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Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO)
University of California, Irvine
A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center since 1998

CRITO research focuses on understanding the social, economic, and managerial implications of information technology

Center Mission and Rationale
CRITO conducts theoretical and empirical research to answer a broad array of questions related to the use, impact, and management of information technology in organizations. CRITO is distinguished by its concentration on the social, economic, and managerial aspects of information and technology. Center research focuses on reducing the gap between the capabilities offered by information technology and the ability of organizations to use it effectively. There are five main areas of research: Globalization of IT; User Environments and Product Design; IT Enabled Enterprises; Management of IT; and E-Commerce. The goal is to determine how organizations can more effectively use information, as well as better design and manage information technology.

CRITO has three primary objectives:

  • Conduct research and disseminate results leading to greater understanding of the organizational and management implications of IT in organizations
  • Facilitate dialogue between academic researchers, executives, and IT professionals to assist organizations in leveraging the potential offered by technology
  • Promote collaboration among faculty, students, and the corporate community through CRITO expertise, facilities, and activities.

Research Program
The Center's core group of investigators at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) includes faculty from the Graduate School of Management (GSM), the Department of Information and Computer Science (ICS), the School of Social Sciences, and the Department of Education. CRITO consists of corporations working together with faculty to better understand the evolving fabric of the information society and its implications for the design, use, and management of information and technology. Conducting careful, empirically grounded studies, faculty research focuses on the interrelations between information, technology, organizations, and society by examining social, economic, and managerial impacts. The aim is to determine how organizations can more effectively use information and better design and manage new technology for improving organizational performance and society in general. Research focuses on social structures such as workgroups, organizations, markets, households, and virtual communities.

The Center creates new knowledge, methodologies, and practices to aid user organizations in the effective use of information and technology. It also creates knowledge about user environments to aid the information industry in the design of user-oriented products and services.

The significance of the research supported through CRITO is not limited to specific topics under investigation but also encompasses the approach to, and the capability to do, the needed research. CRITO's Faculty Associates examine how information and technology are actually introduced into organizations, adapted, and used; how they affect organizations; how use and impact differs from the versions presented in both futurist and technologist research; and the implications for the design, use, and management of future technologies.

Special Center Activities
There have been 20 publications and 30 presentations produced as a result of Center funding. In addition, there have been four PhD dissertations completed with seven more in progress. The Center has provided support to 11 doctoral students and seven MBA students in the past year. Abstracts and full text copies of most of the above papers and some of the presentations can be obtained from the CRITO web page (www.crito.uci.edu).

In addition to the above, the Center hosted a successful e-commerce conference in April of 2000. Plans are in progress for another, moderately larger, conference in 2002. Presenters in the April 2000 conference were faculty associated with the Center and individuals from a number of well-known technology firms.

Center Headquarters
Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (CRITO)
University of California, Irvine
3200 Berkeley Place
Irvine, CA 92697-4650
Tel (949) 824-1013 * Fax (949) 824-8091
Homepage: www.crito.uci.edu

Center Director: Kenneth L. Kraemer

Center Director: Center Evaluator: Bill Armour
(714) 964-1932 * wdarmour@uci.edu

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