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FOOTPRINTS: Strategies for Non-Traditional Program Evaluation


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Front Cover
Title Page
Table of Contents
(PDF, 695kb)

Joy A. Frechtling
The Search for Footprints: Nontraditional Approaches to Evaluating NSF’s Programs
(PDF, 321kb)

The Papers and Discussants
Robert F. Boruch and Erling Boe
The Use Of Science And Mathematics Education Indicators And Studies: A Briefing
(PDF, 215kb)

Sylvia T. Johnson
Searching Near, Far, And Wide: A Plan For Evaluatlon
(PDF, 220kb)

Robert K. Yin and Malcom Phelps
New Methods For Evaluating Programs In NSF’S Division Of Research, Evaluation And Dissemination
(PDF, 627kb)

Richard T. Hezel
Considerations For The Evaluation Of The National Science Foundation Programs
(PDF, 299kb)

Norman L. Webb
Communicating The Value Of The National Science Foundation’s Contributions To Research And Innovative Technical Applications For Mathematics And Science Education
(PDF, 361kb)

M. Christine Dwyer
Footprints On Surfaces: A Nontraditional Approach To Evaluation Of National Science Foundation Programs
(PDF, 508kb)

Zoe A. Barley and Mark Jenness
Conceptual Underpinnings For Program Evaluations Of Major Public Importance: Collaborative Stakeholder Involvement
(PDF, 301kb)

Robert E. Stake, Eleanor Chelimsky and David B. Rymph
The Virtual Reality Of Systemic Effects Of NSF Programming On Education: Its Profession, Practice, Research, And Institutions
(PDF, 356kb)

Concluding Comments
Michael Scriven, Laure Sharp and Joy Frechtling
(PDF, 350kb)

Index (PDF, 494kb)