Topic 1-Physics
1. Distributed Neutron Generator
First Point Scientific, Inc.
2. Optical Pattern Recognition and Phase-Encoded Biometrics Data
Technology International Incorporated of Virginia
3. Tunable Tailored Filters for High-Sensitivity Chemical Detection
Physical Optics Corp.
4. Compact, Stable EUV Light Source with Lisitano Coil Excitation
Spire Corp.
5. All-Digital Time-to-Digital Converter Integrated with Visible Light Photon Detectors

Topic 2-Chemistry
6. Chemical Sensors Based on Dendritic Polymers for Detection of Environmental Pollutants
Dendritech, Inc.
7. Mutable Molecular Surface
Michael L. Connolly
8. Horizontally Polymerized Chromatographic Stationary Phases
Separation Methods Technologies, Inc.
9. Electrochemical Synthesis of Propylene Oxide Under Reductive Conditions
Eltron Research, Inc.
10. CVD of Copper Alloys From Bimetallic, Single Source Precursors
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.
11. High Efficiency Polymer Phases for Planar Chromatography
Fenris Technology Research, Inc.
12. Low Cost Routes to Processable, Inorganic Polymers from SiO2 and A10(OH)
Tal Materials, Inc.
13. Selective Electrochemical Fluorinations
Electrosynthesis Co., Inc.
14. Ozone Sensor for Environmental Monitoring
Giner, Inc.
15. Binding Protein Patterns on Plastic Surfaces
SurModics, Inc.
16. Software for Fast and Accurate Calculations on Transition-Metal Systems
Schrodinger, Inc.

Topic 3-Materials Research Resources
17. Real-Time Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Thin Film Process Control
Containerless Research, Inc.
18. An Investigation of a Rheotaxial Growth of Diamond
F.S. Lab
19. Nanophase-Separating Thermoplastics for Stabilized Liquid Crystal Displays
Displaytech, Inc.
20. Real-Time Wiener Filter Image Processing
Benassi Enterprises, Inc.
21. Advanced, Polycrystalline t’-Zirconia Ceramics for High Temperature Applications
Materials and Systems Research
22. Novel Passive Material to Achieve Vibration Isolation
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
23. Moisture-Resistant Composite Finishes
Adherent Technologies, Inc.
24. Preparation of Ultrapure Aluminum Nitride from a Preceramic Lewis Acid- Base Adduct Synthesized in an Ambient Temperature Chloroaluminate Molten Salt
Eltron Research, Inc.
25. Liquid Crystalline Thermoset (LCT) Adhesives for High Temperature Applications
Adherent Technologies, Inc.
26. A Novel Method to Produce Ta Filaments for Use in Electrolytic Capacitors
Supercon, Inc.
27. Stable Fluorescers for Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Envirochem, Inc.
28. Novel Nanomagnetic Materials
NanoSystems, Inc.
29. High Percolation Rate of Nano-structured MnO2 Materials
Inframat Corp.
30. Development of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors through Microfabrication by Coextrusion Melt Spinning
Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc.
31. Novel Material for GMRAM
Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc.
32. Thermal Atomic Nitrogen/Hydrogen Source for MBE Applications
PVD Products, Inc.
33. Evaluation of Ternary Carbide Compounds that Exhibit Unique Characteristics
Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc.
34. High Surface Area, High-Capacitance EDLC Electrodes
35. High Microwave and Optical Reflectance Coatings
Millimeter Wave Technology, Inc.
36. Scanning Wire Magnetometer for Nondestructive Evaluation of HTS Wire
Quantum Magnetics, Inc.
37. Improved Microwave Absorbing Insulator-Conductor Composites with Tailored Frequency Response
Physical Sciences, Inc.
38. Surface-Modified, Ultra-High-Strength Polyethylene Fibers and Their Composites
Poly-Med, Inc.
39. A Force Transducer for Normal Force Measurements in Shear Characterization of Polymeric Materials
Cambridge Polymer Group
40. Novel Functionalized Polymer-Trivalent Lanthanide Metal Ion Complexes for Advanced Electroluminescent Devices
Molecular Technologies Inc.
41. Nano-Engineered Materials for High Frequency Switching Power Supplies
Nanomaterials Research Corp.
42. Net Shape Fabrication Technology for Fiber Reinforced Composites Densified by Pressureless Sintering
Ceramic Composites, Inc.
43. Low-Cost Manufacture of Refractive Index Gradient (GRIN) Lens
Chemat Technology, Inc.
44. Graphite to Diamond Transformation by Gas Cluster Ion Beam Transient Processing
Epion Corp.
45. Composite Lead Material for Power Electronic Devices
Technical Research Associates, Inc.
46. Instrumentation for Controlled Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructures: Assembly of 2-D Membrane Protein Crystals
Ultrathin Film Technology Ltd.
47. Development of Calcium Phosphate Microcarriers as Suspendable, Mitogenic Substrates for Mammalian Cell-Culture Applications
CaP Biotechnology, Inc.
48. Thermophotovoltaic Devices Based on II3V2 Compounds
APTX, Inc.

