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Environmental Science And Engineering For The 21st Century: The Role of the National Science Foundation [NSB 00-22, February 2000]

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1     Introduction

2    The Larger Context

3    Scope of
NSF's Current

4    Input Received About Unmet Needs and Opportunities

5    Findings and

6    Conclusion


Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F


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Appendix G.

BE Biocomplexity in the Environment
CENR Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
CI Conservation International
CNIE Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
CSREES Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
DIVERSITAS Umbrella program to coordinate the global research effort in the biodiversity sciences
DOC Department of Commerce
DOD U.S. Department of Defense
DOE U.S. Department of Energy
DOI U.S. Department of the Interior
DOT U.S. Department of Transportation
EHR NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ESA Ecological Society of America
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FCCSET Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
FY fiscal year
GIS Geographic Information System
GLOBE Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
GLOBEC Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics
GPO Government Printing Office
HCP habitat conservation plan
HHS (Department of) Health and Human Services
ICSU International Council for Science (formerly International Council of Scientific Unions)
IGBP International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IOM Institute of Medicine
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
ISEC Integrated Science for Ecosystem Challenge
IUCN World Conservation Union (formerly International Union for the Conservation of Nature)
LTER Long Term Ecological Research
MAB Man and Biosphere
NAE National Academy of Engineering
NASA National Aeronautic and Space Administration
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research
NCEAS National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
NGO nongovernmental organization
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRC National Research Council
NSB National Science Board
NSF National Science Foundation
NSTC National Science and Technology Council
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OMB Office of Management and Budget
ONR Office of Naval Research
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
PCAST President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
R&D research and development
SAES State Agricultural Experiment Stations
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
SI Smithsonian Institution
UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USGCRP U.S. Global Change Research Program
WHO World Health Organization
WMO World Meterological Organization
WRI World Resources Institute
WWF World Wildlife Fund

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