone whom you think may have additional information.

* Indicates required field

1. Your Information

Would you like to submit this form anonymously? A complaint submitted anonymously may limit our ability to conduct an investigation particularly if questions come up that only you can answer. If you choose to submit this form anonymously, please provide as much detailed information as possible.

We may determine that your complaint should be referred to appropriate management at the National Science Foundation or to another agency for resolution. In that event, are you willing to waive your confidentiality? (i.e. May we forward your complaint to the appropriate people?)

2. Complaint Information
3. Subject Information

Use this area to give us any information you have about the people involved in the alleged misconduct.

4. Witness Information

Does anyone else know about this incident?