Foundations Volume 2 Cover

A monograph for professionals in science, mathematics,
and technology education

Thoughts, Views, and Strategies for the K-5 Classroom

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Table of Contents

  An Introduction to Inquiry
1. Why Inquiry? A Historical and Philosophical Commentary
by Peter Dow 5
2. What Children Gain by Learning Through Inquiry
by Hubert Dyasi 9
3. An Introduction to the National Science Education Standards
by Dennis M. Bartels 15
4. The Power of Children's Thinking
  by Karen Worth 25
5. Lessons Learned: Addressing Common Misconceptions About Inquiry
by Lynn Rankin 33
6. Recognizing Inquiry: Comparing Three Hands-On Teaching Techniques
by Barry Kluger-Bell 39
7. The Process Skills of Inquiry
by Doris Ash 51
8. Setting the Stage for Inquiry
by Doris Ash 63
9. Lessons in a Pond: A Year-Long Inquiry Investigation
by Lynn Rankin 71
10. Identifying Inquiry in the K­5 Classroom
by Doris Ash and Barry Kluger-Bell 79
11. Assessment in the Inquiry Classroom
by Wynne Harlen 87
12. Assessment of Science Inquiry
by George E. Hein and Sabra Lee 99
13. End Paper: The Value of Knowing What You Do Not Know
by Mark St. John 109
Appendix vii
Major Contributors 113
Recommended Resources 117

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