Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973372 Allen CaitiIyn University of Wisconsin, Madison POWRE: Biological Role of Motility in Bacterial Wilt of Plants BIO
9973546 Assmann Sarah Pennsylvania State University, University Park POWRE: The Role of CDPKs in Plant Salt Tolerance: a T-DNA Mutagenesis Approach BIO
9973340 Barnum Susan Miami University POWRE: Phylogeny of Heterocystous Cyanobacteria and Evolution of Nitrogen Fixation Genes BIO
9973579 Barton M. Kathy University of Wisconsin, Madison POWRE: Investigating the Link Between Growth and Pattern in the Arabidopsis Embryo BIO
9973921 Beuchat Carol University of Arizona POWRE: Structural Specializations of Protea Flowers and their Role in the Biology of African Sugarbirds: A Solution to Dilution? BIO
9972968 Bidle Kelly University of California, San Diego - Scripps Inst. POWRE: Isolation and Characterization of Salt-sensitive Mutants in the Archaeal halophile, Haloferax volcanii BIO
9973521 Bronstein Judith University of Arizona POWRE: Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of Cheating in Mutualisms BIO
9973647 Brown Susan Kansas State University POWRE: Genetic Regulatory Shifts in Insect Evolution BIO
9973378 Buss Janice Iowa State University POWRE: H-Ras C-Terminus and Its Role in Signaling BIO
9973746 Byrd Sherell Fort Lewis College POWRE: Compartmentalization of Protein Kinase A (PKA) in Epithelia BIO
9973447 Cameron Sydney University of Arkansas POWRE: Behavioral and Chemical Analyses of Trail Pheromones in the Amazonian Bumble Bee (Bombus transversalis) BIO
9973306 Castelfranco Ann University of Hawaii, Manoa POWRE: Analysis of Space-clamp Errors in Voltage-clamp Experiments on an Extended Neuron BIO
9973916 Dickson Kathryn California State University - Fullerton Foundation POWRE: A New Method to Test Hypotheses about the Development and Evolution of Endothermy in Tunas: Pilot Study BIO
9973554 Doering Tamara Weill Medical College of Cornell POWRE: Glycosyl Phosphatidylinositol Anchors of Cryptococcus neoformans BIO and NIH
9973776 Dranginis Anne Saint John's University POWRE: Characterization of the Yeast Cell Wall Protein FLO11 BIO
9973495 Duvauchelle Christine University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Prefrontal Cortex Modulation of Accumbens Dopamine Levels BIO and NIH
9973644 Eyster Kathleen University of South Dakota POWRE: Physiological Genomics and Signal Transduction in the Ovary BIO
9973750 Fernandes Joyce Yale University POWRE: Molecular Characterization of Genes that are Candidates for Determinants of Neuronal Identity and Synaptic Plasticity in Drosophila BIO
9973712 Fuller Claire Murray State University POWRE: Polygamy and the Adaptive Significance of Genetic Variation in the Termite, Nasutitermes acajutlae BIO
9973716 Garcia Elizabeth Brown University POWRE: Analysis of Interactions Between mss4 and SAP90 BIO and NIH
9973770 Harmon Alice University of Florida POWRE: A Bacterial Two-Hybrid System for Studying CDPK-Substrate Interaction. BIO
9973581 Li Christine Boston University POWRE: Neurotransmitter Specification & Function in C. elegans BIO
9973472 McGrath Deborah University of the South POWRE: Forging International Collaborations to Investigate Mechanisms of Accelerated Phosphorus Cycling in Native Amazonian Agroecosystems BIO
9973568 Moreno Maria Yale University POWRE: Molecular Genetics of Ligule Development BIO and NIH
9973499 Morris Marilyn State University of New York, Buffalo POWRE: Sulfate Transport in Proximal Tubule Epithelial Cells BIO and NIH
9973892 Nedivi Elly Massachusetts Institute of Technology POWRE: Effects of CPG15 on Cells and Synapses in Mouse Barrel Cortex BIO
9973314 Russell Ann Iowa State University POWRE: Soil Organic Matter Fractions and Dynamics in Experimental Tropical Ecosystems BIO
9973324 Sachs Roseann Colorado College POWRE: Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Manganese Stabilizing Protein in Photosystem II BIO
9973734 Schierenbeck Kristina California State University - Chico Research Foundation POWRE: Genetic Linkage Map & Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis for Clarkia lingulata and C. bilboba ssp. australis BIO
9973585 Shinnar Ann Barnard College POWRE: Antimicrobial Peptides from the Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus), a Primitive Vertebrate BIO
9973861 Threadgill Deborah Vanderbilt University Medical Center POWRE: Regulation of Glycosylation in Campylobacter jejuni BIO
