Employee Training and Development Programs

We, at NSF, are strongly committed to the training and development of our staff members at all levels and have implemented a number of services and programs to promote individual excellence as well as organizational productivity. Training in NSF comes in various forms.

NSF's Upward Mobility Program provides a variety of avenues for career enhancement. In addition to the education and training program opportunities listed below, as an NSF employee, you will have opportunities to compete for entry-level positions in administrative or professional fields for which you qualify. Some entry-level positions may allow you to substitute comparable knowledge and skills to qualify. NSF's ACE Intern Program will afford you an opportunity to compete for advertised trainee positions which will provide developmental education and experience for specific targeted positions. Additionally, you may have an opportunity to take advantage of developmental details and job swap opportunities, as well as participate in our career counseling and mentoring services. Assistance will be provided in helping you to develop your Individual Development Plan for career progression.

On-the-job training is associated with every job. It allows you to become adept at performing the duties, responsibilities and operational processes of your job, and exposes you to the goals and objectives of NSF programs.

NSF's Support Staff Development Program provides an opportunity for comprehensive, systematic training and development of support staff employees. Participation in the program may be initiated by you or your supervisor and can be frequent or occasional, depending on your needs and the needs and resources of the organization.

NSF's After Hours Program provides tuition assistance to competitively selected NSF employees, at grade GS-9 or below, for the purpose of developing additional skills and advancing their careers. Selected participants attend government and/or non-government training during non-duty hours.

Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive, integrated, yet individualized program based on identified competencies which provides a broad spectrum of leadership training and developmental opportunities to current and potential supervisors, managers and executives of NSF.

Information Systems Curriculum. Personal computers at NSF aid in communications inside and outside the Foundation; in tracking, managing and analyzing complex missionprograms; and in gaining access to information resources. Free training is available to help you assimilate new tools and make effective use of computers. Various options are offered to suit different learning styles: full day hands-on courses, short half-day courses, briefings and demos, one-on-one tutorials, videos, books and manuals, and computer-aided self instruction.

International Training in Communication (ITC) is a world-wide educational organization that provides training, emphasizing improved communication skills, leadership, efficient organization, and the achievement of self-development through practice and participation. The Foundation ITC Club meets monthly and membership is open to everyone.

CareerFocus Sessions, which are generally offered bi-monthly, are open to all support staff and other interested NSF employees. Participants are exposed to a broad range of topics. Participants will have the opportunity to meet their peers, exchange ideas, have questions answered byknowledgeable instructors and NSF staff, and select the topics of upcoming programs.

Lunch Time Movie Matinees are an enjoyable and integral part of NSF's culture. Showings are monthly. Topics include personal skills development, quality improvement, science and NSF-made videos.

Learning Resources Center provides a variety of books, cassette tapes, workbooks and videotapes for you to check out or use in the Center. Topics include: career development, leadership and management, quality improvement, personal skills development, family, health and retirement issues, and many more. Catalogs, brochures and announcements of training activities are also available.


The National Science Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to employing a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our nation.

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