The Twelfth Annual Report of the National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1962
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Letter of Transmittal   PDF (31 Kb)
Contents   PDF (190 Kb)
The Director's Statement   PDF (690 Kb)
Program Activities of the National Science Foundation
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The Developing Role of the National Foundation in International Science
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A.   National Science Board, Staff, Committees, and Advisory Panels   PDF (1,020 Kb)
B.   Financial Report for Fiscal Year 1962   PDF (111 Kb)
C.   Grants for Basic Research   PDF (5,876 Kb)
D.   Other Than Basic Research Grants   PDF (6,639 Kb)
E.   Fellowship Awards Offered   PDF (5,022 Kb)
F.   Patents Resulting from Activities Supported by the National Science Foundation   PDF (46 Kb)
G.   National Science Foundation-Sponsored Scientific Conferences, Symposia, and Advanced Science Seminars Held During Fiscal Year 1962   PDF (485 Kb)
H.   Publications of the National Science Foundation   PDF (136 Kb)

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