Report on the FY '97 Activities of the POWRE Program

(Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education)

The POWRE announcement was developed in the spring, 1997 to inaugurate a program that would merge the previous targeted womenís programs into one overall program. The programs incorporated into POWRE included the Career Advancement Award (CAA), Research Planning Grant (RPG), Faculty Award for Women (FAW), and Visiting Professorship for Women (VPW) programs. The resources available from the Fiscal Year 1997 (FY97) budget as originally allocated for the VPW and FAW programs totaled nearly $6 million. Additional funds were made available by the Office of Research on Women's Health in the National Institutes of Health and by directorates and offices in NSF. The total funding available for the FY97 competition of the POWRE program was approximately $8 million.

The announcement was released as NSF 97-91. Management of the competition is coordinated through an internal NSF working group with NSF-wide directorate and office representation, referred to as the PCC (POWRE Coordinating Committee). To effectively distribute the announcement, the PCC made extensive use of web connections and list server maintained by science and engineering research, education, and industry organizations.

In addition to planning for management, directorate and office coordinating groups also have prepared web sites that include clarifying information for women proposing in each disciplinary area, and also FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheets. These web sites are extremely effective in communicating with prospective PIís, and pages from these web sites are linked here:

Information on all awards is summarized in Table 1. A total of 635 proposals and supplement requests were received, including 511 proposals in three options: Research/Educational Enhancement (REE), Visiting Professor (VP), Visiting Researcher (VR) and 124 supplement requests. A total of 129 awards, either new grants or supplements to existing awards, were made. The overall success rate was 20 percent and, among the directorates and OPP, the success rates varied from 14 percent to 40 percent.

From the total 511 proposals for new grants received, 98 new grants were made. Of these, 76 or about 80 percent of the grants were made as REE awards, and 20 percent of the awards were for VP or VR. This proportion is considered to be a reflection of the short lead time between appearance of the announcement and the deadline for submittals. Future competitions may show an increase in the number of VP and VR proposals and awards.

Details about all new grants and supplements made in the FY97 POWRE competition including abstracts, can be found by typing "POWRE" in the NSF Award Data Search Box. Information about a specific award may be obtained by entering the appropriate award number in that same box. A tabular listing of the awards is included as Table 2.

In addition, excerpts from the abstracts - a selection of phrases that effectively articulate the vision for POWRE awards - are included below. Consideration of these statements may provide guidance of value for future proposers to the POWRE program.