Topic 4-Mathematical Sciences
49. Discrete Mathematics Software Solution to Surface and Volume Reconstruction and Simplification
Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.
50. An Automated Adaptive Cartesian/Prism Grid Flow Simulation Methodology for Arbitrary Moving-Boundary Problems
CFD Research Corp.
51. Statistical Analysis and Software for Long Memory Processes
MathSoft, Inc., Data Analysis Products Div.
52. An Efficient Data Structure for R-set Solids
Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.
53. Development of an Accurate and Efficient Radiative Transfer Model in a Body-fitted Coordinate System
Engineering Sciences, Inc.
54. An Accurate and Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm for Fast Volumetric X-Ray CT Scanner
ImagingTech, Inc.

Topic 6-Atmospheric Sciences
55. Tandem Ebert-Fastie Double Monochromator and Calibration Transfer Spectroradiometer for UV Surface Radiation Monitoring
Research Support Instruments, Inc.
56. Modular Approach to Scientific Radar Design
Geospace Research, Inc.
57. Novel, Low-Cost Atmospheric Humidity Sensor
PMD Scientific, Inc.
58. Portable NO2 Monitor Based on Photoacoustic Detection
Polestar Technologies, Inc.

Topic 7-Earth Sciences Resources
59. Sensitive Semiconductor Optical Detector for Bore Hole Logging
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
60. High-Intensity Microfocus X-Ray Fluorescence Using Monolithic Capillary Optics
X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.
61. Total Organic Carbon Analysis for On-Site Monitoring
Eltron Research, Inc.
62. A Fiber-Optic Analyzer Selective for Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Cepra, Inc.
63. Novel Method for Detecting Single Copy Genes
One Cell System, Inc.

Topic 8-Oceanographic Measurement, Sampling, and Reporting Systems
64. Artificial Intelligence-Based Acoustic Emission Monitoring for Bit Wear During Deep Drilling
AAC International
65. FishMASS: Fish Monitoring Acoustic Sensing System
RD Instruments
66. A Novel, Automated High Temperature Combustion Organic Carbon Analyzer
MQ Scientific
67. Advanced Coring System with Real-Time Monitoring
Maurer Engineering, Inc.
68. Genetic Improvement of Penaeus Monodon
Aquatic Farms

Topic 9-Polar Science
69. Fine Particles as a Means of Extinguishing Fires
Energy & Environmental Research Corporation

Topic 11-Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
70. Novel Chemical Synthesis of RNA Oligonucleotides
Dharmacon Research Inc.
71. Investigation of Novel Genetic Resource for Rootworm Resistance in Corn
Sun Dance Genetics
72. Custom DNA-Based Diagnostics
P.E. AG Gen

Topic 12-Environmental Biology Resources
73. Biodegradation of the Gasoline Oxygenate Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE)
Envirogen, Inc.
74. Phytoremediation of Surface and Ground Waters Using Sequential Rhizosphere Thin Film and Periphyton Filters
Azurea, Inc.
75. Regulation of Moisture and Thermal Microenvironments to Improve Mycoherbicides
Triangle Research and Development Corp.

Topic 13-Biological Instrumentation and Resources
76. Use of Carbon Disulfide to Generate Peptide Sequencing Ladders for Analysis by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/ Ionization Time-of-Flight MS
77. Computerized Algal Identification System (CAIS)
PhycoTech, Inc.
78. A Novel Flat Panel Detector for X-ray Diffraction
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc.
79. CdZnTe Thin-Film Detector on TFT-Arrays: A New Digital Detector Technology for Macromolecular Crystallography
Spire Corp.

Topic 14-Decision Analysis, Risk Analysis,and Management Science Resources
80. Design of a Spatial Decision Support System for the School District Planning Problem
ISERA Group, Inc
81. Ground Truthing Approach to Risk Assessment and Communication under Uncertainty
DecisionFX, Inc.
82. A Geographic Information System (GIS) Based Community Transit Information System (CTIS)
GIS/Trans, Ltd.
83. Coherence-Based Commercialization Strategy Decision Aid
Foresight Science & Technology, Inc.
84. Decision Support for Managing Performance Risk (DSMPR)
Modus Operandi, Inc.
85. Finding Value in Patent Portfolios Using Co-citation Analysis
Mogee Research & Analysis Associates

Topic 15-Advanced Scientific Computing
86. An Improved Method for High-Speed Solutions of Stiff Problems in Real Time
EAI Simulation Associates, Inc.
87. Algebraic Multigrid (AMG) Software
Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.
88. Advanced Scientific Parallel Debugger

Topic 16-Computers and Computation Research Resources
89. Intranet V&V Tool
Architecture Technology Corp.
90. Algorithms and Software for Multiresolution Analysis of Triangular Meshes
Manifold Graphics, Inc.
91. Genetic Algorithms for Software Test Data Generation
Reliable Software Technologies Corp.
92. An Approach to Measuring and Assessing Dependability for Critical Software
SoHar, Inc.

