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One of the more striking aspects of this workshop was the remarkable level of consensus about both the questions and the needs of the Evo-Devo and ToL communities.

  • Both communities agreed on the opportunities presented to understand the mechanisms of diversification of life on earth in varied environments. This is a new era in comparative biology that brings together all levels of biology from genomics to paleontology asking the same, fundamental questions for the first time. The opportunity for synergism among fields of biology is potent.

  • All agreed that having arrayed BAC and cDNA libraries for phylogenetically broad groups of organisms would be invaluable for both the phylogenetic and Evo-Devo researchers and that theneed in the community is urgent for such resources.

  • Focused efforts to broaden the group of organisms for which techniques are available for functional analysis were strongly urged.

  • Centralized repositories with high quality control and timely distribution of the genomic resources developed in all phases of this initiative are necessary.

  • Integrated, relationally based informatic resources are badly needed by both communities and this need will only increase with the development of these new resources and those anticipated under the ToL initiative. All informatics data must be vouchered.

The synergism and momentum to mechanistically explain the origin of organic diversity and shape the Tree of Life provides a chance to intellectually unite the biological community.
It 's an opportunity we can 't afford to miss.

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Table of Contents

Evolution of Development meets Tree Of Life

What are the most exciting questions in the Evolution of Development?

Which resources are necessary to address the key questions about the Evolution of Development?

How does the community exploit these increased resources for functional analyses needed to address the major questions in Evo-Devo?