Sample Abstract Excerpts from Selected POWRE FY97 Awards

  1. 9753205 "The POWRE award is critical to my re-entry into academia after a prolonged illness. POWRE's Visiting Researcher program will provide release time from teaching to allow me to re-establish my research program and allow me to be, once again, fully competitive for funding."
  2. 9752945 "This POWRE award permits [this investigator] to expand her research program by applying her computational skills to model a significant question in evolutionary biology. This work should increase her prominence in an interdisciplinary area of the biological sciences, an area in which women are significantly underrepresented."
  3. 9752970 "This project will be done in collaboration with [foreign PI and research institution]. This laboratory provides a particularly appropriate environment for the PI to learn the new biophysical approaches she plans to employ in these studies."
  4. 9753009 "The POWRE funding mechanism will provide the investigator, already a senior scientist and educator specialized in human vision, the opportunity to bring that knowledge to bear in the design and interpretation of neurobiologically relevant imaging experiments. It will also give her the opportunity to become proficient in fMRI techniques and to gain additional knowledge that she will subsequently apply in her research and teaching. The MGH-NMR is a superb training site for accomplishment of these goals. The results of this training will significantly increase the candidate's visibility in the neuroscience and human brain mapping community. Also, it will allow her to play a key role in the efforts of the Biomedical Engineering Department at her home institution to develop a strong neurosciences track in the graduate program in biomedical engineering."
  5. 9752962 "This project represents a return to active cell biological research for the Principal Investigator, after a major hiatus in her career. The support from a POWRE award will allow the Principal Investigator to develop the necessary preliminary results for a novel and promising avenue of research."
  6. 9753128 "The funding provided by the POWRE program opens up new avenues of research that will allow career enhancement and substantively further professional standing with the research community. Since the investigator is in a non-tenured research associate position, POWRE support may assist in her academic advancement as well. This project could provide the scientific community with a useful new tool and offers the researcher a chance to contribute in an area not ordinarily available through regular research grants."
  7. 9752947 "This POWRE award permits [the PI] to expand her research program by exploring new questions in a new model system. It will help establish her in a tenure-track position, in a discipline of field-oriented population biological research previously represented only by men at her institution."
  8. 9726424 "The proposed activities will be centered around the theme of her new line of robotics research recently funded by NSF, to which there is much related expertise at [the visiting institution] and a great possibility for fruitful collaboration. The results are expected to impact significantly the PI's research and to be mutually beneficial to both her home and host institutions."
  9. 9753137 "The POWRE grant will provide the necessary funds for career advancement for the investigator. She is a non-tenure track Assistant Professor, a position she has held for the past five years. The grant will allow her to concentrate on her own research and delineate a long-term research program. It will also allow her to pursue a new methodological approach to the study of language processing. In turn, the pursuit of a new experimental technique and subsequent publication of the results could aid the investigator in obtaining a tenure-track position."
  10. 9753130 "This young investigator already has a record of accomplishment and is positioned to make major advances in an important area of research. The investigator's previous research has focused on the experimental testing of economic theories. Funding from the POWRE award will allow her to extend that research focus to the experimental testing of operations theories. This extension will enable her to use her experimental skills in attacking a new and important problem in operations management. It also will likely have a large impact on the field, enhancing her career and leadership potential."
  11. 9753126 "The planned work will therefore significantly contribute to the improvement of the quality of empirical research in political science. This POWRE Visiting Professorship award will allow the investigator to expand her own methodological and teaching skills as well as afford her the opportunity to develop numerous substantive applications for her methodological innovations. This will give her an important research and educational experience that will contribute to her visibility in her field and her subsequent academic advancement."
  12. 9753125 "This POWRE research grant will allow the investigator to plan her research agenda, conduct pilot experiments, develop a new theoretical model, and analyze the results of pilot experiments. She currently holds a joint position at the University of South Carolina: half-time with a tenure track position in the department of economics and a half-time research position managing the South Carolina economic forecasting service for the College of Business Administration. Her duties for the research position take away from the time and attention she can pay to her academic research on the public goods provision problem. The support of the NSF will be invaluable in helping her to focus on her tenure track research objectives and thus will advance her academic career."
  13. 9753111 "The investigator is a traditional ethnographer who is moving, in mid-career, toward combining computer modeling approaches to represent culture with descriptive ethnography. This POWRE award affords her the opportunity to build significantly on her preliminary modeling work, bringing three years of exploratory work to fruition. Her ultimate goal is to develop the potential of simulation research in anthropology in order to enable more powerful analyses of social change, namely one that combines a commitment to the rich tradition of narrative ethnography with the precision and scope that computer analysis can offer. This is both a new career direction and new venue for anthropology."
  14. 9720593 "This Visiting Professorship will allow for significant professional growth. The PI will take advantage of [visited institution]ís national prominence in econometrics and game theory by spending the year retooling in advanced methodological skills. In addition to retooling, she will conduct research and consult with faculty to scientifically analyze democratic consolidation. This experience will enhance the analytic sophistication of her research and possibly lead to her promotion to Full Professor at [her home] University. The completion of her research on a topic with broader applicability than her work to date will also increase her visibility as a political scientist to the discipline nationally."
  15. 9753139 "This POWRE award will support a completely new line of research for the investigator involving different substantive questions in economic theory and different techniques. The investigator, who is one of the top female academic economists in the country, will learn new skills and methods which will enable her to move her research in a new direction. The topics proposed and the directions she intends to take are path-breaking in nature. Successful completion of this research will move her further along the path to academic leadership."
  16. 9753064 "While devoting again full energies to research after several years of academic administration, the PI proposes exploratory work in how to conduct research in theoretical computational geometry, to be valued by that community, while maintaining real collaborations with applied scientists and demonstrably impacting the applied field as well."
  17. 9753001 "The PI is returning to active research after a long absence and is currently in a non-tenure-track teaching position while doing research voluntarily off-campus. Her goal is to obtain a tenure-track position with research opportunities. This POWRE grant will allow her to establish an active research program on campus that will include students, provide opportunities to attend scientific meetings and network with other scientists, and show potential employers that such plant research can attract extramural funding."
  18. 9752970 "This project will be done in collaboration with [important researcher at a prestigious foreign institution]. [This foreign] laboratory provides a particularly appropriate environment for the PI to learn the new biophysical approaches she plans to employ in these studies."
  19. 9720493 "The PI will engage in a collaborative research endeavor at [her home institution and a host institution]. Funding provided will impact students at [her home institution], exposing undergraduates to the challenges of state-of-the-art engineering research endeavors. This funding is also expected to provide [the PI] with opportunity to forge a long-lasting research relationship with [the host institution], thereby allowing her to establish a significant integrated research and education program."

