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Environmental Science And Engineering For The 21st Century: The Role of the National Science Foundation [NSB 00-22, February 2000]

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1     Introduction

2    The Larger Context

3    Scope of
NSF's Current

4    Input Received About Unmet Needs and Opportunities

5    Findings and

6    Conclusion


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Appendix D.

On July 29, 1999, the National Science Board unanimously approved and released an Interim Report (NSB 99-133) that contained its findings and recommendations. The Interim Report was placed on the NSB web site, and the public was encouraged to comment through a variety of outreach efforts, including invitations to organizations with environmental interests and to NSF advisory committees. Between release of the Interim Report and November 30, 1999, the report on the web site received nearly 7,000 hits from people outside the Foundation. Over 40 written comments were received by e-mail, fax, and regular mail; some individuals submitted more than one set of comments. The name and affiliation of individual authors are listed below, followed by the names of people submitting comments as multiple signatories from an organization. Comments submitted by individuals did not necessarily represent organizational positions. However, if an organization's position was presented in an individual's comments, this is indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the organization's name.
Name   Organizational Affiliation
Single Signatories:
Adams, Michael S.   University of Wisconsin, Botany and Environmental Studies
Blockstein, David E.   Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Crow, Michael M.   Columbia University
Dame, Richard   Coastal Carolina University, Marine Science Department
Englehardt, James D.   University of Miami
Fenstermaker, Lynn K.   Nevada Desert Research Center
Fox, Marye Anne   North Carolina State University
Fulkerson, William   Joint Institute for Energy and Environment
Groat, Charles G.   *U.S. Geological Survey
Hall, Philip G.   *Water Environment Research Foundation
Hoagland, Elaine   *Council on Undergraduate Research
Kaman, Jeffrey S.   University of Notre Dame
Kroening, Nancy   Affiliation Unknown
Lepage, Francoise O.   Dominican College
Malone, Thomas   Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering
Naiman, Robert J.   University of Washington, School of Fisheries
Noonan, Norine E.   *U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research & Development
Norse, Elliott A.   *Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Noss, Reed F.   *Society for Conservation Biology
Orme, Thomas   *Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Pettit, Lawrence K.   Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Rahni, David N.   Pace University
Rittmann, Bruce E.   Northwestern University
Robertson, Thomas A.   Affiliation Unknown
Soulen, Richard   T&MS, Inc.
Steinman, Alan   South Florida Water Management District
Trenberth, Kevin E.   NCAR, Climate Analysis Section
Vanderhoef, Larry N.   University of California-Davis
Wall, Diana H.   *The Ecological Society of America
Wasserman, Ed   *American Chemical Society
Weinberg, Howard   University of North Carolina, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Wright, Joseph B.   Affiliation Unknown
Yuill, Thomas M.   University of Wisconsin-Madison, Institute for Environmental Studies
Zemankova, Maria   National Science Foundation
Multiple Signatories:
Luthy, Richard G.
Gray, Kimberly A.
Autenrieth, Robin L.
Logan, Bruce E.
Conway, Richard A.
Ford, Davis L.
Harleman, Donald R.F.
Kavanaugh, Michael C.
McCarty, Perry L.
O'Melia, Charles R.
Okun, Daniel A.
Pohland, Frederick G.
Schnoor, Jerald L.
Singer, Philip C.
Snoeyink, Vernon L.
Symons, James M.
*Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors
Hubbell, Stephen P.
Benedick, Hon. Richard E.
Howe, Henry F.
Ahmed, A. Karim
Bartlett, Richard C.
Bringer, Robert
Dayton, Charles K.
Gillis, Malcolm
Greenfield, Stanley
Height, Dorothy I.
Johnson, Hon. Randy
Langenberg, Donald N.
Leonard, H. Jeffrey
McNamara, Hon. Robert S.
Peterson, Hon. Craig A.
Pulliam, Ronald
Saundry, Peter D.
Todd, Hon. Barbara Sheen
*Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Knauft, David A.
Stuckey, Richard E.
*Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Arntzen, Charles J.
Avise, John
Cairns, John Jr.
Davis, Margaret B.
Diamond, Jared M.
Eisner, Thomas
Leopold, Estella
Likens, Gene E.
Margulis, Lynn
Paine, Robert T.
Terborgh, John
Wilson, Edward O.
Members of the National Academy of Sciences
Norse, Elliott A.
Auster, Peter J.
Cukor, Benjamin E.
Alcala, Angel
Pauly, Daniel
Andrade, Roberto Enriquez
Riser, Alison
Mee, Lawrence
Boersma, P. Dee
Idechong, Noah
Maida, Mauro
Orbach, Michael
Trivelpiece, Wayne
Stone, Gregory
Tegner, Mia
Bean, Michael
Heneman, Burr
Steneck, Robert
Estes, James A.
Suzuki, David
Cohen, Andrew
Estrada, Marta
Repetto, Robert
Watling, Les
Burkholder, JoAnn
Teal, John
Marsh, Helene
Palumbi, Steven
Allen, Richard
Muir, Derek C.G.
Pew Fellows in Marine Conservation and Pew Fellows Program Advisory Committee Members
Raven, Peter H.
John P. Holdren
Neal Lane
John A. Young
Norman R. Augustine
Francisco J. Ayala
John M. Deutch
Murray Gell-Mann
David A. Hamburg
Diana MacArthur
Shirley M. Malcom
Mario J. Molina
Sally K. Ride
Judith Rodin
Charles A. Sanders
David E. Shaw
Charles M. Vest
Virginia V. Weldon
Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu
*President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology

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