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I. Introduction
II. Proposal Preparation Instructions
III. NSF Proposal Processing and Review
IV. Withdrawals, Returns and Declinations
V. The Award and Continued Support
VI. Grant Administration Highlights
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Dear Colleague:

We have published an updated version of the NSF Grant Proposal Guide(GPG) (NSF 01-2) that is effective for proposals submitted on or after October 1, 2000. This document supersedes the prior version of the GPG (NSF 00-2).

This revision incorporates the following significant changes:

  • Implements Important Notice 123, dated September 3, 1998, that requires electronic submission of proposals to NSF effective October 1, 2000;

  • Eliminates the paper-based, NSF Proposal Forms Kit, for consistency with Important Notice 123;

  • Places greater reliance on use of the NSF website to obtain information (including relevant contact information) regarding NSF programs and other funding opportunities;

  • Provides special instructions for proposals that contain high resolution graphics or other graphics where exact color representations are required for proper interpretation by the reviewer;

  • Implements Important Notice 125, dated September 20, 1999; (This Important Notice reminds proposers of the importance of ensuring that, in addition to the criterion relating to intellectual merit, the criterion relating to broader impacts is considered and addressed in the preparation and review of proposals submitted to NSF.)

  • Incorporates all specialized proposal preparation guidelines (e.g., collaborative, equipment, and conference) into one section of the GPG;

  • Consolidates all instructions for creation of the Proposal Budget into the text of the GPG due to the elimination of the paper Summary Proposal Budget, NSF Form 1030;

  • Continues the Small Grants for Exploratory Research supplementation and extension process that was scheduled to expire on October 1, 2000; and

  • Requires submission of all budgetary revisions during the review process to be submitted electronically via FastLane.

Other sections have been revised, as appropriate, for clarity as well as to make the Guide consistent with current NSF policies, practices and procedures. A summary of significant changes is included on pages v, vi and vii of the GPG.

Given the continually expanding use of the NSF website to provide and obtain information regarding NSF programs, funding opportunities, and proposal and award policies and procedures, it is our intention to make this the last printed version of the GPG. NSF has successfully tested use of this dissemination concept with a number of our major announcements and solicitations, as the well as the NSF Guide to Programs, over the past few years.

Please address any questions or comments about the GPG to the Policy Office, Office of Budget, Finance & Award Management on (703) 292-8243 or by e-mail to policy@nsf.gov.

Thomas N. Cooley
A cting Chief Financial Officer &
Acting Director, Office of Budget, Finance & Award Management


Effective: 10/1/00 Modified: 9/18/00  

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