Table 1: POWRE FY97
Summary Information - All Awards
(including supplements and new grants)

Directorate or Office Total POWRE Proposal and Supplement Requests POWRE Proposals POWRE Supplement Requests Total New Grants or Supplements Total New FY97 Grants REE* VP* VR* Total New FY97 Supplements Overall (New Grant + Supplements) Success Rate
BIO 152 142 10 22 17 11 5 1 5 14%
CISE 61 50 11 13 10 6 4 0 3 21%
EHR 18 12 6 7 3 3 0 0 4 39%
ENG 107 90 17 23 19 18 1 0 4 21%
GEO 61 51 10 11 10 6 2 2 1 18%
MPS 159 100 59 28 18 16 2 0 10 18%
OPP 10 7 3 4 2 2 0 0 2 40%
SBE 67 59 8 21 19 14 5 0 2 31%
Totals 635 511 124 129 98 76 19 3 31 20%

* REE = Research/Educational Enhancement; VP = Visiting Professor; VR = Visiting Reseacher

Table 2: NSF POWRE Awards - FY '97

Proposal Award Type* PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate or NIH**
9630430 S Allen Karen N. Boston University Catalytic Mechanism of Acetoacetate Decarboxylase BIO
9419892 S Brainerd Elizabeth University of Massachusetts, Amherst Exhalation Mechanics and the Evolution of Aspiration Breathing in Tetrapods BIO
9720479 VP Carleton Karen L. University of New Hampshire The Role of Vision in Cichlid Mate Choice and Speciation: Integration of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Research and in the Classroom BIO
9753013 REE Colby Carol L. University of Pittsburgh Spatial Cognition in Primates BIO
9752945 REE Durand Marie D. Princeton University Evolution and Persistence of the t-haplotype in Finite Populations BIO
9753282 REE Ellis Lynda University of Minnesota Economic Models for Support of the Biological Database Infrastructure BIO
9752947 REE Galloway Laura F. University of Virginia The Contribution of Parental Effects to Life History Evolution in Campanula Americana BIO
9753027 REE Gleason Evanna L. Louisiana State University Role of Calcium Binding Proteins in Synaptic Transmission Between Retinal Amacrine Cells BIO, NIH
9506805 S Hedstrom Lizbeth K. Brandeis University Structure of a Serpin - Protease Complex BIO
9752961 VP Koslowsky Donna Michigan State University gRNA/mRNA Interactions During Editing in Trypanosoma brucei BIO
9753044 REE Mann Janet Georgetown University Communication During Separations in Wild Bottlenose Dolphin Mothers and Infants BIO
9752974 VP Merchant Sabeeha University of Houston Molecular Genetic Approaches to Study Organellar Membrane Proteins BIO
9632302 S Mopper Susan University of Southwest Louisiana International Workshops on Population and Evolutionary Biology: I. Local Adaptation in Parasite-Host Associations BIO
9753015 REE Murphy Anne Z. U. Maryland, Baltimore Role of MPO-Brainstem Connections in Male Reproductive Behavior BIO, NIH
9752962 REE Robinson Jane S. University of Arizona Mechanisms of Organelle Autophagy in the yeast S. cerevisiae BIO
9753001 REE Shea Elaine M. Loyola (MD) Metabolism of the Plant Hormone Indole-3-acetic Acid During Somatic Embryogenesis BIO
9753283 REE Shoop Elizabeth G. University of Minnesota Combining Data Mining and Information Visualization Techniques With a Molecular Biology Sequence Similarity Database System BIO
9753021 VP Swann Jennifer Lehigh University Pheromonal Stimulation of Multiunit Activity in the MPN Mag BIO
9743990 S Vaccarino Flora M. Yale University Blockade of Fibroblast Growth-Factor Signaling by Transgenic Dominant Negative Mutant Receptors BIO, NIH
9752978 REE Vierling Elizabeth University of Arizona A Genetic Approach to Structure and Function Analysis of a New Class of Molecular Chaperones BIO
9726943 VR White Susan A. Bryn Mawr College Dissecting an RNA-Protein Interaction VISITING RESEARCHER BIO
9753006 VP Wolfner Mariana F. Cornell University Genetic and in vitro Investigations of Drosophila Reproductive Proteins BIO
