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Workshop Recommendations

  • First 100 - NSF should support a competition to create approximately 100arrayed BAC and cDNA libraries of representative organisms on the ToL. Library construction could be subcontracted. However, genomic museums that serve as high quality repositories and distributors of libraries to the community must be created concurrently.

  • Individual NSF research grants for functional analysis tool development and production of BAC or sequenced libraries of additional organisms that address fundamental Evo- Devo questions should be supported. All resultant libraries and informatics should be deposited in the appropriate genomic museum and vouchered.

  • Functional analysis is critical to Evo-Devo and appropriate NSF tool development grants should be supported under mechanisms such as the one suggested above.

  • Sequencing about two dozen major developmental gene families in the First 100 organisms should be a priority for the ToL community in collaboration with the Evo-Devo community. NSF should support this.

  • Joint development of a robust informatics infrastructure is essential and must be a collaborative effort among phylogeneticists and Evo-Devo research

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Table of Contents

Evolution of Development meets Tree Of Life

What are the most exciting questions in the Evolution of Development?

Which resources are necessary to address the key questions about the Evolution of Development?

How does the community exploit these increased resources for functional analyses needed to address the major questions in Evo-Devo?