Rocky Mountain Teacher Education Collaborative (RMTEC)

Fredrick M. Stein, Kathryn Cochran Jay Hackett, Marilyn Taylor, James Loats, Nancy Hartley, Loretta Jones, Barbara Nelson
University of Northern Colorado-McKee Hall
Greeley, CO 80639
fred stein@cnsmail.natsci.colostate.edu

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC), Colorado State University (CSU) and Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD), are partners in the Rocky Mountain Teacher Education Collaborative (RMTEC). CSU, a research-oriented, land-grant university, has the largest secondary science teacher education program in the state; UNC, a university with a state-recognized mission for teacher education has one of the largest elementary and middle school teacher-preparation programs nationally; and MSCD, a four-year college in downtown Denver is committed to training teachers for urban schools and is the site of the largest middle and secondary mathematics education program in the state. The project includes: 1) on-going collaboration between teacher education institutions, community colleges, and 6-12 school partners for the reform of science and mathematics teacher preparation; 2) redesign and delivery of targeted science and mathematics courses for majors, with a central focus on research-based teaching and learning strategies such as inquiry, problem-solving, and constructivist approaches and utilizing appropriate interactive technologies; 3) enhancement of pre-service teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge by integrating content, pedagogy, and practice through the modeling of effective teaching; 4) development of a new CORE experience for student cohorts; 5) integrally involving teachers-in-residence in the planning and implementation of new science, mathematics, and methods courses; 6) development of faculty, teachers-in-residence, and student skills in addressing classroom diversity issues; and 7) recruitment and retention of women and other underrepresented groups in mathematics and science teacher preparation programs. The RMTEC institutions and project staff are working collaboratively with the participants in the Colorado Statewide Systemic Initiative.

Collaboratives for a New Model for K-12 Teacher Preparation Focused on Enhancing Math/Science Knowledge, New Methodologies and Technology

Nina Hillman, Ranganathan Srinivasan Jane Drucker, Matthew Bruce, Lorne Ruby
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122

The Temple University's Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Education, and Engineering & Architecture, the Community College of Philadelphia, and the School District of Philadelphia are developing a new model for the education of prospective K-12 teachers which integrates new teaching methodologies with mathematics and science core content courses. Since Temple University, in conjunction with the Community College of Philadelphia, is the major teacher preparation institution for the Philadelphia School District, this will have a systemic impact on the more than 200,000 students in the Philadelphia School District and serve as a national urban model. The Collaborative is revising selected basic college mathematics and science courses to reflect closely the pedagogy and content that the students will need as teachers. These revisions include: enhanced faculty/student interaction, appropriate instructional materials, inquiry-intensive methodologies as well as new technologies. Several courses are being developed and modified, including, for example, a team-taught cross-disciplinary science course and a cognitive psychology course. Prospective teachers are participating in practica early in their pre-service training at selected Professional Development schools. Practicum supervisors join pre-service teachers in seminars to reinforce content and pedagogy. The model includes expansion of Temple's five-year teacher education program in which students who major in Arts & Sciences and minor in education are certified after completing their 5th year. University and Community College faculty participate in intensive staff development and cross-class visitations with School District teachers.

Teacher Education Addressing Mathematics and Science in Boston and Cambridge (TEAMS-BC)

Irwin Shapiro, Katherine Merseth
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

TEAMS-BC is a collaboration of Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wheelock College, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Boston Public Schools, and Cambridge Public Schools. The collaborative is addressing the weaknesses in the preparation of elementary, middle, and secondary science and mathematics teachers by: 1) involving university and college science and mathematics faculty, along with education faculty and teachers, in the cooperative development of science and mathematics courses in teacher preparation programs; 2) emphasizing teaching for understanding and integrating content area and effective instructional practices; 3) creating ten Professional Development Schools - four elementary, two middle, and four high schools - which cooperate with the teacher preparation programs with special emphasis on mathematics and science, training mentor teachers in the inquiry, hands-on, case study based approach; and 4) establishing seminars at schools for teachers and university faculty to discuss problems in teaching effectively. Other emphases of the project are: the recruitment of minority students to teacher preparation programs; creation and promotion of area business-academic-school partnership programs in which both pre-service and in-service teachers participate in the application of mathematics and science in business and industry and use this knowledge to develop pedagogical materials for classroom use; and coordination with major mathematics and science initiatives in Boston and Cambridge.

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