9601602 S Bernhard Jennifer T. University of New Hampshire Wireless Evaluation Environments and Effective Teaching CISE
9720545 VP Ellis Carla S. Duke University Systems Research in Adaptation CISE
9720508 REE Franklin Judy A. Mount Holyoke College Positive Human/Machine Interaction Through Music CISE
9303152 (9743920) S Hix Deborah Virginia Polytechnic Institute Interactive Accessibility: Breaking Barriers to the Power of Computing CISE
9753065 VP Hughes Ester A. North Carolina A&T Real-Time Reconfigurable Network Interfaces CISE
9753055 REE Landau Susan University of Massachusetts, Amherst Certification of Security Protocols CISE
9401021 (9743731) S Roddis W. M. University of Kansas Design Lab CISE
9720470 REE Scarlatos Lori L. CUNY, Brooklyn College Smart Object Interfaces for Collaborative Learning Environments CISE
9720579 REE Seiter Linda M. Santa Clara University Managing Dynamic Evolution in Object-Oriented Systems CISE
9753064 REE Souvaine Diane L. Rutgers University Geometric Computation and Applications CISE
9753277 REE Spink Amanda H. University of North Texas Interaction in Information Retrieval: Sucessive Searching by Usage Over Time CISE
9753054 VP Wacholder Nina Columbia University Computationally Tractable Methods for Document Analysis CISE
9726424 VP Xiao Jing University of North Carolina, Charlotte Visiting Associate Professor at Stanford University CISE
9743570 S Cordes Penelope University of Alaska, Fairbanks Yup'ik Conception of Wellness EHR
9752989 REE Goodson-Espy Tracy University of North Alabama Project Pathway EHR
9751274 S Haller Susan University of Wisconsin, Madison Computer Science Laboratory EHR
9752990 REE Ondracek Rochelle University of Nebraska, Lincoln Introducing Interactive Case Studies in the Advanced Materials Science Laboratory EHR
9752985 REE Parrill Abby Michigan State University Interactive Technologies for Chemistry Websites: Educational Materials for Organic Chemistry (EMOC) EHR
9743560 S Schofield Janet School District of Pittsburgh Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh, Creating an Urban Research Laboratory EHR
9743679 S Van Zoest Laura Western Michigan University Renewing Mathematics Teaching Through Curriculum (RMTC) EHR
9753072 REE Axe Lisa New Jersey Institute of Technology Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Understand and Model Contaminant Distribution ENG
9720537 REE Balbuena Perla B. University of Southern California Molecular Modeling of Electrochemical Systems ENG
9720523 REE Beck Carolyn L. University of Pittsburgh Multivariable Modeling and Control Methods for Intravenous Anesthetic Pharmacodynamics ENG
9753096 REE Broadbridge Christine C. Trinity College Microstructural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Thin Film Silica Aerogels as a Function of Processing Method ENG
9625691 S Chung Deborah SUNY Buffalo Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete as an Intrinsically Smart Concrete for Damage and Strain Sensing During Dynamic Loading ENG
9753082 REE Coger Robin N. University of North Carolina Modeling and Engineered Liver Tissue System: Phase I ENG, NIH
9753086 REE Figueroa Linda Colorado School of Mines Use of Fluorescent Oligonucleotide Probes & Other Advanced Techniques to Characterize Population Distribution of Notrifying Bacteria in a Full-Scale Nitrifying Trickling Filter ENG
9753091 REE Hastings Mardi C. Ohio State University Experimental Investigation of a Biological Ultrasonic Sensory System ENG
9753074 REE Hering Janet G. Cal Tech Water Supply in Groundwater Systems: Facing Constraints of Regulations, Risk and Reality ENG
9753075 REE Jasiuk Iwona M. Georgia Institute of Technology Multiscale Mechanics of Bone ENG