Topic 17-Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure
93. High Coding Gain, High Rate Turbo Product Codes (TPCs)
Efficient Channel Coding, Inc.
94. Fast Flow Control in High Speed Communications Networks
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
95. Digital I/Q Converter for Wide-Band Digital Beamforming
96. Terabit/sec, Ultra-Broadband Free-Space Optical Interconnect
97. Energy/Delay Efficient Protocols for Wireless Access
Boston Communications Networks

Topic 18-Microelectronic Information Processing System (MIPS)
98. An Ultra-Fast Signal Integrity Analyzer for Multi-Layer Electronic Packages and Boards
99. A Two-Part Nonvolatile RAM
100. Improved Wavetable and FM Sound Synthesis
Clear Signal Research
101. A CMOS-Based MEMS Fabrication Service
Tanner Research, Inc.
102. Boundary Scan and BIST Insertion into VHDL Designs with COTS Components
Alternative System Concepts, Inc.

Topic 19-Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Resources
103. Stereo-Based Pursuit and Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots
Metrica, Inc. TRAClabs
104. Handwriting-Based Interface for Mathematical Notation
Communication Intelligence Corp.
105. Precise Magnetic Tracking of Robotic/Virtual Reality Services
Quantum Magnetics, Inc.
106. Multi-Viewpoint Clustering Analysis for Validation of Knowledge-Based Systems
Pragati Synergetic Research, Inc.
107. Intelligent Agents Using Situation Assessment
Accurate Automation Corp.
108. AIDE: The Data Analyst’s Assistant
ACSIOM Labs, Inc.
109. Alternative Keyboard for Typists with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
McAlindon Enterprises, Inc.
110. Interactive Telerobotic Video on the World Wide Web
Perceptual Robotics, Inc.
111. Optoelectronic Label Verification System
Physical Optics Corp.
112. High Performance Three-Dimensional Mouse and Head Tracker
Dynaflow, Inc.

Topic 20-Engineering Systems-Power Systems Resources
113. Power Electronic Interface to Connect a Micro-SMES System to Inverters for the Power Quality Market
Superconductivity, Inc.
114. Automated Optimal Robot Trajectory Planner
Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc.
115. Ultra-Miniature Transformer and Inductor Design and Manufacture
BH Electronics, Inc.
116. High Efficiency Diamond Micro Cathode for Electron Field Emission
Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp.
117. Thin Film Circulators for Microwave/MMW Integrated Circuits
ElectroMagnetic Applications, Inc.
118. Recurrent Adaptive Critics for Nonlinear Systems Control
Accurate Automation Corp.
119. A Neural Network Approach for Active Noise Control in a Three-Dimensional Enclosure
NeuroDyne, Inc.
120. Novel Crystal Growth Process for AgGaS2
121. Single Crystals for High Temperature, High Power Electronics
Nanomaterials Research Corp.
122. Nanomagnetic Memory Device
NanoSystems, Inc.
123. Point Sensor for Remote Off-Gas Monitoring
PXL, Inc.
124. Multiport Wavelength Division Multiplexing Cross-Connect for All-Optic Networks
Aurora Associates
125. Enhanced Photorefractive Quantum Wells for Compensated Laser Ultrasonic Receivers Using Real-Time Holography
Lasson Technologies
126. Polymer Diode Arrays and Image Sensing Arrays: Large Area, Flexible Photon Sensors with High Photosensitivity
127. A Web-Based Automatic Database for an Electric Power System OASIS
The Web Foundry
128. Next-Generation Speed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal-VLSI Spatial Light Modulators
Displaytech, Inc.
129. Enhancement of the EPRI-Operator Training Simulator for the Restructured Electric Utility
Decision Systems International
130. High-Pressure MOCVD Growth of GaN and InGaN
Spire Corp.
131. Micro Relay Switches
Aura Systems, Inc.
132. New, Reconfigurable MEMS Based Grating for Optical Sensors
InterScience, Inc.
133. Microfabrication of Planar Accelerating Structures for High-Frequency Electron Linear Accelerators
DULY Research, Inc.
134. Electrostatic-Surge Protection Tape
Oryx Technology Corp.
135. Real-Time Spectrogram Inversion for Ultrashort Laser Pulse Measurement
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
136. Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
Clark-MXR, Inc.
137. In Situ, Fiber-Optic Magnetic Field Sensor Array for Real-Time Process Control in Physical-Vapor Deposition Cluster Modules
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems (IFOS)
138. Millimeter Wave Imaging System Using Evanescent Wave Coupling Antenna
WaveBand Corp.