9973937 Tuttle Elaina St. Mary's College of Maryland POWRE: Disassortative Mating and the Maintenance of Polymorphism BIO
9973870 Ware Vassie Lehigh University POWRE: Research and Career Enhancement Activities to Support Studies in Eukaryotic Ribosomal RNA Maturation BIO
9973640 Welsh Cristabel Texas A&M University Research Foundation POWRE: Control of MHC Expression in Cerebrovascular Endothelial Cells BIO and NIH
9870374 Wheatly Michele Wright State University POWRE: The Evolving Function of the Basolateral Membrane Ca Pump in Exchange Epithelia of a Continuum of Aquatic to Semi-terrestrial Brazilian Crabs BIO
9973799 Zhou G. Tong Georgia Technical Research Corporation POWRE: Quantitative Behavioral Analysis of a Simple Animal BIO
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973855 Barr Valerie Columbia University POWRE: Software Evaluation: The Application of Software Testing Techniques to Rule-Based Natural Language Processing Components CISE
9973470 Crisman Jill Northeastern University POWRE: Visual Behaviors for Robotic Motion Control CISE
9973672 Dahlberg Teresa University of North Carolina, Charlotte POWRE: Network Design and Resource Management for Survivable Wireless Access CISE
9973428 Fermuller Cornelia University of Maryland, College Park POWRE: Enhanced Vision---Eyes from Eyes CISE
9973858 Fleischer Lisa Columbia University POWRE: Techniques in Approximation Algorithms and Polyhedral Combinatorics for Problems in Network Design and Routing CISE
9973465 Gruenwald Le University of Oklahoma POWRE: A Transaction Management Technique for Nomadic Multidatabases CISE
9973797 Hassoun Soha Tufts University POWRE: Functional and Physical Co-Analysis in Timing Verification CISE
9973834 Plale Beth Georgia Technical Research Corporation POWRE: Applying Database Techniques to Management of Large Data Flows in Scientific Applications CISE
9973531 Riskin Eve University of Washington POWRE: Strategies to Add Redundancy for Graceful Degradation of Image and Video Quality Over Lossy Packet Networks CISE
9973874 St. John Katherine Boise State University POWRE: Computational Problems Related to Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction CISE
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973555 Cummings Karen Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute POWRE: Development of a Problem Solving Skill Assessment Tool For Use In Evaluation of Introductory Physics Curricula EHR
9973616 King Karen San Diego State University POWRE: Technology Use in a Differential Equations Course EHR
9973686 Monosson Emily Mount Holyoke College Developing an Environmental Literacy Program at Mount Holyoke EHR
9973684 Morrow Charlene Mount Holyoke College POWRE: GeometryWise: Opening Doors into Advanced Mathematics Study EHR
9973663 Shubin Carol University Corporation - Northridge Foundation POWRE: Improving Mathematics Education for Pre-Service Teachers EHR
9973243 Vail Janet Grand Valley State University POWRE: Aquatic Education Learning Community EHR and GEO
9973512 Wilson Paula University of Utah POWRE: Enhancing Geoscience Education By Training Research Geoscientists in Education Principles and Research Practices EHR and GEO
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973509 Abraham Dulcy Purdue Research Foundation POWRE: A New Approach for Automated Interpretation of Multi-Sensory Underground Infrastructure Data ENG
9973348 Bhaduri Sutapa University of Idaho POWRE: Fabrication of (Ba,Sr)TiO3 and Related Materials by a Reactive Process ENG
9973601 Burg Karen Clemson University POWRE: Novel Methods of Creating and Assessing Vascularized, Tissue-Engineered Constructs ENG and NIH
9973438 Da Silva Nancy University of California, Irvine POWRE: Reusable Selection Cassettes for Gene Integration or Disruption in Mammalian Systems ENG
9973845 Ehrman Sheryl University of Maryland, College Park POWRE: Scalable Synthesis of Semiconducting Nanoparticles ENG
9842993 Ergas Sarina University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: Membrane Bioreactor for Control of Volatile Organic Compound Air Emissions ENG
9973680 Erim Zeynep Boston University POWRE: Decomposition of Superimposed Action Potential Waveforms Using Cross-Time-Frequency Transforms ENG
9973638 Hall Connie University of Memphis POWRE: The Association of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor with Biological and Non-biological Surfaces ENG