9596099 S Jones Patricia M. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Collaborative Work in Civil Infrastructure Systems ENG
9453422 S Liu Yilu Virginia Polytechnic Institute Virtual Museum Development (based on PYI Award) ENG
9720541 REE Montz Burrell SUNY at Binghamton The Hazardousness of Place: Modeling Risk and Vulnerability (50% ENG, 50% SBE) ENG
9720623 REE Mullen Ruth Ann University of Washington Optically Reconfigurable Antenna Synapses ENG
9720606 REE Murphy Regina M. University of Wisconsin, Madison Novel Spectroscopic Methods for Assessing Peptide Linkage Interactions ENG
9753234 VP Murray Jean P. Colorado School of Mines (Portland State) POWRE: Solar-Thermal Processing for ENG
9753099 REE Parvin Azadeh University of Toledo Enhancement of Beam-Column Connections Through the Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastic ENG
9720493 REE Robertson Janet K. Lafayette College A Micro Gas Separation Column ENG
9720570 REE Robinson Anne S. University of Delaware Molecular Determinants and Inhibition of Protein Aggregation ENG, NIH
9358108 S Rohde Suzanne University of Nebraska Supplement to an NSF Young Investigator Award ENG
9753160 REE Shireen Wajiha Univ. Houston Development of a MCT Based Solid State DC Switch and Circuit Breaker ENG
9753164 REE van der Meulen Marjolein Cornell University Modeling Trabecular Bone Adaption to Mechanical Engineering ENG
9753157 REE Walker Lynn M. Carnegie Mellon University Rheology and Microstructure of Dilute Surfactant Systems in Complex Flows ENG
9753287 REE Zhou Qian Purdue University Group Modeling of Droplet Dispersion and Evaporation in Turbulent Sprays ENG
9753093 REE Barros Ana Pennsylvania State University Laboratory Experiments of Wind-Raindrop Interactions GEO
9753175 VR Blank Jennifer University of California at Berkeley An Experimental Investigation of Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Compounds under Hydrothermal Conditions GEO
9630285 S Crossey Laura University of New Mexico Biogeochemical Cycling of Redox-sensitive Metals During Surface-Subsurface Water Exchange (supplement) GEO
9720622 REE Kieffaber Lois Whitworth College High-Resolution Studies of Gravity Waves and Airglow Continuum GEO
9753186 REE Larson Kristine University of Colorado, Boulder Real Time Monitoring at Kilauea Using GPS GEO
9720574 REE Logar Antonette M. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Integration of Artificial Intelligence Techniques into a Global Cloud Mask Generation System GEO
9753190 VP Miller Meghan Central Washington University Visiting Professor at MIT: Geologic and Geodetic Constraint on Continental Deformation and Mountain Building GEO
9753205 VR Perry Mary Jane University of Washington Forward and Inverse Analysis of Hydrologic Optics to Measure Aspects of Marine Phytoplankton GEO
9753174 VP Rankin Kelly Stevens Institution of Oceanography Development of Instrumentation for In-Situ Measurement of Bottom Shear Stress over Moveable Beds at LEO-15 GEO
9753187 REE Schweitzer Mary Higby Montana State University Application of Immunological Methods to the Study of Ancient Tissues GEO
9753170 REE Yager Patricia Florida State University An Arctic Ocean Time Series of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon GEO
9753258 REE Alamo Rufina Florida A&M University Solid State NMR Applied to Polymer Characterization MPS
9720491 REE Amato-Wierda Carmela University of New Hampshire The Missing Link: Gas-Phase Chemistry of Plasma CVD MPS
9753229 VP Barsony Mary University of California, Riverside Visiting Professorship at Harvey Mudd MPS
9313642 (9743821) S Brewer Karen Virginia Polytechnic Institute Mixed-Metal Supermolecular Complexes as a New class of Multifunctional DNA Binding Agents MPS, NIH
9753216 VP Chen Min Pennsylvania State University Study of Model Equations for Water Waves MPS