Topic 21-Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation Resources
139. CVD-SiC-Coated Ceramic-Bearing Elements of High Damage and Wear Resistance
Materials and Systems Research, Inc.
140. An Economical Process for Manufacture of Nano-Sized Inorganic Powders Based on Microemulsion-Mediated Synthesis
CeraMem Corp.
141. Municipal Waste Fuels for NOx Control
Energy and Environmental Research Corp.
142. Dynamic, Real-Time Man-Machine Interface for Manual Welding
IMPACT Engineering, Inc.
143. A New Active Vibration Control Method for Precision Machines
Signal Separation Technologies
144. Ballistics Matching Using Three-Dimensional Images of Cartridge Cases
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
145. Efficient Removal of Aerosols from Process Gas Streams by Vapor Condensation and Growth
Measurement Technologies, Inc.
146. Acoustic Beamforming for Process Monitoring
TPL, Inc.
147. Synthesis of New Conjugated Polymers for Stimulated Emission of Light
148. Advanced Foamed Abrasive Polishing Application
Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc.
149. Extrusion Freeforming of Super-finishing Polymer Composite Platens
Advanced Ceramics Research, Inc
150. Low-Cost Forming of Superalloys
Nanomaterials Research Corp.
151. A Low-Cost Process for Toughened Ceramics
TDA Research, Inc.
152. New Method to Minimize the Evaporation of Volatile Colorant
MO-SCI Corp.
153. A Computational Model for Electromagnetic Processing of Materials
Innovative Research, Inc.
154. Target Tracking and Identification Using a Holographic Correlation Filter
Accuwave Corp.
155. Aluminum Nitride Cold Cathodes for Field Emission Displays
Spire Corp.
156. A Noninvasive Viscometer for Materials Analysis and Process Control
Quantum Magnetics, Inc.
157. Recycling Painted Automotive Thermoplastics
American Commodities, Inc.
158. One-Step Manufacturing Process for Low-Cost SiC-SiC Composites
Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp.
159. Laser Engineered Net Shaping for Injection Mold Tooling Applications
Optomec Design Co.
160. A System for High-Speed Metal Machining
Aesop, Inc.
161. A Meshless Topology Optimization Design and Analysis Tool
Altair Computing, Inc.

Topic 22-Chemical and Transport Systems Resources
162. Transport of Colloidal-Sized Particles through Porous Media—A New Approach to the Formation of Impermeable and Reactive Subsurface Barriers
Lynntech, Inc.
163. Ultra-Low-NOx Micromixed Burner
Fossil Energy Research Corp.
164. Mitigation of Coke Deposits on Heat Transfer Surfaces via Ion Implantation
Harvest Energy Technology
165. Innovative Reburning Technique for Deep NOx Control
Energy & Environmental Research Corp.
166. Electrosynthesis of Propylene Oxide
Electrosynthesis Co., Inc.
167. Protein Crystals as Novel Materials for Chromatography
Altus Biologics, Inc.
168. Improved Process for Chiral Resolution of Biotechnologically Important Synthons
LSR Technologies
169. Recovery of Platinum Group Metals from Spent Catalysts
Dakota Alpha, Inc.
170. Supercritical Fluid Viral Inactivation in a Varying Potential Electrical Field
Aphios Corp.
171. Novel, Highly Permeable, and Selective Ceramic Membranes for the Separation of Oxygen from Air
Materials and Systems Research, Inc.
172. An Antimonide Laser-Based Formaldehyde Detector for Combustion Emissions Monitoring
Southwest Sciences, Inc.
173. A New Instrument for Surface Characterization
Atom Sciences, Inc.
174. A Multi-Function Heat Exchanger for Control of Temperature, Moisture, and Air Quality
Xetex, Inc.
175. Numerical Simulation of Cavitating Flows Using an Innovative PDF Model for Phase Change
CFD Research Corp.
176. Improved Materials for Hydrogen-Purification Membranes
Bend Research, Inc.
177. Catalysts for CO Removal During Automobile Cold Start
TDA Research, Inc.
178. Facilitated Transport Organic-Inorganic Membranes for Olefin/Paraffin Separation
CeraMem Corp.
179. A New Chemically Heated Catalytic Converter to Reduce Cold-Start Emissions in Automobiles
Lynntech, Inc.
180. Solvent-Free Manufacture of Molecular Carbon
NanoTechnologies of Texas, Inc.
181. Development of a Volatile Nitrogen-Containing Compound Pollution Abatement Catalyst
Guild Associates, Inc.
182. Heterogeneous Catalyst for Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Remediation
GF Activation Technologies
183. Novel Superglassy Polymer Membranes for Hydrocarbon Separation
Membrane Technology and Research (MTR), Inc.
184. Zeolite Membrane Reactors for Enhancement of Dehydrogenation Selectivity
TDA Research, Inc.