9973798 Hayden Nancy University of Vermont POWRE: Creating Opportunities for Phytoremediation Research, Collaboration and Education ENG
9973434 Holmen Britt University of California, Davis POWRE: Lidar Remote Sensing of Particulate Matter: Making the Qualitative to Quantitative Transition ENG
9973591 Hrenya Christine University of Colorado, Boulder POWRE: Thermophoresis of Exothermically Reacting Particles in Aerosol Flow Reactors ENG
9973665 Ilumoka Abiodun University of Hartford POWRE: ANN-Based IC Yield Maximization and Crosstalk Prediction ENG
9973788 Jones Elizabeth University of Nebraska, Lincoln POWRE: Scaling the Two-Fluid Model of Town Traffic to Characterize Traffic Flow Through Signalized Intersections ENG
9973609 Kelleher Joanne George Washington University POWRE: Metabolic Engineering to Understand Control of Pathways ENG and NIH
9973278 King Julia Michigan Technological University POWRE: Determination and Modelling of Synergistic Effects of Carbon Based Conductive Fillers for Electrically and Thermally Conductive Resins ENG
9973864 Kryliouk Olga University of Florida POWRE: Large Area GaN Substrates ENG
9973431 Larsen Sarah University of Iowa POWRE: The Catalytic Role of Transition Metals in Zeolites as Probed by EPR Spectroscopy ENG
9973841 Li Jie Cooper Union POWRE: New Materials Science Program at Cooper Union ENG
9973545 Long Sharon University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: Methodologies for Source-Specific Indicators in Drinking Water ENG
9973908 Magnusson R. University of Texas, Arlington POWRE: Second Order Nonlinear Optical Waveguides Fabricated by Ionic Self-Assembly ENG
9973287 Mallapragada Surya Iowa State University POWRE: Biodegradable Micro and Nanopatterned Polymer Substrates for Nerve Regeneration ENG
9973608 Moon Tess University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Mechanics of Biological Cell and Cell-Cell Interactions: Microstructural Models ENG
9973358 Pantazidou Marina Carnegie Mellon University POWRE: Broadening Engineering Education: Inside the Classroom and Beyond ENG
9973277 Papoulia Katerina California Institute of Technology POWRE: A Comparative Plastic-Damage and Fracture Approach for Characterizing Strength and Failure of Quasibrittle Materials ENG
9973904 Peck Ann University of Wyoming POWRE: Research/Educational Enhancement Plan Regarding Cost Minimization of Advanced Composite Rotorcraft Structures ENG
9973717 Rathje Ellen University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Verification of Drainage Methods for Liquefaction Remediation ENG
9973524 Santore Maria Lehigh University POWRE: Polysomes: Biologically-Inspired Vesicles of Block Copolymers for Targeted Delivery and Controlled Release Applications ENG
9973513 Schuckers Stephanie West Virginia University Research Corp POWRE: Signal Processing of Spontaneous Arrhythmias Acquired Chronically in an Adriamycin Model of Heart Failure ENG
9973329 Stadler Bethanie University of Minnesota, Twin Cities POWRE: Reactive RF Sputtered Garnet Films for Integrated Magneto-Optics ENG
9973538 Troian Sandra Princeton University POWRE: Model Experiments for Probing the Spreading Behavior of Exogenous Surfactant in Pulmonary Airways ENG
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973345 Baker Leslie University of Idaho POWRE: Experience Study of Water Rock Interactions on Mars GEO
9973849 Chisholm-Brause Catherine William & Mary Marine Inst. POWRE: Influence of Organic Matter Properties on Contaminant Partitioning in Estuarine Systems GEO
9973544 Colodner Debra Columbia University POWRE: Initiation of a Trace Gas Research Program at Biosphere 2 Center GEO
9973711 Cuomo Carmela Yale University POWRE: Undermat Mining in Cyanobacterial Mats: Modern and Ancient GEO
9973490 Fox Mary University of Rhode Island POWRE: Temporal and Spatial Variations of Temperature and Chlorophyll-A in NE Coastal Waters Using Satellite Imagery an in Situ-Data GEO
9973359 Hannah Judith Colorado State University POWRE: Re-Os Systematic and Geochronology in Continental Sedimentary Rocks: A Pilot Study in the Morrison Formation GEO
9973526 Irlandi Elizabeth Florida Institute of Technology POWRE: GIS Training for Application to Coastal Zone Management GEO
9973602 Johnson Catherine University of California, San Diego - Scripps Inst. POWRE: Building a Research Program in Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism GEO
