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NSF performs periodic inspections of capitalized property, plant and equipment to determine if any maintenance is needed to keep an asset in an acceptable condition or restore an asset to a specific level of performance has been deferred. NSF considers deferred maintenance to be any maintenance that is not performed on schedule, unless it is determined from the condition of the asset that scheduled maintenance does not have to be performed. Also, deferred maintenance includes any other type of maintenance that, if not performed, would render the PP&E non-operational. Circumstances such as non-availability of parts or funding are considered reasons for deferring maintenance. Maintenance is not considered deferred if an asset is classified as non-critical and non-operational.

NSF considered whether any scheduled maintenance necessary to keep fixed assets of the agency in an acceptable condition was deferred at the end of Fiscal Year 2000 and 1999.

In FY 1999, NSF determined that scheduled maintenance on one item of heavy mobile equipment was not completed and was deferred or delayed for a future period. The equipment was considered to be in fair condition and NSF estimated that it required $70,000 in maintenance.

During FY 2000, 90% of the maintenance deferred from FY 1999 on this same item of heavy mobile equipment was completed. The remaining 10%, totaling $7,000, is considered deferred at the end of FY 2000. No additional scheduled maintenance was deferred at the end of FY 2000.




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