Topic 23-Civil Infrastructure Materials, Structures, and Systems Resources
185. A Nondestructive Method for Examining Bridge Foundations
North American Geotechnical Co.
186. An In Situ Process Control Device for Asphalt Pavements
Tri-Valley Research
187. Thermal Spray Coatings to Prevent Corrosion on Steel Pilings
188. Probabilistic Assessment for Embedded/Underground Hazardous Facilities Subjected to Dynamic Loads Induced by Extreme Environmental Events
Stevenson & Associates, Inc.
189. Synthesis of Carbon Nitride Thin Films
Physical Sciences, Inc.
190. Application of Hybrid Foil-Magnetic Bearings for High Speed Turbomachinery
C&B Engineering Associates, Inc.
191. A New Approach to Local Area Damage Detection in Composite Structures
NeuroDyne, Inc.
192. Intelligent Prevention and Information System for Earthquake-Induced Fires (IPIS-EF)
InfraTech, Inc.
193. Commercialization of a Mechanical Testing Instrument with In Situ Surface Analysis
Microsystems of Buckhannon, Inc.
194. Enhanced Airborne Beam-Steering for Ground Probing Radar
ChT Engineering Systems
195. Design of a New Advanced Composite Material System
E. T. Techtonics, Inc.
196. Damage Models for Metallic and Composite Structures
Knowledge Systems, Inc.
197. Impedance-Based Remote NDI of Critical Structural Components
Garman Systems, Inc.
198. The Use of Doppler Radar for Estimating the Aerial Extent of Strong Winds in Thunderstorms
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
199. Pulsed-Waterjet Soil Densification
Waterjet Technology, Inc.
200. Surfactant-Enhanced Subsurface Remediation at a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted Site
Trust Environmental Services

Topic 24-Bioengineering and Environmental Systems-Ocean Systems Resources
201. An Integrated Sensor System for Autonomous Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Exchange and Transport at the Air-Sea Interface
Physical Optics Corp.
202. Electroplated Iridium Oxide Coatings for Functional Electrical Stimulation
EIC Laboratories, Inc.
203. A Fiber-Optics Linked Marine Coast Observer and Monitor
Owen Research, Inc.
204. A Novel Water Treatment Method
Ion Physics Corp.
205. Remediation of Pesticide-Contaminated Soil with Sub-Critical Water
Western Environmental Services & Technology, Inc.
206. Solvent Production from CO, CO2 and H2 in Waste and Synthesis Gases
Bioengineering Resources, Inc.
207. A Novel System for the Expression of Integral Membrane Proteins Using Halobacterium Halobium
HaloGenetics, Inc.
208. Unique Biomaterial for Long-Term Culturing of Hematopoietic Stem Cells In Vitro
Cytomatrix, LLC
209. Low-Cost, High-Power Gradient Cryo-amplifiers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
American Superconductor Corp.
210. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) as Control Parameters for Engineered Antimicrobial Processes in Indoor Air Environments
Quality Air Heating & Cooling of Midland, Inc.
211. Photocatalytically Active Filters for VOC Removal from Gas Streams
Energy & Environmental Research Corp.
212. Resonantsonic Advanced Oxidation Reactor
Montec Associates, Inc.
213. Prototype of Health Care Quality Assurance Software for an Internet Environment
CK Software, Inc.
214. A New Approach to Low-Cost Enzyme Expression in Bacillus
Enzyme Design, Inc.
215. Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Water with Cavitating Jets
Dynaflow, Inc.
216. Exhaustive Oxidation of Indoor Air Contaminants Via An Ozonated, UV Irradiated Fluorocarbon/TiO2 Dispersion
Surfactant Associates, Inc.

Topic 25-Special Education Equipment for Persons with Physical Handicaps
217. Design of a New and Improved Print Reading Machine for the Blind
Blazie Research, Inc.
218. Modern Design and Engineering Education in the Agile Engineering World
Concepts ETI, Inc.
219. Using Multimedia and Communication to Promote Conceptual Change
LexIcon Systems
220. Classroom Auditory Transceiver for Hearing Impaired
Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.
221. Single-Switch Access to Science Software
Academic Software, Inc.
222. Computer Interactive Plant Biotechnology Education
223. "Sky Explorer"Ô: A Low-Cost Telescope/CCD Camera System, Incorporating Interactive Software, to Enrich High School Science and Technology Learning by Enabling Student Research Projects in Astronomy
Boston Engineering Services
224. Versatile Economic Speech Technology (VEST)
Automated Functions, Inc.
225. Connecting to Data
Key Curriculum Press
226. 3-D Sketchpad
Key Curriculum Press
227. Innovative Artificial Life Lab for Life Science Instruction
DA Technologies, Inc.
228. VLE—A Virtual Learning Environment to Support Group Learning in the Sciences
Analysis and Simulation, Inc.
229. A New Course of Experiments Based on an Inexpensive, Nanometer Resolution Interferometer
Science Research Laboratory, Inc.

