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Statistical Reports on U.S. Science
1. Digest of Key Science and Engineering Indicators 2008
Available Formats:  HTML
Document Number: nsb0802 
Document History: Posted:  January 15, 2008. 

2. Science and Engineering Indicators 2016
Available Formats:  HTML | PDF
Document Number: nsb20161 
Document History: Posted:  February 2, 2016. 

3. Science and Engineering Indicators: 2014
Available Formats:  HTML
Document Number: nsb1401 
Public Comment: Updated 5 March 2014. This release includes the State Data Tool, which provides a wealth of information on science and technology infrastructure by state and allows in-depth exploration of these data. Tables and figures provided in Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 are also now available for download in Excel and image formats.
Document History: Posted:  February 6, 2014. 

4. Science and Technology Policy: Past and Prologue A Companion to Science and Engineering Indicators (2000)
Available Formats:  HTML | PDF | TXT
Document Number: nsb0087 
Document History: Posted:  June 23, 2000. 

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