Front Cover

Interpretive Summary of the Evaluation of the
Instructional Materials Development Program

(PDF, 412 kb)

Chapter I: Introduction (PDF, 616 kb)

Chapter II: The Products (PDF, 576 kb)

Chapter III: Development (PDF, 214 kb)

Chapter IV: Dissemination (PDF, 208 kb)

Chapter V: Adoption (PDF, 267 kb)

Chapter VI: Implementation (PDF, 229 kb)

Chapter VII: Impact (PDF, 220 kb)

Chapter VIII: Conclusions and Recommendations
(PDF, 192 kb)

References (PDF, 103 kb)

Appendix 1: Expert Panel (PDF, 102 kb)

Appendix 2: Instrument for Evaluating Materials
(PDF, 935 kb)

Appendix 3: Classroom Observation Instrument
(PDF, 370 kb)

Entire Document (PDF, 3,696 kb)

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