Topic 26-Next Generation Vehicles
230. A Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack with Improved Reactant Distribution and Stable Operation
BCS Technology, Inc.
231. Low Cost High Quality Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
CCVD, Inc.
232. VLSI Implementations of Neuromorphics "Virtual Sensors" for Intelligent Diagnostics and Control
Mosaix, LLC
233. Electrocatalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
T/J Technologies, Inc.
234. Tertiary Recycling Process for Polymer-Based Automotive Components
Adherent Technologies, Inc.
235. Conductive Oxide Coatings on Aluminum Sheets for Low-Temperature Fuel Cell Stacks
Crystals & Ceramic Technology, Inc
236. Low Cost Composite Plate for PEM Fuel Cell
Analytic Power Corp.
237. Conducting Polymer Based Bipolar Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Lynntech, Inc.
238. Double-layer Ultracapacitors Incorporating Microtextured Metal Electrodes
Ion Optics, Inc.
239. A Self-Balancing, Expansion Matched Flywheel Design for Power-Assist Hybrid Vehicles
Helios International Inc
240. Sensor for Reformer Performance Control
Giner, Inc.
241. An Enhanced, High Density, High Surface Area, Monolithic Composite Storage Media for Natural Gas
NewMan Technology
242. Commercially Viable Deposition of Catalytic Films onto Proton Conducting Membranes
CCVD, Inc.
243. Development of Molecular-Sieve Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells
ElectroChem Inc.

Topic 27-Microelectronics Manufacturing
244. On-Site Silane Gas Generator for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Electron Transfer Technologies
245. Rotating-Field Plasma Source for Semiconductor Device Manufacturing
First Point Scientific, Inc.
246. High-Speed, In-Line Gas Monitoring for Control of Gas Mixing in CVD Systems
Advanced Fuel Research & On-Line Technologies (Joint Venture)
247. Advanced Metal Film Polishing Planarization Process Control
Endpoint Technologies, Inc.
248. Diffusion Resistant, High Purity Wafer Carriers
Materials Focus, Inc.
249. Frequency-Quadrupled Diode Laser Atomic Absorption-Based Flux Controller
Physical Sciences Inc.
250. Novel Low Dielectric Constant Materials
Ionic Systems, Inc.
251. Development of a Cell Controller for Epitaxial Silicon Fabrication
On-Line Technologies, Inc.
252. Process-Control Instrument for Multi-Chamber Platforms
Active Impulse Systems, Inc.


Topic 1-Physics
253. Enhanced SQUID Electronics and Sensors Adapted for Use with Cryogenic Detectors—Phase II
Quantum Magnetics, Inc.
254. Accelerating-Focusing Structures for Industrial Electron Accelerators
World Physics Technologies, Inc.

Topic 2-Chemical Synthesis
255. Second-Generation Lead CVD Precursors for PbTi03
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.
256. Novel Chemical Methods for Labeling Small Peptides
Assay Designs, Inc.
257. High-Definition Raman Imaging Microscope
Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc.

Topic 3-Materials Research
258. Coupled HPLC/FTIR Instrumentation for the Characterization of Polymers
Lab Connections, Inc.
259. Synthesis and Characterization of High Purity ZnGeP2
260. Structure-Property Relationships for Polyquinolines
Maxdem, Inc.
261. Zeolite Membranes for Gas Separation
TDA Research, Inc.
262. Defect Reduction in Bulk 6H-SiC
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.
263. Novel Methods to Produce Nanocrystalline Materials
Materials Modification, Inc.
264. High Density Plasma Vapor Deposition of Metal Oxide Thin Films
Applied Science and Technology, Inc. (ASTeX)
265. Quality Manufacturing of Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Silver Sheathed High-Temperature Superconductor Wire Using Internal Oxidation
American Superconductor Corp.
266. Monte Carlo Simulation—A Design Tool for Investment Casting
CC Technologies, Inc.
267. Development of APC NbTi Superconductors with Optimal Overall Composites
Supercon, Inc.
268. Real-Time Magneto-Optic Nondestructive Inspection of Tagged Composite Materials
Physical Research, Inc.
269. Coulombic Pairing of Dopants as a Novel Approach to Produce High Conductivity p-type GaN
Avyd Devices
270. Manufacture of Metal/Metal Oxide Powders by Spray Pyrolysis
Nanochem, Inc.
271. Real-Time Sputter Depth Measurement for In Situ Surface Microanalysis
Charles Evans & Associates
272. Superconducting Wires for Magnet Applications
American Superconducting Corp.
273. Low-Cost Silicon Carbide Fiber Development
Materials Solutions Int., Inc.
274. A New Laser Crystal for Holographic Interferometry
Holographics, Inc.
275. Process Control of Physical Property Variation in Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers
Applied Sciences, Inc.

Topic 4-Mathematical Sciences
276. Advanced Methods and Software for Nonparametric Wavelet Prediction
StatSci, a division of MathSoft, Inc.
277. Optimal Shape Design by the Boundary Contour Method
DeHan Engineering Numerics
278. A Global Multi-Grid GMRES Scheme for an Adaptive Cartesian/Prism Flow Solver on Distributed Memory Machines
CFD Research Corp.

Topic 5-Astronomy
279. Holographic Grating Filters for Ca II Line Imaging and Emission Spectroscopy
Accuwave Corp.

Topic 6-Atmospheric Sciences
280. Predictions of Magnetic Activity Induced Hazards to Ground and Space Assets—Phase II
Mission Research Corp.

Topic 7-Earth Sciences
281. A Novel Three-Dimensional Seismic Imaging Method by Migration to Common-Offset in Variable Velocity Media
3DGeo Development, Inc.
282. Neutron/X-ray Measurement-While-Drilling Instrument
First Point Scientific, Inc.