9973327 Lindsay Sara University of Maine POWRE: A Pilot of Chemoreception Mechanics in Deposit Feeding Polychaetes GEO
9973411 Poulton Mary University of Arizona POWRE: Seismic Attribute Analysis Using Neural Networks GEO
9900905 Prakash Manju State University of New York at Stony Brook GEM: Substorm Wave Modeling Including Coupling with the Ionosphere GEO
9973848 Tebbens Sarah University of South Florida POWRE: Lidar Study of Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands Between 1996 and 1998 GEO
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973752 Artuso Marina Syracuse University POWRE: Development of Pixel Detector Devices for High Precision Heavy Quark Physics MPS
9973410 Banerjee Mousumi Wayne State University POWRE: Recursive Partitioning Methods to Predict Workers' Compensation for Construction Accidents MPS
9973851 Barnbaum Cecilia Valdosta State University POWRE: Development of a Radio Astronomy Laboratory to Support Teaching and Research MPS
9973666 Berger Beverly Oakland University POWRE: Numerical Simulations of Generic Gravitational Collapse MPS
9973902 Burchat Patricia Stanford University Study of Heavy Quark Physics with the BaBar Detector MPS
9973673 Burgmayer Sharon Bryn Mawr College POWRE: Studies of Model Compounds for the Active Site of DMSO Reductase MPS
9973628 Calvet Noria Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory POWRE: Determining the Properties of the Inner Disk Winds of T-Tauri Stars MPS
9973575 Choi Hyungsoo University of Illinois POWRE: Development of a New Cobalt Precursor for Chemical Vapor Deposition MPS
9973615 Dexheimer Susan Washington State University POWRE: Femtosecond Far-infrared Studies of Carrier Dynamics in Disordered Systems MPS
9973668 Donovan-Mrkert Bernadette University of North Carolina, Charlotte POWRE: Electrochemically-Promoted Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis MPS
9973740 Galvin Mary University of Delaware POWRE: The Role of Polymer Architecture in the Phase Behavior of Polymer/Silicate Nanocomposites MPS
9973783 Gonzalez Gabriela Pennsylvania State University POWRE: Analysis In-Situ of LIGO Suspensions MPS
9973317 Hamilton Emily University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Algebraic Properties of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds MPS
9973922 Hanson Margaret University of Cincinnati POWRE: Sub-mm Studies of Massive Star Forming Regions MPS
9973515 Hawley Suzanne University of Washington POWRE: Mining the Databases of the Future MPS
9973859 Hill Nicola University of California, Santa Barbara POWRE: The Magnetization Catastrophe MPS
9973610 Holland Kitty Northern Illinois University POWRE: Research in Model Theory: Stable Structures via Amalgamation MPS
9973891 Holmes Anna Stanford University The Exploration of Phylogenetic Tree Space through Combinatorics, Statistics and Geometry MPS
9973708 Incero Vivian State University of New York at Fredonia Visiting Professorship at the University of Barcelona: Research on Non-Perburbative Effects in Quantum Field Theories in the Presence of External Fields MPS
9973397 Its Elizabeth Indiana University POWRE: Lax Pairs and the Riemann-Hilbert Method for Solving Diffraction and Scattering Problems in Geophysics MPS
9973475 Keyfitz Barbara University of Houston POWRE: Research in Applied Analysis and Conservation Laws MPS
9973906 Kim Young-Kee University of California, Berkeley POWRE: The Time-of-Flight Detector and B Physics MPS
9973480 Kirkman Ellen Wake Forest University POWRE: Problems in Noncommutative Algebra MPS
9973446 Lee Jean Purdue University POWRE: Electron Microscopy Studies of the Microstructure and Chemistry of Interfaces in Thermal Barrier Coating Systems MPS
9973069 Leopp Susan Williams College POWRE: Excellent Local Rings MPS
9973400 Liu Biyue University of Rhode Island POWRE: Research in Model Theory: Stable Structures via Amalgamation MPS
9973787 Lu Jun East Carolina University POWRE: Modeling of Photon Transportation through Turbid Media MPS
9973461 Ma Chung-Pei University of Pennsylvania POWRE: Mapping Dark Matter in Superclusters of Galaxies MPS
9973812 Marcum Pamela Texas Christian University POWRE: A Comprehensive Library of Observational Near-Infrared Stellar Spectra MPS
9973569 Markatou Marianthi Columbia University POWRE: Exploratory Research in the Interface of Robustness/Mixtures MPS
