Table IV-3. Cost factors of USAP transfers from military to civilian contractor
Functions Already Transfered
Note (1)
Contractor Cost
Note (1)
$ Savings
Power Plant 1981 NA ITT Transition NA
Water Plant 1985 NA ITT Transition NA
Heavy Veh. Maintenance 15-Oct-87 NA ITT Transition NA
Food Services 1-Oct-92 $2.9M $2.5M $0.4M
Term Ops (2 increments) 1-Oct-92 $3.8M $4.1M $0.3M
Comms - FOCC 1-Oct-93 NE NE NE
Public Works 1-Oct-93 $1.6M $0.7M $0.9M
Station/Haz Waste 1-Oct-93 $1.3M $1.3M $0.0M
Fuels Operations 15-Feb-94 $1.0M $0.5M $0.5M
Supply/Materials 17-Feb-94 $3.0M $1.4M $1.6M
Crash/Fire Services 30-Mar-94 $1.3M $1.2M $0.1M
Janitorial/Billeting 1-Oct-94 $0.5M $0.5M $0.0M
Ambulance Service 1-Oct-95 incl. in M/D incl. in F/D
Comms - Field Radios 1-Oct-95 NE NE NE
SUBTOTAL $15.4M $12.2M $3.2M
Functions to be Transferred
Helicopter Services Oct-96 $5.0M $3.5M $1.5M
NX/PO Jan-97 $0.6M $0.7M (0.1M)
Air Traffic Control Oct-97 $1.8M $0.9M $1.0M
Medical/Dental Oct-97 $1.0M $0.7M $0.3M
Meteorology Oct-97 $1.5M $1.0M $0.5M
Armed Forces R/T TBD NE NE
Comms - Operations TBD $2.3M $1.0M $1.3M
SUBTOTAL $12.2M $7.8M $4.4M
TOTALS $27.6M $20.0M $7.6M
This chart illustrates the actual and estimated annual savings that result from the transition of functions from DoD to civilian contract support (NA=Not available; NE=Not Estimated; TBD=To Be Determined; NX/PO=Ship's store and Post Office)

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