9753215 REE Dingus Brenda University of Utah TeV Astrophysics With Milagro MPS
9622589 (9743819) S Dunbar Kim Michigan State University Ordered Arrays of Metals With Polynitrile or Cyanide Ligands MPS
9720558 REE Feng Zhilan Purdue University Mathematical Models for Host-Parasite Systems MPS
9502213 S Francesconi Lynn Hunter College Technetium Complexes of Metal Oxides MPS
9753220 REE Gornet Ruth E. Texas Tech University Spectral Geometry of Nilmanifolds and Keinian Groups MPS
9720485 REE Haegel Nancy Fairfield University Imaging Near-Contact Transport in High Resistivity Semiconductors MPS
9320633 S Hunt Katharine Michigan State University Nonlocal Electromagnetic Response: Theory and Applications MPS
9520619 S Ladanyi Branka Colorado State University Solvation Dynamics in Reverse Micelles MPS
9753211 REE Letzter Gail Virginia Polytechnic Institute New Constructions for Quantized and Classical Enveloping Algebras MPS
9457700 S Levinger Nancy Colorado State University Solvation and Chemical Dynamics at Immiscible Liquid Interfaces MPS
9753262 REE Lewis Nita University of Miami Molecular Wires With Controlled Lengths and Shapes MPS
9753270 REE McClure Cynthia Montana State University Synthesis of Alkaloids via a Photochemical Methodology MPS, NIH
9623569 (9743551) S McCormack Elizabeth Bryn Mawr College Excited-State Molecular Physics Probed by Laser-Induced Grating Spectroscopy MPS
9720482 REE McKay Susan University of Maine Driven Nonequilibrium systems With Quenched Disorder: A Renormalization Group Study MPS
9624138 S Meyer Tara University of Pittsburgh Magnetism in Polyaniline Isomers MPS
9624995 S Mohney S. Pennsylvania State University Native Oxides on the III-V Nitrides and Chemical Cleaning of the Semiconductor Surfaces MPS
9753219 REE Murnane P. University of Michigan Ultrafast Dynamics Probed by X-Rays MPS
9722672 S Neuhauser Barbara San Francisco State University High Sensitivity Detectors for Particle Physics and Astrophysics MPS
9720490 REE Nolan Deborah University of California, Berkeley Statistics: Research, Education, and Application MPS
9753254 REE O'Brien Leah Southern Illinois University Research Enhancement at the University of British Columbia MPS
9720607 REE Oliviera P. Texas A&M University New Numerical Algorithms for Particle Transport and Integral Equations MPS
9753227 REE Parks Mary Elizabeth Colgate University Enhancement of a Time-Domain THz Spectrometer for Studying Condensed Matter Systems MPS
9753271 REE Pence Laura University of Hartford Systematic Preparation of High space Nuclearity Metal - Carboxylate Clusters MPS
9752998 REE Ledley Tamara S. TERC, Inc. A Study of the Influence of El Nino (Southern Oscillation (ENSO)) on the Polar Ocean Regions: A Student and Scientist Partnership OPP
9423730 S Brigham-Grette Julie University of Massachusetts, Amherst Pleistocene Glacial Ice Cover and Interglacial Paleoclimatic History in the NE Russian Arctic - Comparisons With Alaska OPP
9753000 REE Askin Rosemary A. Ohio State University Palynological Survey of Sirius Group and Related Neogene Sediments, Transantarctic Mountains OPP
9530746 S Dickson Mary-Lynn University of Rhode Island Oxygen Dynamics During the JGOFS Southern Ocean Process Study OPP
9753139 REE Allen Beth University of Minnesota Topics in Economic Theory: The Timing of Transactions and Firm Formation SBE
9753110 REE Benson Janette University of Denver POWRE: Spatial Development in 1-To-3-Year-Old Children SBE
9720473 REE Boland Julie Ohio State University The Measurement of Eye Movements During Sentence Comprehension SBE
9720593 VP Casper Gretchen Texas A&M University Application of Econometrics and Game Theory to the Study of Democratic Consolidation SBE