9973676 Moore Helen Bowdoin College POWRE: Behavior of Minimal Submanifolds with Finite Total Scalar Curvature MPS
9973469 O'Halloran Maureen Rowan University POWRE: Studies of Excited Atomic and Molecular States MPS
9973543 Paban Sonia University of Texas, Austin POWRE: Nonrenormalization Theorems MPS
9973697 Reilly Anne College of William and Mary POWRE: Investigation of Laser-Target Interactions in Pulsed Laser Deposition Using a Picosecond, Tunable Free Electron Laser MPS
9973366 Romanova Marina Cornell University POWRE: Accretion to Rotating Magnetized Stars MPS
9903490 Sandler Hanna American University POWRE: Exploratory Research in the Interface of Robustness/Mixtures MPS
9973132 Shimizu Linda University of South Carolina, Columbia POWRE: Self-Assembling Cyclic Ureas MPS
9973458 Singh Chandralekha University of Pittsburgh POWRE: Understanding the Electronic and Optical Properties of Conducting Polymers through Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations MPS
9973727 Stadler Bethanie University of Minnesota POWRE: Thin Film Magnets Via Reactive RF Co-Sputtering MPS
9973273 Stone Emily Utah State University Investigations of the Nonlinear Dynamics of Machining MPS
9973675 Wilson Angela University of Oklahoma POWRE: Extension of Ab Initio Basis Set Methodology to Chemical Systems of Intermediate and Large Size MPS
9973527 Young Judith University of Massachusetts, Amherst POWRE: A Sunwheel for the 21st Century MPS
9973866 Zvanut Mary University of Alabama POWRE: Evaluation of AgGaS2 and AgGaSe2 as Laser Active Materials MPS
Proposal PI Last Name PI First Name Institution Title NSF Directorate(s) and NIH*
9973398 Bell Suzanne Eastern Washington University POWRE: Application of Neural Networks to Archaeology SBE
9973396 Biringen Zeynep Colorado State University POWRE: The Transition to Elementary School: An Attachment Perspective SBE
9973561 Bratton Susan Whitworth College POWRE: Science, Environmental Policy and the Ethics of Commercial Fishing SBE
9973600 Byme Margaret Baylor College of Medicine POWRE: Financial Incentives in Health: Understanding the Ethical Implications SBE
9973772 Demuth Katherine Brown University POWRE: Statistical Modeling of Language Learning SBE
9973451 Doss Cheryl Yale University POWRE: Intrahousehold Aspects of Risk Management SBE
9973493 Goodwin Stephanie Yale University POWRE: Social Power and Implicit Cognition SBE
9973474 Gopal Sucharita Boston University POWRE: Artificial Neural Networks for Spatial Aggregation and Disaggregation Problems SBE
9973903 Jameson Kimberly University of San Diego POWRE: Gender-Based Considerations for Modeling Cognition and Color Appearance SBE
9973435 Lein Pei-te University of Utah POWRE: A Pilot Study of the National Asian American Political Survey SBE
9973765 MacDonough Joyce University of Rochester POWRE: The Phonetic Structure of Navajo SBE
9973399 McDonough Laraine City University of New York, Brooklyn College POWRE: Utilizing New Technology to Investigate Cognitive Development SBE
9973236 Mutz Diana Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences POWRE: In Mixed Company: Psychological Responses to Mediated Representations of Oppositional Political Views SBE
9973736 Norr Lynette University of Florida POWRE: Nutritional Consequences of Social Hierarchy: Diet, Status, Gender, and Health in the Prehistoric Americas SBE
9972669 Olson Mary Yale University POWRE: Regulatory Reform and Consumer Safety -- Examining the Impact of User Fees on New Drug Safety SBE
9973618 Ordonez Lisa University of Arizona POWRE: Over Spilt Milk: Regret for Decisions Gone Awry SBE
9973790 Perez-Stable Marifeli Florida International University POWRE: The Cuban Republic/State and Nation in the Caribbean Basin SBE
9973731 Razzolini Laura University of Mississippi POWRE: An Experimental Study of Cost Sharing and Rationing Mechanisms SBE
9973669 Rutstrom E. Elisabet University of South Carolina, Columbia POWRE: An Experimental Study of Power, Equity, and Distributional Preferences SBE
9973391 Thompson-Schill Sharon University of Pennsylvania POWRE: Semantic and Executive Functions of Prefrontal Cortex SBE
9973402 Welsh Marilyn University of Northern Colorado POWRE: Structural Equation Model of Executive Functions in Young Adults SBE
*Awarded with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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