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NSF FY2000 Accountability Report

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CFO Cover Graphic

President Harry S. Truman on the rear platform of a railroad car in Pocatello, Idaho, May 10, 1950, following the signing of the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, which created the agency.

“This act is of tremendous importance, because it will add to our knowledge in every branch of science. I am confident that it will help us to develop the best scientific brains in the Nation. It will enable the United States to maintain its leadership in scientific matters, and to exert a more vital force for peace.”

-President Harry S. Truman

Photo courtesy of The Truman Library; Copyright unknown.

Introduction | pdf

Management’s Discussion and Analysis | pdf

Financial Statements | pdf

Independent Auditors’ Report and Management’s Response | pdf

Performance Results and Related Issues | pdf

Other Reporting Requirements | pdf

  • Management and Performance Challenges
  • IG’s Statement
  • Director’s Response
  • Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996
  • Civil Monetary Penalty Act
  • Prompt Payment Act
  • Patents and Inventions Resulting from NSFSupport

Appendix | pdf

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Document Date: October 15, 2001

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