FastLane Announcement #01-02

This announcement discusses several recent changes to the FastLane system including implementation of the common Principal Investigator/co-Principal Investigator login, changes to the login for panelist travel, the removal of the "other" option under Notification and Requests, and expansion of the FastLane Help Desk.

Implementation of PI/co-PI Login

As part of our user-friendly changes (e.g. allowing documents to be uploaded in other formats, making detailed documentation available to users and expanding the FastLane Help Desk), FastLane has developed a common login for Principal Investigators (PIs), co-Principal Investigators and other authorized users. This essentially reduces the ten separate logins down to two: one for PIs/Co-PIs and one for other authorized users.

PIs no longer need to remember their proposal ID or award ID numbers to work on project reports, other post-award functions or check on proposal status. Instead, a list of active proposals and awards, with titles, will be shown.

Panelist Login

FastLane has changed the login requirements for the Panelist Travel System to be the same as for other panelist functions (panel ID, last name and password). Panelists no longer will need to know their reviewer IDs to log into panel functions.   Later this year, FastLane will implement a common panelist login allowing panelists a single place to perform all their required functions.

Notifications and Requests

FastLane has removed the "other" button, previously used for supplemental funding requests, under Notifications and Requests (a notice about this has existed under Notifications and Requests for the past three months).   As explained on the Notification and Request page, PIs writing an award supplement should be using the Supplemental Funding Request module.

FastLane Help Desk

The FastLane Help Desk hours will be expanded starting in May from 8 A.M to 6 P.M. Eastern Time, currently,  to 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Eastern Time during normal business days.

About Future Announcements

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