9753130 REE Croson Rachel University of Pennsylvania POWRE: Dynamic Behavior in Supply Chains: Experimental Investigations SBE
9753119 VP DeBoef Suzanna Harvard University POWRE: Near Integration: The Implications for Macro Political Theory SBE
9720432 REE Finkelstein Marcia University of South Florida Attitude-Behavior Relationships in Dyads: Condom Use SBE, NIH
9753138 REE Gardner Wendi Northwestern University Parsing Attitudinal Responses and Change SBE
9423291 S Hermon Gabriella University of Delaware Supplement: The Acquisition of Reflexives and WH Questions SBE
9753136 REE Jones Caren University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: Associative Recognition: Recall-to-Reject or Recall-to-Accept SBE
9753128 REE Kirner Donna University of California, Riverside Microgram to Nanogram: A Study to Reduce the Sample Size of Graphitic Carbon Targets for AMS Radiocarbon Dating SBE
9753125 REE Laury Susan University of South Carolina POWRE: Individual Motives for Giving SBE
9720475 VP Litfin Karen University of Washington Global Gaze: Earth Observing Satellites and the Changing International Knowledge Structure SBE
9720541 REE Montz Burrell SUNY at Binghamton The Hazardousness of Place: Modeling Risk and Vulnerability (50% ENG, 50% SBE) SBE
9753145 VP Popielarz Pamela Northwestern University Visiting Porfessorship: Structural Constraints on Demographic Heterogeneity in Personal Networks SBE
9753142 REE Puri Manju Stanford University POWRE: Anti-Manipulation Regulations, Bank Powers and the Use of Internet in Public Security Offerings SBE
9753137 REE Sereno Joan Cornell University POWRE: Behavioral Investigations of Nouns and Verbs SBE
9753111 REE Small Cathy Northern Arizona University POWRE: A Computer-Assisted Approach to Ethnohistorical Analysis in Polynesia SBE
9507469 S Tate Katherine University of California, Irvine Supplement: The 1996 National Black Election Survey SBE
9753009 REE Vaina Lucia Boston University POWRE: Combined fMRI and Psychophysics to Study Functional Plasticity in the Human System SBE
9753126 VP Zeng Langche George Washington University POWRE: Nonlinear Modeling for Political Data Analysis SBE

* REE = Research/Education Enhancement S = Supplement VP = Visiting Professor VR = Visiting Researcher

** NIH = Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health

The Foundation provides awards for research and education in the sciences and engineering. The awardee is wholly responsible for the conduct of such research and preparation of the results for publication. The Foundation, therefore, does not assume responsibility for the research findings or their interpretation.

The Foundation welcomes proposals from all qualified scientists and engineers and strongly encourages women, minorities, and persons with disabilities to compete fully in any of the research and education related programs described here. In accordance with federal statutes, regulations, and NSF policies, no person on grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin, or disability shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the National Science Foundation.

Facilitation Awards for Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities (FASED) provide funding for special assistance or equipment to enable persons with disabilities (investigators and other staff, including student research assistants) to work on NSF projects. See the program announcement or contact the program coordinator at (703) 306-1636.

The National Science Foundation has TDD (Telephonic Device for the Deaf) capability, which enables individuals with hearing impairment to communicate with the Foundation about NSF programs, employment, or general information. To access NSF TDD dial (703) 306-0090; for FIRS, 1-800-877-8339.