Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973752 Artuso Marina Syracuse University POWRE: Development of Pixel Detector Devices for High Precision Heavy Quark Physics MPS
9973410 Banerjee Mousumi Wayne State University POWRE: Recursive Partitioning Methods to Predict Workers' Compensation for Construction Accidents MPS
9973851 Barnbaum Cecilia Valdosta State University POWRE: Development of a Radio Astronomy Laboratory to Support Teaching and Research MPS
9973666 Berger Beverly Oakland University POWRE: Numerical Simulations of Generic Gravitational Collapse MPS
9973902 Burchat Patricia Stanford University Study of Heavy Quark Physics with the BaBar Detector MPS
9973673 Burgmayer Sharon Bryn Mawr College POWRE: Studies of Model Compounds for the Active Site of DMSO Reductase MPS
9973628 Calvet Noria Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory POWRE: Determining the Properties of the Inner Disk Winds of T-Tauri Stars MPS
9973575 Choi Hyungsoo University of Illinois POWRE: Development of a New Cobalt Precursor for Chemical Vapor Deposition MPS
9973615 Dexheimer Susan Washington State University POWRE: Femtosecond Far-infrared Studies of Carrier Dynamics in Disordered Systems MPS
9973668 Donovan-Mrkert Bernadette University of North Carolina, Charlotte POWRE: Electrochemically-Promoted Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis MPS
9973740 Galvin Mary University of Delaware POWRE: The Role of Polymer Architecture in the Phase Behavior of Polymer/Silicate Nanocomposites MPS
9973783 Gonzalez Gabriela Pennsylvania State University POWRE: Analysis In-Situ of LIGO Suspensions MPS
9973317 Hamilton Emily University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Algebraic Properties of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds MPS
9973922 Hanson Margaret University of Cincinnati POWRE: Sub-mm Studies of Massive Star Forming Regions MPS
9973515 Hawley Suzanne University of Washington POWRE: Mining the Databases of the Future MPS
9973859 Hill Nicola University of California, Santa Barbara POWRE: The Magnetization Catastrophe MPS
9973610 Holland Kitty Northern Illinois University POWRE: Research in Model Theory: Stable Structures via Amalgamation MPS
9973891 Holmes Anna Stanford University The Exploration of Phylogenetic Tree Space through Combinatorics, Statistics and Geometry MPS
9973708 Incero Vivian State University of New York at Fredonia Visiting Professorship at the University of Barcelona: Research on Non-Perburbative Effects in Quantum Field Theories in the Presence of External Fields MPS
9973397 Its Elizabeth Indiana University POWRE: Lax Pairs and the Riemann-Hilbert Method for Solving Diffraction and Scattering Problems in Geophysics MPS
9973475 Keyfitz Barbara University of Houston POWRE: Research in Applied Analysis and Conservation Laws MPS
9973906 Kim Young-Kee University of California, Berkeley POWRE: The Time-of-Flight Detector and B Physics MPS
9973480 Kirkman Ellen Wake Forest University POWRE: Problems in Noncommutative Algebra MPS
9973446 Lee Jean Purdue University POWRE: Electron Microscopy Studies of the Microstructure and Chemistry of Interfaces in Thermal Barrier Coating Systems MPS
9973069 Leopp Susan Williams College POWRE: Excellent Local Rings MPS
9973400 Liu Biyue University of Rhode Island POWRE: Research in Model Theory: Stable Structures via Amalgamation MPS
9973787 Lu Jun East Carolina University POWRE: Modeling of Photon Transportation through Turbid Media MPS
9973461 Ma Chung-Pei University of Pennsylvania POWRE: Mapping Dark Matter in Superclusters of Galaxies MPS
9973812 Marcum Pamela Texas Christian University POWRE: A Comprehensive Library of Observational Near-Infrared Stellar Spectra MPS
9973569 Markatou Marianthi Columbia University POWRE: Exploratory Research in the Interface of Robustness/Mixtures MPS
9973676 Moore Helen Bowdoin College POWRE: Behavior of Minimal Submanifolds with Finite Total Scalar Curvature MPS
9973469 O'Halloran Maureen Rowan University POWRE: Studies of Excited Atomic and Molecular States MPS
9973543 Paban Sonia University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Nonrenormalization Theorems MPS
9973697 Reilly Anne College of William and Mary POWRE: Investigation of Laser-Target Interactions in Pulsed Laser Deposition Using a Picosecond, Tunable Free Electron Laser MPS
9973366 Romanova Marina Cornell University POWRE: Accretion to Rotating Magnetized Stars MPS
9903490 Sandler Hanna American University POWRE: Exploratory Research in the Interface of Robustness/Mixtures MPS
9973132 Shimizu Linda University of South Carolina, Columbia POWRE: Self-Assembling Cyclic Ureas MPS
9973458 Singh Chandralekha University of Pittsburgh POWRE: Understanding the Electronic and Optical Properties of Conducting Polymers through Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations MPS
9973727 Stadler Bethanie University of Minnesota POWRE: Thin Film Magnets Via Reactive RF Co-Sputtering MPS
9973273 Stone Emily Utah State University Investigations of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Machining MPS
9973675 Wilson Angela University of Oklahoma POWRE: Extension of Ab Initio Basis Set Methodology to Chemical Systems of Intermediate and Large Size MPS
9973527 Young Judith University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: A Sunwheel for the 21st Century MPS
9973866 Zvanut Mary University of Alabama POWRE: Evaluation of AgGaS2 and AgGaSe2 as Laser Active Materials MPS
*Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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