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The NSF Statutory Mission
To promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; and to secure the national defense.

Letter from the Chief Financial Officer

Joseph KullThanks for your interest in the National Science Foundation's FY 1999 Accountability Report. This report is a summary of the Foundation's major program and financial accomplishments for the year, and consolidates various financial management and performance information requirements. It is designed to provide you with an integrated source of information about the National Science Foundation’s mission, operations, performance, budgetary resources, and financial management. This year, the Accountability Report also serves as the Foundation’s Annual Report.

I am delighted to report that in FY 1999, NSF had a successful year of accomplishments:

  • NSF received another unqualified "clean" opinion from independent auditors.

  • There were no material weaknesses based on a review of all program and management controls, and the Inspector General finds us making credible progress on the reportable condition found in 1998 related to property, plant, and equipment.

  • NSF continued its commitment to better, more efficient ways of doing business—from simplifying processes to utilizing the Internet—as we move toward a paperless work environment.

  • NSF made significant progress toward achieving its annual performance goals.

NSF is about learning and discovery and, as you read through our report, I hope that you, too, learn and discover about NSF. More information about the Foundation is available from our website ( As always, I welcome your comments on how we can improve this report, and how we at NSF can better serve you.

Joseph L. Kull signature
Joseph L. Kull
Chief Financial Officer

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