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The NSF Vision

The National Science Foundation is a catalyst for progress through investment in science, mathematics, and engineering. Guided by its longstanding commitment to the highest standards of excellence in the support of discovery and learning, NSF pledges to provide the stewardship necessary to sustain and strengthen the nationís science, mathematics, and engineering capabilities and to promote the use of those capabilities in service to society.

NSF is confident in the power of its connections and partnerships to deliver the greatest return on this investment. It will exercise leadership in strengthening linkages among the many individuals, institutions, and organizations that are committed to progress in research and education. It will dedicate itself to fostering the natural connections between the processes of learning and discovery.

At the core of this vision is a dynamic and diverse community of researchers, educators, and institutions who work in partnership with NSF. This community shares with NSF a commitment to discovery and learning, to enhancing the nationís capacity for excellence in research and education, and to the use of science, mathematics, and engineering for the betterment of humanity.

NSF in a Changing World: The National Science Foundationís Strategic Plan

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