This 1998-99 directory informs faculty of opportunities available for their professional development through projects supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education. Listed are regional and national workshops, short courses, conferences, and learning activities of novel design for faculty members in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology.

Opportunities listed in this Directory will enable faculty members to

The listings are organized by major discipline. Program dates and application deadlines vary, and some projects may have special selection criteria not included in the Directory. For such information and application forms, interested persons are urged to contact the individual identified in the project listing, not NSF. NSF staff will not have easy access to this information. In some cases, vacancies develop or lists of alternates are maintained, so it may prove worthwhile to apply even after a stated deadline.

The information presented in this Directory is based upon that supplied by the project directors. We hope errors have been kept to a minimum, and we apologize to all for any inadvertent errors or omissions.


To assist you in spreading the word to your colleagues about Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement workshops, we have included on the following page a poster that we invite you to copy and put on bulletin boards or in mailboxes. There is a blank space on the poster where you may note the number of the room in which a reference copy of this Directory is available. You are welcome to copy any part of this Directory for dissemination.


A number of the workshops listed in this Directory will be offered again in the Summer of 1999 or the Academic Year 1999-2000, and a few are expected to run in the Summer of 2000 or the Academic Year 2000-2001.

However, the Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement program will no longer operate under the guidelines that have existed in the past. Rather, the integration of faculty professional development is encouraged within projects funded in all programs of the Division of Undergraduate Education. In addition, organizations with the ability to provide multidisciplinary professional development for faculty nationwide are invited to submit proposals to the realized Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement program.

The current Undergraduate Education Program Announcement and Guidelines, NSF 98-45, may be obtained by writing the Division of Undergraduate Education, Room 835, NSF, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22230, calling 703-306-1666, or sending an e-mail request to The Program Announcement and information about other activities in undergraduate education may be obtained by visiting the Division of Undergraduate Education web site at