GPRA Performance Report FY 2000

Image of GPRA Performance Report FY 2000 Cover - Link to Table of Contents NSF Creation and Mission (PDF)
Message from the Director (PDF)
Executive Summary (HTML | PDF)
Performance Reporting Requirements (PDF)
  1. Agency Profile and Goals (PDF)
  2. Examples of Achievements Reported in FY 2000
  3. Assessment and Evaluation Processes (PDF)
  4. Summary Table of FY 2000 Performance Goals and Results (PDF)
  5. Findings from Program Assessments and Evaluations (PDF)
  6. Verification& Validation (PDF)
  7. Major Management Changes (PDF)
  8. Transition to FY 2001 and Beyond (PDF)
  9. Information on Use of Non-Federal Parties (PDF)
  10. Budget Information (PDF)
  11. Classified Appendices Not Available to the Public
  12. Analysis of Tax Expenditures (PDF)
  13. Waivers of Administrative Requirements (PDF)
  14. Appendix of Additional Examples Illustrating Outcomes of NSF Investments (PDF)
  15. Schedule of Program Evaluations (FY 99, 00, 01)
  16. Table of Acronyms (PDF)
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