Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973509 Abraham Dulcy Purdue Research Foundation POWRE: A New Approach for Automated Interpretation of Multi-Sensory Underground Infrastructure Data ENG
9973348 Bhaduri Sutapa University of Idaho POWRE: Fabrication of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 and Related Materials by a Reactive Process ENG
9973601 Burg Karen Clemson University POWRE: Novel Methods of Creating and Assessing Vascularized, Tissue-Engineered Constructs ENG and NIH
9973438 Da Silva Nancy University of California, Irvine POWRE: Reusable Selection Cassettes for Gene Integration or Disruption in Mammalian Systems ENG
9973845 Ehrman Sheryl University of Maryland, College Park POWRE: Scalable Synthesis of Semiconducting Nanoparticles ENG
9842993 Ergas Sarina University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: Membrane Bioreactor for Control of Volatile Organic Compound Air Emissions ENG
9973680 Erim Zeynep Boston University POWRE: Decomposition of Superimposed Action Potential Waveforms Using Cross-Time-Frequency Transforms ENG
9973638 Hall Connie University of Memphis POWRE: The Association of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor with Biological and Non-biological Surfaces ENG
9973798 Hayden Nancy University of Vermont POWRE: Creating Opportunities for Phytoremediation Research, Collaboration and Education ENG
9973434 Holmen Britt University of California, Davis POWRE: Lidar Remote Sensing of Particulate Matter: Making the Qualitative to Quantitative Transition ENG
9973591 Hrenya Christine University of Colorado, Boulder POWRE: Thermophoresis of Exothermically Reacting Particles in Aerosol Flow Reactors ENG
9973665 Ilumoka Abiodun University of Hartford POWRE: ANN-Based IC Yield Maximization and Crosstalk Prediction ENG
9973788 Jones Elizabeth University of Nebraska, Lincoln POWRE: Scaling the Two-Fluid Model of Town Traffic to Characterize Traffic Flow Through Signalized Intersections ENG
9973609 Kelleher Joanne George Washington University POWRE: Metabolic Engineering to Understand Control of Pathways ENG and NIH
9973278 King Julia Michigan Technological University POWRE: Determination and Modelling of Synergistic Effects of Carbon Based Conductive Fillers for Electrically and Thermally Conductive Resins ENG
9973864 Kryliouk Olga University of Florida POWRE: Large Area GaN Substrates ENG
9973431 Larsen Sarah University of Iowa POWRE: The Catalytic Role of Transition Metals in Zeolites as Probed by EPR Spectroscopy ENG
9973841 Li Jie Cooper Union POWRE: New Materials Science Program at Cooper Union ENG
9973545 Long Sharon University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: Methodologies for Source-Specific Indicators in Drinking Water ENG
9973908 Magnusson R. University of Texas, Arlington POWRE: Second Order Nonlinear Optical Waveguides Fabricated by Ionic Self-Assembly ENG
9973287 Mallapragada Surya Iowa State University POWRE: Biodegradable Micro and Nanopatterned Polymer Substrates for Nerve Regeneration ENG
9973608 Moon Tess University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Mechanics of Biological Cell and Cell-Cell Interactions: Microstructural Models ENG
9973358 Pantazidou Marina Carnegie Mellon University POWRE: Broadening Engineering Education: Inside the Classroom and Beyond ENG
9973277 Papoulia Katerina California Institute of Technology POWRE: A Comparative Plastic-Damage and Fracture Approach for Characterizing Strength and Failure of Quasibrittle Materials ENG
9973904 Peck Ann University of Wyoming POWRE: Research/Educational Enhancement Plan Regarding Cost Minimization of Advanced Composite Rotorcraft Structures ENG
9973717 Rathje Ellen University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Verification of Drainage Methods for Liquefaction Remediation ENG
9973524 Santore Maria Lehigh University POWRE: Polysomes: Biologically-Inspired Vesicles of Block Copolymers for Targeted Delivery and Controlled Release Applications ENG
9973513 Schuckers Stephanie West Virginia University Research Corp POWRE: Signal Processing of Spontaneous Arrhythmias Acquired Chronically in an Adriamycin Model of Heart Failure ENG
9973329 Stadler Bethanie University of Minnesota, Twin Cities POWRE: Reactive RF Sputtered Garnet Films for Integrated Magneto-Optics ENG
9973538 Troian Sandra Princeton University POWRE: Model Experiments for Probing the Spreading Behavior of Exogenous Surfactant in Pulmonary Airways ENG
*Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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