Tables and Figures


Executive Summary

Chapter I -- Introduction and Background

A. Reason for Review
B. History of U.S. Involvements in the Antarctic
C. Current Scope of the U.S. Antarctic Program
D. Antarctic Activities of Other Federal Agencies
E. NSF Contributions to Arctic Research

Chapter II -- United States Antarctic Policy

A. United States Interests
B. The Antarctic Treaty
C. United States Presence

Chapter III -- Antarctica: A Unique Laboratory for Science

A. United States Investments in Scientific Research in Antarctica
1. Understanding the Earth and Its Large-Scale Systems
2. Antarctica as a Unique Natural Laboratory
3. Exploration of the Geographical Frontier
B. U.S. Antarctic Stations
1. McMurdo Station
2. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
3. Palmer Station
4. Research Vessels
5. Summary Analysis of the Stations and Ships

Chapter IV -- Costs, Future Savings, and Additional Options

A. USAP Science Support/Operations Costs
Summary of the Major USAP Cost Centers
B. Projected Savings in Program Operations
B1. Transition of Functions: Navy Base Support to Civilian Contract
B2. Single Point Management of the Fleet of LC-130's
B3. Additional Efficiencies
B4. Summary of Cost Saving in Operations
C. Options for Large-Scale Cost Savings
C1. Operations
C2. International Cooperation

Chapter V -- Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Renovation

A. Establishment and Early Facilities
B. Status Today
C. Redevelopment Plans for Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
C1. First Options
C2. NSF's Choice
D. International Cost Sharing
E. Critical Safety and Environmental Projects
E1. The Maintenance Facility
E2. Power
E3. Fuel Storage Facilities

Chapter VI -- Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix I -- The Antarctic Treaty and the Antarctic Treaty System

Appendix II -- Subject: Funding of the United States Antarctic Program, Including South Pole Station

Appendix III -- Institutions Receiving Awards from the U.S. Antarctic Program

Appendix IV -- President's Memorandum Regarding Antarctica

Appendix V -- Statement on the U.S. Antarctic Program Adopted by the National Science Board at Its 331st Meeting, August 18, 1995