Topic 9-Polar Science
283. System for Digital Elevation Map Reconstruction from Radarsat Antarctica Data
Vexcel Corp.
284. Elastomer Bed Technology for Arctic Heat Recovery Ventilation
ElasTek, Inc.

Topic 11-Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
285. Using Multiplexed Luminescence to Extend Bioassay Capabilities
Promega Corp.
286. Molecular Engineering of a Biocatalyst for the Destruction of Chlorinated Solvents
Envirogen, Inc.
287. Biosensors for Trichloroethylene (TCE)
Envirogen, Inc.
288. Production of Periclinal Chimeric Potatoes Containing New Multigenic Traits for Pest Resistance
Tissue-Grown Corp.
289. Cloning and Automated Screening of Genes Encoding Cold-Adapted Lipases from Bacteria Inhabiting Lipid-Rich Whale Skeletons
Diversa Corporation

Topic 13-Biological Instrumentation and Resources
290. Mathematical Models for DNA Sequencing Quality Control
Daniel H. Wagner Associates
291. A Compact Accelerator Mass Spectrometer for the Analysis of Biological Samples
Newton Scientific, Inc.
292. The Development of a 600 MHz Wide Bore (89 mm) High Resolution NMR Magnet with Internal Tin Wires
Cryomagnetics, Inc.

Topic 16-Computers and Computation Research
293. Use of Transputers for Wavelet Calculations
BioTraces, Inc.
294. A 3-D Image Matrix Processor

Topic 17-Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure Resources
295. Multicast Transport of Compressed Audio and Video in Computer Networks
Optivision, Inc.
296. A Wideband Wireless Network for Transactions, Files, and Digital Voice
ALOHA Networks, Inc.
297. New Architectures and Applications of Multiwavelength Optical Networks Using Waveguide Grating Routers
Optivision, Inc.

Topic 19-Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Resources
298. Volumetric 3-D Display Based on Switchable Binary Optic Element Array
Physical Optics Corp.
299. Dexterous Manipulators for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Endorobotics Corp.
300. A High-Speed Low-Cost 3-D Ranging System
Robotronics, Inc.
301. The Development of a Solid-State, Laser Diode Driven Three-Dimensional Display Based on Two-Photon Upconversion
3D Technology Laboratories

Topic 20-Electrical and Communication Systems
302. Passivation of III-V Devices
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
303. Waveguide Bimodal Launcher for Fiber-Optic Security Link
MJC Optics
304. The Photochemical Generation of Planar Waveguides in Sol-Gel Glasses
Physical Optics Corp.
305. Tunable, Narrowband, Long-Wave Infrared Light Source
306. Rectangular Discharge CO2 Laser
QSource, Inc.
307. ZnSe Substrates and Blue-Green Laser Diodes
Fermionics Corp.
308. Deposition of Large-Area Flat Panel Displays Based on Organic Light Emitting Diodes
PD-LD, Inc.
309. Improving Neural Network Reliability for Dynamic System Modeling and Control Optimization through the Use of Confidence Measures
Unica Technologies, Inc.
310. Infrared Detectors Using Micro-Cantilevers
Consultec Scientific, Inc.
311. An Optical Data Processing Technique for Communication Switch Node
Physical Optics Corp.
312. Strained Layer Avalanche Photodiodes for Long-Wavelength Applications
Sensors Unlimited, Inc.
313. In-Line Process Monitoring and Control for Poly-Silicon Formation inside Cluster Tools
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
314. Integrated GMR Solid State Relay
Nonvolatile Electronics, Inc.
315. Actively Controlled Chemical Mechanical Polishing Process
Endpoint Technologies, Inc.
316. Neural Network Methods for Advanced System Identification
Accurate Automation Corp.
317. Low Energy X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Using a Polycapillary X-Ray Focusing Optic
X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc.
318. A Neuro-Dynamic Programming Approach to Stochastic Control
Unica Technologies, Inc.

Topic 21-Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
319. Q-Switched Operation of Microchip Laser Composite Cavities
Micracor, Inc.
320. Advanced Manufacturing Processing to Produce Economical CVD SiC Fiber Tow
Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp.
321. Synthesis of Nano WC/Co for Tools and Dies
Materials Modification, Inc.
322. Ion-Implanted Thin-Film Zinc Gallate Phosphors for Field Emission Displays
Spire Corp.
323. Factory-in-the-Computerã
Pritsker Corp.
324. Triaxial Force Sensing for Automated Manufacturing
Bonneville Scientific, Inc.
325. Development and Scaleup of the "Electron Jet" Jet Vapor Deposition Source
Jet Process Corp.
326. Web-based Machinability Process CAM Suite
Microprof, Inc.
327. Investigation of Phase Change Material Microcapsules for High Temperature Applications
Triangle Research and Development Corp.

