Report on the Evaluation of NSF's EPSCoR Program
Preface | Executive Summary | Table of Contents
Part A: EPSCoR Program and Its Evaluation | Part B: Evaluation Findings | Part C: Policy and Program Implications



Executive Summary

A. The EPSCoR Program and Its Evaluation

1. What Is the EPSCoR Program?
2. What Is the EPSCoR Evaluation?
3. What Were the Evaluationís Main Conclusions? (A Preview)

B. Evaluation Findings

4. What Was EPSCoRís Funding Practice?
5. Was EPSCoR Associated with Changes in Academic R&D Funding?
6. To What Extent Did EPSCoR Influence University-Government-Industry Relationships, University Research Infrastructures, and Research Competitiveness?

C. Policy and Program Implications

7. What Are the Evaluationís Implications for EPSCoR Policy and Program Operations?


1. Hypothesized Program Events in EPSCoR States
2. Percent Share of Academic R&D Expenditures, by Sector
3. Shares of Federal Obligations for Academic Research, by Agency
4. EPSCoR Statesí Share of Federal Academic R&D Expenditures
5. EPSCoR Statesí Share of NSF Obligations
6. Percentage Changes in Federal Academic R&D, by Individual EPSCoR States, 1980-1984
7. Scientific Publications, by Cluster
8. Distribution of New Award Dollars, by Cluster