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NSF Executive Staff and Officers


NSF Executive Staff

Office of the Director
Rita R. Colwell, Director
Joseph Bordogna, Deputy Director

National Science Board
Eamon M. Kelly, Chairman
Marta Cehelsky, Executive Officer

Office of Equal Opportunity Programs
Ana A. Ortiz

Office of the General Counsel
Lawrence Rudolph, General Counsel

Office of Inspector General
Christine C. Boesz, Inspector General

Office of Integrative Activities
Nathaniel G. Pitts

Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
Michael Sieverts (Acting)

Office of Polar Programs
Karl A. Erb

Directorate for Biological Sciences
Mary E. Clutter, Assistant Director

Directorate for Computer and Information Science & Engineering
Ruzena Bajcsy, Assistant Director

Directorate for Education and Human Resources
Judith S. Sunley, Interim Assistant Director

Directorate for Engineering
Eugene Wong, Assistant Director

Directorate for Geosciences
Margaret S. Leinen, Assistant Director

Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Robert A. Eisenstein, Assistant Director

Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
Wanda E. Ward, Acting Assistant Director

Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management
Joseph L. Kull

Office of Information and Resource Management
Linda P. Massaro


NSF Officers

Chief Financial Officer
Joseph L. Kull (Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management)

Chief Information Officer
Linda P. Massaro (Office of Information and Resource Management)

NSF Affirmative Action Officer
Ana A. Ortiz (Office of Equal Opportunity Programs)

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