Topic 22-Chemical and Transport Systems Resources
328. Production of Endohedral Metallofullerenes
TDA Research, Inc.
329. High-Frequency Shearing Interferometer Emission Velocimeter (Sieve)for High-Temperature Gas Diagnostics
Science Research Laboratory, Inc.
330. Multiphase Method for Highly Efficient Mixing
Creare Inc
331. Catalytic Oxidation of CFCs and Related Compounds for Pollution Abatement Applications
Guild Associates, Inc.
332. Novel Nonintrusive Combustion and Spray Diagnostic
MetroLaser, Inc.
333. A High Performance Air Conditioner
TDA Research, Inc.
334. Utilization of Deep Ocean Water for Water Desalination: The Hurricane Tower
Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.
335. High Activity Heat and Mass Transfer Additives for LiBr Absorption Chillers
Rocky Research

Topic 23-Civil Infrastructure Materials, Structures, and Systems
336. An Intelligent Computer-based Method for Health Monitoring of Engine and Transmission Systems
B&C Engineering Associates, Inc.
337. Optical Transfer of Data between Rotating and Stationary Subsystems
SensorData Technologies, Inc.
338. Sensorless Active Magnetic Bearings Using Neural Networks
Barron Associates, Inc.
339. Silicon Carbide Whisker Reinforced Alumina Coatings on SiC-SiC Composites
Material & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp.
340. Improved NDE of Deep Inaccessible Flaw in Metal Structures
Quantum Magnetics, Inc.
341. New Photogrammetry Data Acquisition and Processing Technology for Highway Design and Maintenance
CamSys, Inc.
342. High Performance Nondestructive Evaluation System Using Giant Magneto-resistance Sensors
TPL, Inc.
343. A Compact Betatron for Nondestructive Evaluation
Adelphi Technology, Inc.
344. Nondestructive Evaluation for Seismic Damage Assessments Using a Real-Time X-ray or Gamma-ray Imaging System
Inovix Imaging Technologies, Inc.
345. An Effective and Environmentally Attractive Paint Removal Method

Topic 24-Bioengineering and Environmental Systems
346. Nondestructive Evaluation by Quantitative Dielectric Imaging
Potomac Research, Inc.
347. An Innovative Composite Support for Machinery Noise Isolation
Materials Sciences Corp.
348. Direct Micromechanical Simulations for Damage Accumulation in Composite Materials
QUEST Integrated, Inc.
349. Computer-Aided Braille Music Transcription System
Opus Technologies
350. Application of Induction Accelerators for Electron Beam Radiolysis of Contaminated Water
Science Research Laboratory, Inc.
351. Marker Gene Directed Substrates for Cell Regulation
Marker Gene Technologies, Inc.

Topic 25-Education and Human Resources
352. Low-Cost Electron Beam Hydrocarbon Emission Control System
Science Research Laboratory, Inc.
353. Telling Mathematical Stories: A Combination of Research and Technology
Learning in Motion, Inc.

Topic 26-Next-Generation Vehicles
354. Advanced Intelligent Control of Next-Generation Vehicles
Accurate Automation Corp.
355. High Utilization Catalyst for the Direct Oxidation of Methanol in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (7546-130)
Physical Sciences, Inc.
356. Polymer Electrolyte for Internally Humidified Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
BCS Technology, Inc.
357. Preprocessing of Diesel Fuels for Use in Fuel Cells
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.

Topic 27-Microelectronics Manufacturing
358. Low-Cost and Ultra-High-Precision Position Sensing System for Microelectronics Manufacturing
359. Extremely High-Temperature n-GaN/p-b-SiC/n-GaN HBTs on Large-Area, Compliant SOI Substrates
Spire Corp.
360. Maskless, Large-Area, High-Throughput Lithography System
Anvik Corp.

361. High-Speed Capillary Electrophoresis/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Sensar Corp.
362. "Wired" Enzyme Sensors for Use in Bioreactor Process Control
Therasense, Inc.
363. High Sensitivity Materials Analysis
Charles Evans & Associates
364. Aerosol Mass Spectrometer for Size and Composition Analysis of Sub-Micron Particles
Aerodyne Research, Inc.
365. Hollow Fiber Raman Spectrometer
Biogeneral, Inc.
366. Surface Contamination Analyzer for Light Elements (SCALE)
367. Development of a Novel Low-Voltage Blue Phosphor
Advanced Vision Technologies, Inc.
368. Novel Barrier Materials for Shelf-Life Enhancement of Flexible Flat Panel Displays
Foster-Miller, Inc.
369. Novel All-Silicon-Based Flat Panel Displays
Spire Corp.
370. Saturated Color R-G-B OLEDs for Low-Cost, Low-Power Displays
Universal Display Corp.
371. A Novel Blue Phosphor for Electro-Optic Displays
Gemfire Corporation
372. Materials Technology for Printing AMLCDs
Partnerships Limited, Inc.
373. Wire Grid Polarizer for LC Displays
374. Field Emission Displays Based upon Diamond-Like Nanocomposite Films
Advanced Refractory Technologies, Inc. (ART)
375. Green Phosphor Development for Novel Emissive LCD
tubeNOT Displays, LLC

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