GPRA Plan    
NSF GPRA Strategic Plan
FY 2001 - 2006



About the NSF

NSF Role

I.  Introduction

II.  Vision and Mission

III.  Outcome Goals

IV.  Strategy


Appendix 1: Critical Factors for Success

Appendix 2: External Factors Affecting Success

Appendix 3: Assessing NSF’s Performance

Appendix 4: Integration of NSF Plans with those of Other Agencies

Appendix 5: Resource Utilization

Appendix 6: Linking the Strategic Plan to the Performance Plan

Appendix 7: Crosswalk of NSF Goals and Programs

How We Operate

Our Attributes

National Science Board

Director's Policy Group


We continually refresh our plans and strategies to assure that the agency will be:

Open - NSF is committed to the sharing of information and a free marketplace of ideas. It demonstrates an openness and facility for relating to all key constituents within and outside the organization.

Inclusive – NSF takes a holistic view of opportunities and challenges, embracing diversity in all activities and at all levels.

Inspiring – Through leadership and creative flair, NSF inspires agency staff and the community it serves to strive for the greatest levels of accomplishment. The community seeks out NSF for its quality and reliable perspective, insights and offerings. NSF has earned an international reputation that makes the agency a benchmark for other science and engineering agencies throughout the world.

Pace-setting – In identifying and supporting ideas with the greatest creativity, embracing new thinking, and using information technologies in innovative ways, NSF helps chart new paths for the science and engineering community.

Influential – In both the global community and the corridors of science and technology policymakers, NSF is viewed as a creative catalyst – credible, relevant and timely – as well as an excellent, statesperson-like organization that brings together other high-level decision makers.

Agile – NSF quickly and effectively responds to changing needs and opportunities. It embraces change through effective systems-thinking and appropriate feedback mechanisms. NSF is a learning organization that is committed to self-improvement.

Accountable – NSF builds public trust by being professional, practical and orderly in its operating standards and how it manages its business. NSF and its staff are committed to excellence as a personal and an organizational standard.>