Division of Ocean Sciences - Spring 2001 Newsletter

Staff Changes

Several of our staff have moved on to more hands-on research activities in recent months. Kendra Daly, Associate Program Director for the Biological Oceanography Program left NSF to continue her work at the University of South Florida. Lisa Crowder, Science Assistant for Marine Geology and Geophysics, has left Ocean Sciences to work as Yeoman on the JOIDES Resolution drillship. Natasha Gray, Science Assistant for Biological Oceanography has moved to the Smithsonian Environmmental Research Center.

We are pleased to welcome several new arrivals to the Division:

Photo of Brad ClementBrad Clement is the new Associate Program Director for the Ocean Drilling Program. Brad comes to NSF from the Department of Geology at the Florida International University. His research interests are in paleooceanography with a focus on the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. Brad has been associated in various capacities with the Ocean Drilling Program since its inception.

Photo of Susan CookSusan Cook arrived in February as the new Associate Program Director for Education. Sue’s an IPA from Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, J. Stewart Johnson Marine Education Center, where she has had extensive experience working with students at all levels. Prior to HBOI, Sue spent ten years at the Bermuda Biological Station.

Photo of Aprile RobersonAprile Roberson, the new Program Assistant for the Ocean Drilling Program, previously worked as an Administrative Assistant with the DC Public Schools.

Photo of Pamela ShawPamela Shaw is the new Program Assistant for the Biological Oceanography Program. Pamela is not new to the Federal Government -- she formerly worked as an Office Automation Clerk with the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce.

Photo of Phil YundPhil Yund arrived in May as Biological Oceanography’s new Associate Program Director. Phil is from the University of Maine and has experience in evolutionary and population ecology. Phil’s current research includes the ecology of fertilization in free-spawning invertebrates and diverse topics in fisheries ecology.

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